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December 19, 2017 Human Resources

Thus, by implementing the regional organizational structure, they will be able to do all of that plus, the decision will still be made by the board of directors because of the centralized decision making of the structure. By practicing their seven core culture plus and the three cultures found in the case, they will be able to innovate their products, keeping good relationships with their partners. This is because they value their collaboration with their partners, values the diversity of their workplace and keeps improving and maintain their products’ quality.

Because of that they are currently the top 5 soft drink company in the world even if the company is quite old. Moving on to Google Inc. By implementing the project organization structure, they will be able to do project based differentiations. This structure is very suitable with them because Google’s product is project based. Their project includes their famous search engine, their new Google Glass and android mobile platform. By creating those products, they quickly became one of the wealthiest and fastest growing company.

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Other than that, almost all of their products kept on being improved and they even venture into a new category of products like mobile phones (Google’s modular phone). This is to prove that Google Inc. Is a model of ‘progressive’ organization as they keep on venturing into new category and improving their products. Nextћ by practicing their 1 1 core culture statements (adding ‘people are the most important asset’ into the 10 core culture statements), they will be able to merge work and life together as they give freedom to their employee to wear anything they want other than providing a whole lot of facilities.

That is one of the many ways that Google uses to show that they support and encourage their employees to interact with each other as social interaction can result in innovation. TASK 3 Since ancient times, we humans have been gifted by God with different abilities which is unique to each individuals. Two of the many individual differences are intelligence and abilities and our physical traits. Each differences will also have its own way of affecting individual behavior at work place.

The first factor that will be discussed is the intelligence and abilities. It is also known as intellectual ability and it has seven dimensions. Numerical ability is one of them and it is the ability to perform accurate calculations or arithmetic. From the sentence above, we can tell that this ability is important in order to do accurate calculation or arithmetic. Performing accurate calculation is important because we deed to get an accurate and correct fugue to the equation or information.

For example, in order to create a vaccine or medicine, a scientist will need to solve equation and applying the correct amount of chemicals and if they were to solve their equations, calculate wrongly and inserting the wrong amount chemicals, instead of creating a vaccine, they created something that can danger life. Other than that, people with high numerical ability usually works as an accountant, engineer and other high-paying Jobs that is related to science, math and money as these Jobs usually requires us to do calculations and arithmetic. Next up to be discussed is physique.

Every human being have different physical traits, some people are chubby while others are slim or moderate. Some people are brawny, some are scrawny and some are lean. There are also tall people and short people. These differences will also influence employers’ decisions on whether to hire or not as different Job requires different ability. Well-build people will usually be hired for Jobs that includes heavy-lifting while skinny people will be less favored for Jobs like that. For example, a weight-lifting athlete ill usually have a big and muscular body while track and field athletes will usually have thin or lean bodies.

This is because weight-lifting athlete will need to be have great physical strength in- order to lift those heavy weights while track & field athletes will need to have less weight as they need to remove unnecessary resistance in order to accelerate quickly and run faster. TASK 4 There are many leaders in our world. Each of them has their own style to lead their people. Thus, we can conclude that there are different types of leadership style and different organization needs different kinds of leadership style.

One leadership style that can be practiced by Coca-Cola Company is the authoritarian (autocratic) style of leadership while the laissez-fairer (genuine) style of leadership is the style Google Inc. Should go with. By practicing the autocratic style of leadership, all activities and interactions within the organization will have to be reported to the manager. The manager also have the authority to determine the policy of the organization or department, procedures to achieve goals, work task and relationships, control of rewards or punishment other than having the ability to make decisions without any discussion.

This style of leadership is compatible with Coca-Cola Company because this kind of leadership will enable the management team to have more control of their staffs work and their product’s quality and originality. Moving on to laissez-fairer style of leadership, this style of leadership emphasizes on guiding employee. This kind of leader will usually monitor the work of their employee and give help whenever their help is needed. They give freedom of action to their employee which means that their employee will be able to work with their own way of doing things with no interference from managers.

This style of leadership is very suitable with Google Inc. ‘s management team because Google supports the creativity of their employee. They even allow their employee to create a group and start their own project as long as it promotes towards improving our living standard though the project must first be approved by the management. TASK 5 Organizational and Management Theories The three organizational and management theories that will be discussed is the classical theory of Bureaucracy, and two from the contemporary theory which is the Neo-Human Relations and the Systems Theory.

Starting with bureaucracy, its form of structure can fully utilities the variable skills, experience and goals of managers in the same organization. Max Weber – the founder of this theory, believes that people should be treated unbiased. Moving on to its characteristics, it has a structured network of relationship among specialized positions. Its rules and regulations are also able to change the behavior of the organizational members. This structure also enables employers to employ trained specialist that follow rules. Lastly, its hierarchy defines the relationship among Jobs.

Continuing with its contributions and limitations, although it promotes efficiency of performance, it limits the flexibility of the organization and slows down decision making as they need to go through many procedures and it has a long chain of communication. Next, bureaucratic theory is able to eliminate subjective Judgment by employees and managers but in the same time, it ignores the importance of relationship among employees and employers. Lastly, it emphasizes on position and its rules may limit their activities.

The second theory to be discussed is the Neo-Human Relations theory. Founded by Douglas McGregor, this theory studies the management activities that can promote employee effectiveness by investigating the nature of individual, group and organizational process. This theory is somewhat related to Theory X&Y. It has the concept of promoting employee effectiveness through understanding individuals, group and organizational processes. This theory also stresses the relationships among employees, managers and work performance.

Its contribution includes to the increased participation of employee, greater autonomy, provides individual challenge and initiative other than recognizing the importance of developing human resources. However, some approaches of this theory ignores situational factors like the surrounding environment and technological conditions. The last theory to be discussed is the Systems theory. This theory looks at organization as a managed system. It also emphasizes interactions with the environment. This theory also states that an organization contains a series of subsystems.

This theory has been known to contribute to the recognition of the importance of the relationship between an organization and the environment though it does to provide any specific guidance on the functions of a manager. Organizational and Management Principles The three organizational and management principles of theory that can be practiced to organize and manage a company is the work specialization, discipline and equity. By practicing work specialization, Coca-Cola Company will be able to create departments based on process or functional area.

Next, by being discipline, managers can create a timetable and expects employees to obey it other than being able to give appropriate punishment if any organizational rules are broken. Lastly, by emphasizing on equity, both Google Inc. And Coca- Cola Company will be able to mix-up employees without taking accord of their differences plus being able to provide promotion opportunities to all employees fairly based on their work performance. TASK 6 Henry Payola’s Management Functions According to Henry Payola, there are 5 elements of management.

Those 5 elements are planning, organizing, command, co-ordinate and control. Planning is the act of defining goals, establishing strategy and developing plans to coordinate activities in order to achieve goals set. The second element, organizing, is the act of building an organizational structure, providing materials and human resources and dividing work task to each employee. Next up is command, it is the act of directing and maintaining the activities of workers in order to achieve maximum productivity and high work quality from all employee.

After command, comes co-ordination. Co-ordination is the act of unifying and harmonistic all organizational activities and effort in order to ease its working and success and it can be done by choosing the most effective communication channel. Lastly, control is the act of monitoring work performance and progress and comparing it with goals and correcting any significant deviations. Management Roles & Skills In 1973, Miniature has identified 10 managerial roles that can be grouped into the following categories – informational, interpersonal and decisional.

Starting with the informational role, it consists of the role as a monitor, disseminated and spokesperson. For example, before venturing into new region, managers will have to get to know of the location first and by gaining those information, they fulfill their role as a monitor and y sharing or forwarding the gathered information to their team members, they fulfill the disseminated role and finally, by presenting the information in an event like a meeting, they fulfill the spokesperson role.

Moving into interpersonal roles, it is made up of three managerial roles which is the figurehead, leader and liaison. Figurehead is someone that perform ceremonial and symbolic duties like cutting the ribbon to mark the opening their new company. A leader is someone that directs and motivates subordinates other than training, advising and influencing those under their care to be a better person and doing a teeter Job. As an example, the manager of Google Inc. Motivates his/her employees by giving them words of encouragement and being a role-model to them by showing a good and proper attitude.

As for liaison, it is a role that requires a manager to maintain information links internal and externally like a sales manager that maintains relationship with their clients. The third category which is the decisional role contains four roles – entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource locator and negotiator. Entrepreneur is someone that are willing to take risk as long as it can improve business performance. For example, Google is the first to create a high-tech glasses called Google Glass and there is no guarantee that people will buy it.

Next up is the disturbance handler role that a manager plays whenever there is a problem or conflict among employees. For instance, if there is a fight happening among employees, a manager will have to be able to solve the conflict accordingly and giving them an appropriate punishment. Then comes the role as a resource locator. Using Google Inc. As an example, the manager of Google will need to be able to segregate resources like cash n order to carry out their project work. Lastly, a manager also have to be a negotiator.


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