Clp Csr Initiative

Recommendations and Conclusion Can you summarize the key points for your proposed CSR initiative? We need this for the final part as per handout instructions. Thanks. Action Plan For each initiative, we will set up a volunteer committee to implement our plan. All staffs are welcome to participate. To encourage volunteers, committee members can work on the initiative during paid release time and company time. Periodic meetings would be held to review the results. With a total budget of HKD 1 million, we decide to allocate 10% to education programs and begin the program as soon as possible.

Next, we will allocate 15% to environmental campaigns. We will also allocate 15% to the lucky draw to encourage usage of e-bills. We will begin the draw in 2012 after we have collect some meaningfully data of e-bills usage. Concurringly, we will use 30% of the budget to renovate our roof. Hopefully, we can have a green roof by the end of 2012. The rest of our investment will be used for promoting the usage of electric car and charge stations. We target to double the usage in two years time. Please refer to appendix II for the budget allocation and appendix III for the implementation timetable.

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Conclusion Our proposed initiatives cover community investment, environment protection and workplace quality. The usage of electric car charge stations would generate additional revenue to us. For other initiatives, it would be more difficult to quantify the monetary value of the benefits. However, all our initiatives would definitely provide benefits to our staff and the wider community in Hong Kong. | Ranking| CLP Score| Maximum Score| CLP Score Percentage| CSR Strategy & Reporting | 2nd| 18| 18| 100%| Stakeholder Engagement| 16th| 19| 21| 90%| Workplace Quality| 10th| 21| 32| 66%|

Environmental Performance| 1st| 25| 35| 71%| Supply Chain| 6th| 13| 17| 76%| Community Investment| 4th| 8| 12| 67%| Overall Score| 2nd| 104| 135| 77%| Reference: Oxfam Corporate Social Responsibility Survey of Hang Seng Index Constituent Companies 2009 Appendix III: Implementation timetable| ?| ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | Education Programs| ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ?| Environmental Campaigns| ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | ? | E-bill Lucky Draw| ? | ? | ? | ? | ?| ? | ? | Green Roof| ? | Electric Car Charge Stations| 2011 Q1| 2011 Q2| 2011 Q3| 2011 Q4| 2012 Q1| 2012 Q2| 2012 Q3| 2012 Q4|



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