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Clinton Essay, Research Paper


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English 112

20 July 2000

The Clinton Impeachment Trial?

President William Jefferson Clinton is the 3rd president in our state? s history to confront the Constitutional menace of impeachment and merely the 2nd president to of all time be impeached by the United States House of Representatives. The House of Representatives impeached Andrew Johnson in 1868 for go againsting the Tenure of Office Act of 1867, when he tried to throw out the Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton ( Short History ) . Richard M. Nixon resigned from the Presidency before he was charged with condemnable confederacy in the Watergate Scandal ( Short History ) .

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution sets the evidences for impeachment. The Constitution provinces, ? The President, Vice President, and all other Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from the office on Impeachment for, and strong belief of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors? ( Renstrom 458 ) . The Clinton impeachment test is unlike the Johnson and Nixon instances because he did non touch off intra-governmental struggles as did Johnson, nor did he take portion in a condemnable confederacy as Nixon did. Some Democrats question if the Clinton Articles of Impeachment were valid harmonizing to the Constitution.

William Clinton began his early political calling as many politicians do. He was a bright pupil throughout his old ages in high school, college, and eventually jurisprudence school. A Rhodes bookman and Yale Law School alumnus ; Clinton seemed to be on the right route to success. He served as Arkansas? Attorney General, and he besides served as Governor of that province for 5 footings. Clinton revived the Democratic Party and led it to two footings of White House control by winning the presidential term.

Clinton? s rise to power took a incorrect bend when he was accused of sexually hassling a former Arkansas province employee named Paula Jones ( L.A. Times ) . Jones foremost spoke out against Clinton in 1994, but it was non until January of 1998 that the President would hold to reply inquiries in his defence against Jones. It was besides at this clip that the independent council, Kenneth Starr, who had been look intoing Clinton for the Whitewater Real Estate matter, now claimed to be spread outing his probe. Starr alleged that a 24-year old White House houseman named Monica Lewinsky had been asked to lie, in the torment instance affecting Jones. In the accusal, it besides said she was asked by Vernon Jordan, a close friend of the president, and Mr. Clinton himself ( L.A. Times ) . Starr began to look into deeper until he had adequate grounds against the President. On September 9th, 1998, Kenneth Starr delivered an explicit, 453-paged study to the House of Representatives ( Short History )

For a president to be impeached at that place must foremost be a formal accusal brought up by the House of Represtatives. Article I, Section 2 or the Constitution provinces that, ? The House of Representatives shall hold the exclusive Power of Impeachment? ( Renstrom 452 ) . By December 12th, 1998, the House Judiciary Committee had approved four impeachment articles that would travel to the floor of the House for a ballot. The charges were as follows: Perjury before a Grand Jury, Perjury in the Paula Jones instance, Obstruction of Justice, and an Maltreatment of Power ( U.S. News 23 ) .

Even though the president? s attorneies had done a sensible occupation at supporting him in forepart of the House Judiciary Committee, the articles passed because the bulk of commission members were Republicans, Predominant Congressional Democratic leaders like Senate Majority leader, Tom Daschle and House Minority leader Richard Gephardt sought a Congressional animadversion for President Clinton alternatively of a full impeachment. However, the Democrats did obtain a animadversion declaration for Clinton before the ballot took topographic point in the House of Representatives ( U.S. News 21 ) .

For any of the articles to go through, a bulk of the House was necessary. House of Representatives Resolution 611, the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton for high Crimes and Misdemeanors, took topographic point on December 19th. The 435-member House of Representatives voted for two of the four impeachment articles ; Obstruction of Justice, and Perjury before the Grand Jury ( U.S. News 22 ) . The bearing false witness charge against Clinton passed 228-206, and the obstructor of justness charge passed 221-212 ( Houston Chronicle ) .

Although the House Republicans had won a triumph by holding two Articles of Impeachment approved, the Senate would hear the balance of the instance against President Clinton. As stated in Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, ? The Senate shall hold the exclusive power to seek all Impeachments. This subdivision of the Constitution besides sets up some guidelines that Thursday

vitamin E Senate must follow. The Senate must move as the jury and? Be on curse, or affirmation. ? Besides, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is instructed to preside over the test. ? ? No individual shall be convicted without the concurrency of two tierces of the members present? pertains to the figure it takes to make a strong belief ( Renstrom 452 ) .

On January 7th, Republicans discussed how the test would continue, which lasted for a hebdomad. On January 14th, the 13 prosecuting officers of the instance, called impeachment test directors, started their gap remarks. The test directors were Republican Representatives that served on the House Judiciary Committee. Committee Chairman, Henry Hyde, was besides the caput trail director. Along with Mr. Hyde were Representatives Bob Barr from Georgia, Charles Canandy from Florida, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, Asa Hutchinson from Arkansas, James Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin, Steve Buyer from Indiana, George Gekas from Pennsylvania, Ed Bryant from Tennessee, Bill McCollum from Florida, Steve Chabot from Ohio, Christopher Cannon from Utah, and James Rogan from California. This all-male, all Republican squad argued that taking the President was necessary to protect the regulation of jurisprudence and safeguard the? compact of trust? between the President and the Country ( Clinton Under Fire ) .

The attorneies that defended Clinton were Chief White House Counsel Charles Ruff, David Kendall, Cheryl Mills, Nicole Seigelman, and former Senator Dale Bumpers. Chief Justice Rehnquist officiated the test as instructed by the Constitution. Previously, Rehnquist had written an history of the Andrew Johnson impeachment trail called? Grand Inquests? ( Clinton Under Fire ) .

The chief struggle between Republicans and Democrats in this test revolved around informants. Originally, the House directors sought for Monica Lewinsky to attest, along with Vernon Jordan, and Sidney Blumenthal. Jordan was brought in because he had purportedly asked Lewinsky to lie under during the Paula Jones instance, denying that she had any sexual dealingss with President Clinton. The test directors felt that by holding Sidney Blumenthal as a informant would assist the instance against Clinton? s obstructor of justness charge ( Clinton Under Fire ) .

For about a month, Republicans and Democrats pitched their schemes for winning. On February 12th, after three yearss of deliberating, the Senate reached a finding of fact. President Clinton was acquitted on all charges. It is common belief that the Republicans preformed ill in this test. They controlled the Senate by 10 seats and did non acquire a bulk on either charge. The charge of bearing false witness was a 50-50 split ballot. The obstructor of justness charge was 45 for strong belief, and 55 against strong belief ( Houston Chronicle ) .

Whether or non President Clinton acted in an immoral manner towards Monica Lewinsky did non look to be every bit of import as the fact that he had misinformed the American people. Was he genuinely guilty of the impeachment charges brought against him? Clinton emerged from the test with a repute for stating prevarications and now his presidential term will stay tarnished until he leaves office. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton underestimated and misused the trust of the American people. As Representative Henry Hyde asked, ? If you can non believe the President, who can you believe? ? ( Clinton Under Fire ) .

For some ground, Clinton maintained a just blessing evaluation among the people of this state. His blessing evaluation during the test was mostly due to the fact that the economic system had remained better than it had been in old ages. So what are Americans believing about politicians? It is to allow the president to be untruthful and act unsuitably, and Congress to pass one million millions of dollars on a pointless test? Although the test and other facets of Clinton? s private life are everyday, the fact that all three subdivisions of our federal authorities came together at one clip for such a intent is!


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