CLT as a language teaching

September 21, 2017 Teaching

Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography

05 March 2010

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Thesis Statement

Teachers normally use CLT as a linguistic communication learning method, nevertheless, in Bax ‘s sentiment CLT should be replaced by Context Approach.

Annotated Bibliography

Bax, S. ( 2003 ) . The terminal of CLT: a context attack to linguistic communication learning. InELT Journal Volume 57/3 ( pp. 278-287 ) .Oxford University Press.

Bax ‘s article argues that CLT plays a enormously dominant function in linguistic communication instruction, meanwhile pretermiting the context in which learning takes topographic point. He agrees that CLT is a good method, that is why it is so popular, but it has its ain defects. He claims that the context in which linguistic communication learning takes topographic point is more of import, so instructors should concentrate on the Context Approach. Bax states that many instructors think that the state which does non utilize CLT is a backward state. He suggests that the chief job is that the chief focal point lies on the instructor ‘s methodological analysis, which means that the focal point is on learning non in larning. He explains that the Context Approach is non a bran-new thought ; it is merely non within the CLT. His decision is that even though instructors pay attending to context, it is a secondary characteristic for them, although it should be the cardinal factor both in linguistic communication instruction and acquisition.

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Harmer, J. ( 2003 ) . Popular civilization, methods, and context. InELT Journal Volume 57/3 ( pp. 288-294 ) .Oxford University Press.

As opposed to Bax ‘s article, Harmer states that methodological analysis in linguistic communication acquisition can non be rejected. He agrees with Bax that the instructors ‘ preparation should non be like the PPP method, but disagrees with him in other facets, such as the importance of the scholars ‘ local and national civilization in linguistic communication instruction. His chief statement in connexion with that is the thought of the struggle between the instructor ‘s belief and the local civilization in connexion with the bodily penalty. He thinks that the jobs are within the version of the methodological analysis non in its thoughts. He mentions Dilys Thorp, who agrees with Bax, but offers another solution, intending the instructor and the pupils should run into “ someplace in the center ” . Harmer concludes that in his sentiment there is non a contradiction between methodological analysis and context.

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Tomlinson, B. ( 2001 ) . Humanizing the Coursebook. InHumanizing Language TeachingYear 3 ; Issue 5.

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Tomlinson ‘s article is about his thought of humanizing the coursebook. He states that for the scholars the cardinal point in linguistic communication acquisition is affect. He thinks the best manner is to replace the coursebook with other methods, schemes, and texts. He advises the partial replacing of the coursebook, excessively. He argues for placing coursebooks because he thinks that the planetary coursebooks are non humanistic plenty. Therefore he complains about the fact that the scholars learn from them.

In my sentiment this is a really helpful article because it introduces other, more humanistic ways of utilizing a coursebook. The article shows both the positive and the negative sides of the books. It introduces new methodological and contextual attacks, so I can utilize it to back up my statement.


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