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The coming of Cola wars has drastically changed the full scenario of this soft drink industry. There are different giants playing in this industry and Coca Cola is amongst them. The ferocious rivals Pepsi and certain other trade names are seeking their degree best to alter the scenario of this industry by eating up market portions but Coca Cola ‘s direction scheme is so updated and relevant that they are in front of their competition. Originating from merely one trade name 125 old ages go the scheme of Coca Cola has strengthened so much that they have launched more than 500 trade names. The company originated from selling 9 uneven drinks in a twenty-four hours in 1886 to 1.8 billion a twenty-four hours in the current epoch. The company has grown at an tremendous gait and get downing from merely a individual metropolis to spread outing its operations to more than 200 states of the universe ( Coca Cola, 2012 ) . The merchandise really initiated from a pharmaceutics and gained so much success after a certain period of clip that it is regarded as one of the biggest trade name of the universe. New trade names were added by this organisation in their company merchandise line and after a certain period of clip most of the trade names flourished with clip ( Coca Cola, 2012 ) . But Coke is considered as one of the biggest trade name and flourished at an tremendous gait. The trade name has grown in such a manner that a new nomenclature of Cola drinks really came into being because of this. Providing to the demands of the client is the biggest success secret of this trade name. They know what the client is really inquiring for and they provide the client that in such a manner that the demands are decently satisfied with it. The history of the organisation is rather rich and they have travelled their manner confronting several springs and bounds. Coca-Cola has the greatest apprehended merchandise name globally and, as one of the greatest noticeable organisations globally, it has great chance to outshine in every range of corporate public presentation ( Ferrell, Ferrell, Fraedrich, 2011, p. 308 ) . The organisation though has been confronted by many ethical jobs in regard with their stockholders. Uncertain about the company ‘s widespread parts to the society and educational facets, legion stockholders are losing religion in the 100 twelvemonth old organisation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .

Restrictions of research

Every research has certain restrictions and the debut depicts that the nucleus research would concentrate on the scheme direction procedure of Coca Cola and discusses the scenario that are utilized by the organisation. The restrictions of research are initiated by the use of secondary beginnings in the research. The information are taken from these beginnings and it can non be decently commented that the information presented in these beginnings are hundred percent right. Furthermore, another restriction of this research is that this research should entirely be utilized for academic intents and it should non be used for the determination devising procedure for organisational intent. In the similar mode it should be noted that this research is prepared by an person and all rights are reserved.

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Organizational Strategy

Reviewing the strategic planning procedure that maintain this organisation competitory in this industry are several factors that are associated with this organisation. The biggest facet is the fact the formation of a well established mission and vision. In the similar mode one can easy state that all the strategic determination taken by the direction are aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation ( Hill & A ; Jones, 2012 ) . The aims are designed so professionally that they are achieved within the stipulated deadline in such a manner that they organisation achieves success in both the short and the long tally.

The mission of the organisation revolves around the scenario that they should review the universe in organic structure, head and spirit. In the similar mode their aims focus on the scenario that they should make a difference in everyplace they engage ( Sevenson, 2001 ) . The values of this organisation are based on leading, diverseness, passion, unity, coaction, quality etc. Strategists and determination shapers normally claim that the planetary scheme of this organisation is so tremendous and mammoth because of the effectual determination shapers in the organisation. Their scheme is up to the grade because the organisation is antiphonal internally and externally. The achieve success in every signifier because they are cognizant about the civilization of their organisation and they generate an ambiance in their organisation which consequences in a win-win state of affairs ( Hill & A ; Jones, 2012 ) . The coaction of all the stakeholders that are internal and external generates and great merger for Coca Cola and that is the ground why it is regarded as the trade name with the highest degree of trade name equity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The competition in the soft drink industry is rather ferocious because of two giant trade names which are Coke and Pepsi ( Dana 1999 ) . The competition between these two trade names is termed as the “ Cola Wars ” . Coca Cola is considered to be the leader of this industry and Pepsi is normally criticized by the selling strategians as the trade name that utilizes the imitating scheme. The current scenario is so confusing for both the trade names because in order to assail the market leader Pepsi should hold a typical program or a sustainable competitory advantage ( Mazze & A ; Michman, 1998 ) . The schemes with regard to aim market and debut of a sub trade name in the market of both the organisations are comparatively the same because both the organisations are endeavoring difficult to capture the market portion so that they can go the leaders in the Cola industry. Pepsi ‘s market portion in Asia is much more than Coke nevertheless, besides Asia Coke captures the full universe and this scheme of Coke has taken Pepsi by a storm. The Cola are virtually fought in about every state of the universe and organisation with an effectual scheme wins the race ( Boutzikas 2000 ) . Each trade name is contending the conflict with different trade names and both possess several non-alcoholic trade names to acquire a portion in client ‘s tummy. Since the competition is going more and more dynamic with the coming of clip and that is the ground why the sphere is become much fuzzier and because of this ground the challengers are much hard to place and expect ( Day & A ; Reibstein, 2004 ) .

Organizations normally learn from their past errors and that is the ground why they develop a acquisition wont to confront any external and internal issues ( Vrontis, 2003 ) . Coke made a selling research blooper which dipped the competitory graph of their trade name and they were droping in the competitory conflict with other trade names. Coke, due to blind trials changed the gustatory sensation of the Coke and developed a expression to do it sweeter. This scheme backfired quiet severely and people started to dislike the name new coke and after a certain period of clip they started to dislike the gustatory sensation excessively. About $ 4 billion were spent on this run and it came out to be a blooper for the company ( Axson, 2011 )

Reappraisal of the Literature

The current aims of this organisation are to utilize the formidable assets of the company that is their trade names to its full potency and achieve a sustainable competitory advantage through globally making the upper limit clients. There are several different schemes that are opted by Coca Cola to achieve sustainable growing.

For analysing the effectivity of employed concern schemes by the direction at Coca Cola Company, critical analysis of current market position of the company has been discussed later.

SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Company

For strategic rating of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats which any organisation, undertaking, or a concern venture comes up with, SWOT Analysis is normally used. Primary purpose behind the conductivity of SWOT Analysis is to thoroughly place what internal every bit good as external factors are favourably or unfavourably act uponing the growing and development of any concern ( Champman, 2007 ) . In this subdivision, Coca Cola is the undertaken company for the description and rating of SWOT.


Globally, the Coca Cola Company has following cardinal facets as its concern strengths:

The trade name image and equity allied with the company is internationally recognized

The trade names and merchandises of the company are strategically distributed all over the universe by agencies of strong and efficient distribution web

The overall fiscal public presentation of the company is comparatively higher than its rivals

Coke is globally recognized, acknowledged every bit good as the most preferable trade name for soft-drink lovers.

The product-line associated with the company ‘s trade name is extensively diversified

Strong and dependable corporate individuality.

Continues invention and improvisation in concern programs and schemes


Coca Cola has following failings on international evidences:

Despite of holding enormous fiscal public presentation of the company, it has high rank in recognition evaluations

Continuously diverging client concentrations due to other trade names in competition, specifically in US.

Customer trueness towards Pepsi merchandises, which is the biggest and the strongest rival of Coke around the universe.

In Asiatic states, like India and Pakistan, Coke failed to get # 1 place in soft-drink industry.


Coke Company has following important chances global:

The enormously escalating demand of soft drinks all over the universe.

As company has expanded its covered market countries by presenting trade names of mineral H2O, juices, soft-drinks etc, it can make about every market section.

Increasing globalisation will let Coca Cola to hold surely globalized concern operations

Health Conscious Peoples are being catered

Drastic growing in mineral H2O demand

Smaller market participants ‘ acquisitions.


Following concern menaces are being faced by the company:

Since soft-drinks are considered to be unhealthy ; in such scenarios, healthy drinks normally manufactured by the Fruit Juice Companies are enforcing concern menaces to the Coca Cola Company, worldwide.

Customers ‘ increasing dispositions towards critical rivals ( like Pepsi, etc )

Turning fiscal crisis and therefore, monetary values of merchandises

Biased image perceptual experiences in different states of the universe.

BCG Matrix for Coca Cola

BCG Analysis is an acronym for Boston Consulting Group Analysis. The construct of BCG Matrix was foremost put frontward during 1970 by Bruce Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group with the purposes of assisting companies in their concern rating patterns on the footing of their concern units or merchandise lines ( Middleton, 2003 ) . BCG analysis is considered as an analytical tool for selling of trade names, merchandise direction, strategic direction, and portfolio analysis. All in all, it helps organisations to apportion their concern resources.

Components of BCG Matrix: To better understand the analytical techniques used in BCG matrix, its nucleus constituents are described in the section below:

1. Stars

Representing the extremely developed concern with strong market place and fiscal public presentation as compared to its rivals. Businesss rated under this class are considered to be ideal with high portions points.

2. Cash

Businesss holding low growing rates but higher point portions are recorded under this class of BCG Matrix. It is assumed that the concerns recorded in this class were ab initio stars but someway failed to keep their attraction over clip.

3. Question Mark

Businesss holding high rates of growing and development but, their point portions are low, are recorded under this class of BCG Matrix. This class is the contemplation of certain potencies that concern has for future growing and development but, at the same clip, indicates the demand of extended attempts to increase point portions.

4. Dogs

In this class, concerns have both low point portion every bit good as low rates of growing and development.

A general representation of BCG Matrix is given in the figure below:

Figure 1: The BCG Matrix ( Source: Middleton, 2003 )

Equally far as Coca Cola Company is concerned, the BCG Matrix analysis for the company is based upon following statistics:

Figure 2: Coca Cola ‘s Performance from all over the World ( Beginning: Ahmad et al 2007 )

On the footing of afore-mentioned statistical analysis of Coca Cola Company, created BCG Matrix for the company is given below:

Figure 3: BCG Matrix for Coca Cola Company ( Beginning: Ahmad et al 2007 )

Porter ‘s Five Force Model for Coca Cola

For transporting out industrial analysis, The Five Force Model presented by Michael Porter in 1979 is being used as the de facto model since the clip of its debut. The fight of market is analyzed by Porter ‘s five forces. The current or possible hazards that a company can hold from its associated industry are concluded by the experts after using this theoretical account. Following five forces are included in Porter ‘s theoretical account ( 1 ) Menace of New Entrants, ( 2 ) Menace of Substitute Products or Services, ( 3 ) Dickering Power of Buyers, ( 4 ) Dickering Power of Suppliers, ( 5 ) Competitive Rivalry among Existing Firms.

The industrial analysis of Coca Cola Company and its trade names on the footing of this five-force theoretical account is discussed below:

Menace of New Entrants/Potential Rivals: Median Pressure

Equally far as drink industry is concerned, the barriers to the new entrants are comparatively low because the cost of consumer shift in this peculiar industry is about 0 with rather low demands for capital investings. A figure of new merchandises have been introduced in the market at comparatively lower monetary values than that of the merchandises and trade names of the Coca Cola Company.

Menace of Substitute Products: Median to high pressure

The consumer markets have a scope of alternate merchandises for soft-drinks, energy-drinks, juices and mineral H2O. It is an unfastened fact that Coke merchandises lack any alone spirit because its spirit is 97 % similar to that of Pepsi as concluded during a unsighted gustatory sensation trial, in which people failed to separate Coca-Cola coke and Pepsi coke.

The Bargaining Power of Buyers: Low force per unit area

Equally far as dickering power of consumers is concerned, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which is Coca-cola ‘s biggest challenger, have about same market monetary value therefore, it has really small or even 0 force per unit area on the company. However, freshly introduced, low-cost drinks are available in markets which can be preferred by the consumers but at the hazard of spirit and quality. Fruit juices are the most preferable drink for the consumers these yearss as most of the consumers have become wellness witting and therefore are cognizant about the inauspicious impacts of carbonated drinks.

The Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low force per unit area

In instance of Coca-Cola supplies all over the universe, its providers are non concerned about the inauspicious impacts of such carbonated drinks as they ca n’t afford losing Coca-Cola, which is considered as their cardinal client.

Rivalry Among Existing Firms: High Pressure

Pepsi is the biggest rival of Coca Cola in recent times as it besides has assortment of drink merchandises with strong international web. More or less Pepsi and Coca Cola are rated likewise in all over the universe. However, the mark market of Coca-Cola, as per its classical trade name image, is the grownup community chiefly ; nevertheless, childs are being focused by the Pepsi group. However, the portion market of the US is somewhat dominated by Coca-Cola instead than Pepsi due to its historical concern apparatus. On the other manus, drink trade names, like Dr. Pepper, have besides become popular in US for the ground of their alone spirits.


If Coca Cola Company manages to do the most invention for making dealingss and deriving market repute, the company can easy go forth all the rivals behind and can remain in front of them in one manner or other.

Invention can be the first and first option for the company to avoid terrible market competition. By using advanced thoughts, the company is expected to hold strong competitory advantage with regard to its challengers. As a affair of fact, Coca Cola has certain market repute every bit good as strong trade name image ; so, with appropriate invention in merchandises by maintaining client demands at forepart, the company can bring forth certain wonder among its possible consumers in such a manner that people will decidedly desire to travel for it. If Coca Cola comes up with advanced merchandises, consumers will go forth with no replacements and therefore, they will merrily buy the trade good even at higher monetary values. With this scheme, Coca Cola can make a scope of loyal clients every bit good ( Covering S1, S2, S4, S5, S7, T1, T2 and T3 ) .

After invention, selling is the most of import factor to be mulled over by the disposal of the company to keep its prominence around the Earth. Selling is considered as the anchor for any concern success and therefore, is highly important factor for the company. Coca Cola can confirm its durable market prominence and repute by marinading strong trade name image through strategic selling and advertisement of allied merchandises. This scheme will besides assist the company in keeping strong consumer trueness towards its trade names and can derive consumer penchants over its rivals ( Covering W2, W3, W4, O1, O2, O3, and O4 ) .

Selling in an environment friendly attitude can decidedly assist the company to enforce certain barriers to the new market entrants and therefore can diminish the hazards and menaces of turning competition in the relevant industry all over the universe ( Covering T1, T4, T5, S2, S4, S5, and S6 ) .

If Coca Cola brands manage to prolong their quality and gustatory sensation in such a manner that these two factors emerged as matchless for rival companies, Coca Cola will be able to cut down terrible menaces of being substituted ( Covering S1, S4, S2, O1, O2, and O3 ) .

Coca Cola Company miss-utilized resources of rare H2O in assorted Asiatic states, like India and Pakistan, which serve as the primary ground of company ‘s worsening market repute in this peculiar part. This mis-utilization adversely impacted the trade name image of the company, as the cut downing H2O degrees in Cola works are surely doing the lives of the indigens suffering. To derive positive repute in the Asiatic states Cola Company can follow the steps listed below:

Land review before get downing any undertaking

Appraisal of environmental impacts that the undertaking can hold prior to get down up concern operations

The undertaking should be compliant with environmental regulative demands

Say “ No ” to refrigeration equipments incorporating CFC

Efficient intervention of waste H2O

Adequate operations for bottling

Beginning of certain plans for energy preservation

Latest engineerings for H2O recycling system should be used by the company for salvaging 50 % of H2O demands for the operations ( Covering W3, W4, and T4 )

With recycling of plastic bottles, costs and resources could be saved. By using assorted advanced recycling thoughts in company ‘s concern along with appealing advertisement of Coca Cola trade names can open new market sections for the company. In due class, company will hold higher grosss and improved recognition evaluation ( Covering W1, W4, T1, T3, and T4 ) .


This paper attempted to analyse the strategic concern planning of the Coca Cola Company thoroughly. The survey affirms that company is in its flourishing phases and is basking profitable success and repute all over the universe. However, from a superficial overlook, the afore-mentioned fact might be considered as “ true ; ” but, in-depth analysis of what concern strategies the Coca Cola company has, obviously reflects the being of certain loopholes due to which the company is exposed to certain hazards and market menaces. Even though company has god market repute, but advanced and alone trade name thoughts are required to be practiced so that the recognition evaluation of the company could be improvised. In add-on, it was besides concluded that owing to severe market competitions, the company should set much accent on its advertisement techniques so as to do its market prominence even more seeable. Last but non the least, Coca Cola company has failed to follow with the wellness demand ordinances in specifically Asiatic states which serve as the ground of its declined repute in that peculiar country. Therefore, company has to set much focal point on this sphere to cut down negative consumer perceptual experiences and to do them loyal with the trade name and merchandises.


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