Co-Ed Dorms

The question of whether universities should have co-ed dorms or not has been an ongoing discussion for years. Most college capuses have them for the dependcy of the the student. There are few colleges who don’t have co-ed dorms because of the insecure involvement of the students parents and also the cost of living. Although there are many disadvantages to having co-ed dorms, there are also mayn advantages which is why I agree with colleges having co-ed dorms.

The parents of the students would probably rather have their children in all male/all female dorms. The feeling of their child’s security always rest in their mind. This is why they would feel more comfortable with their child being surrounded in a dormitory of the same sex. The students may think more of their freedom because of the bondage feeling they’ve always had throughout high school or being home schoolded.

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Most students just want to be looked as an independent person in life and living in a co-ed dorm is a way to start building their indepence. Whether it be to hang with a group of friends or have study sessions with classmates, everyone wants to be trusted to a certain extent. Students feel as though co-ed dorms allow them the freedom to do so. Even though there are negative aspects of co-ed dorms, the idea is not completely raw. Plenty people realize the irresponsibilities of students when being put in co-ed dorms.

Students tend to focus mainly of the interaction of friends or significant others, their grades and school work eventually is put on the the back burner and pregnancy and STD rates seem to increase. Although all these are only a few negative things, its always best to focus on the bright side. Living in co-ed dorms helps increase the maturity level of some people, giving them the understanding that at a certain point in life, adult decisions will have to be made. Co-ed dorms are very efficient in this century.



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