Coke Or Pepsi Does It Really Matter Marketing Essay

100 old ages and more, but still traveling strong. It ‘s the competition between Coke and Pepsi, I ‘m speaking about. The battle for market portion between the Cola giants looks like a ceaseless 1. Though Coke leads Pepsi in the carbonated drinks class, PepsiCo ‘s variegation into wellness drinks and bite nutrients, helped it to excel Coca-Cola in market capitalisation late. It ‘s athleticss drink, Gatorade and fruit juice trade name Tropicana are making much better than the PowerAde and Minute Maid trade names of Coke. And every bit far as it ‘s snack division – Frito Lay – is considered, it still enjoys monopoly position without any major competition.

Cola big leagues non merely matches each other fizz for fizz in footings of trade name picks but they besides fight tooth and nail in the ad universe excessively. If Pepsi dramatis personaes Sachin and Saurav in their show to make the playing and dance, so Coke selects Hrithik and Aishwarya to make the batting and bowling for them. And these companies besides spend immense amount of money to acquire the functionary patron ticket in major planetary athleticss events. And the also-ran sometimes ends up winning, as in the instance of cricket universe cup-96, when Pepsi ‘s ‘Nothing functionary about it ‘ tagline created more attending than the official patron Coke. But this season it is Pepsi who won the functionary patron for the 2006 universe cup cricket. Now that ICC has a clause to protect its patrons from ambush selling, it would be interesting to see Coke ‘s selling tactics.

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But whether all those multi million dollar battles, to do you and me choose between a Coke and Pepsi truly deserving? Unlike tea or java, Cola drinks are non consumed in the place on a regular basis. It is in the film halls and while dining in speedy service eating houses most people have developed the wont of traveling for that sweetened carbonated drink. But do people really have a pick when they truly want to slake their thirst with a sodium carbonate soft drink?

One may take between a pizza and a Burger for dinner, but will they maintain in head about Pepsi or Coke while taking that determination? It is the pick of the eating houses that finally force people to hold a Coke or Pepsi. Dominos serves coke with its pizza, while in Pizza Hut you can acquire merely Pepsi. If you prefer to hold a McChicken Burger in McDonalds you ‘ll acquire merely coke, or if you move to KFC for a Zinger Burger you ‘ll stop up holding merely Pepsi. Inox theatres in Chennai Citi Center sells merely coke in its bites counter, will anyone prefers to travel to Satyam Cinemas alternatively, merely because they sell Pepsi?

So doing a pick between Pepsi and Coke usually wo n’t originate, as it is ever forced upon due to the handiness factor based on our other penchants. Yet the Cola companies did n’t wish to unify and contend even during their bad times in the pesticide contention issue. Such is their competition. A century long resentment wo n’t travel away that easy even if it makes economic sense, right? OK, merely few more yearss for the universe cup, all we can make is loosen up and bask, as the Cola big leagues ‘ll be acquiring ready to entertain us with their new ad wars.


In this article we are able to understand the captive ‘s quandary with respect to the involvement of Coke and Pepsi in footings of market portion.

One of the most interesting subjects in the field of Economics is that of the Prisoners Dilemma.

The Prisoners Dilemma, originally put frontward by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher, is a portion of the celebrated game theory that exhibits as to why two people or houses do non collaborate with one another even if it is in their best involvements. It was explained by the state of affairs faced by two captives convicted by the constabulary. On question if both agreed to the offense, they would function 5 old ages in gaol. However if one said yes and the other said no, the 1 that said yes would be let off and the other would be forced to function for 10 old ages. If both decided to stay soundless and deny the offense, they would each function 6 months, which would be the ideal state of affairs in this instance. However, due to the fright of losing out both captives are scared that the other would accept the offense and this would ensue in a longer sentence, hence both take the safer option and admit to the offense. Now both spend 5 old ages in gaol alternatively of the ideal 6 months. This is the quandary.

Prisoner B Says No

Prisoner B says Yes

Prisoner A Says No

6 months

Prisoner A: 10 old ages

Prisoner B: Is free

Prisoner A Says Yes

Prisoner A: Is free

Prisoner B: 10 old ages

5 old ages

Despite this being a good known economic phenomena, major houses such as Coke and Pepsi are unable to avoid this state of affairs. Today in the drink industry, both Coke and Pepsi compete in footings of pricing and selling and are the most consumed trade names with similar market portions.

In order to acquire maximal net income, houses selling similar merchandises should work their joint market power with a high monetary value charge. However, in order to acquire higher net incomes company A decides to put a competitory low monetary value which wins a batch of clients from its rival company B, hence ensuing in a greater net income. This scheme works until company B excessively decides to take up the same scheme. Crumbling under market force per unit area company B is shortly expected to drop its monetary values to recover its doomed market portion. Equally shortly as company B drops its monetary value company A loses its competitory advantage of lower pricing. As a consequence of this, both companies sell their merchandises at a lower monetary value than before ensuing in lesser gross for both and addition in the norm variable cost.

In this instance, the low monetary value scheme adopted by both of them is kindred to the captive ‘s confession and the high monetary value scheme to the captives maintaining soundless. The low pricing scheme is a defensive scheme used by both the companies to minimise loses, maximise net incomes and curtail the rival companies to increase their market portion. Due to the monetary value war, both companies resort to competitory pricing. Since they are caught in the captive ‘s quandary and they do non collaborate with one another they are forced to keep a monetary value war which is a loss for both the companies.

The same theory can be seen in the manner both companies spend their grosss in the advertisement infinite. Coke and Pepsi have had many advertisement wars where 1000000s of dollars have been spent in order to outwit each other. Coke spent an amazing $ 2.7bn on advertisement in 2008 which harmonizing to the informations released by IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) would set them in front of 29 other states in footings of GDP Numberss. Coming under the heavy market force per unit area Pepsi was shortly forced to pass similar sum of money in marketing strategies, in order to increase its market portion. This shortly becomes a repeating wont and shortly turns into a barbarous rhythm ensuing in both companies passing Billions of dollars on advertisement and promotional runs. As a consequence we now have a state of affairs in which both companies have similar market portion as in the beginning but have each wasted considerable sum of money in advertisement in a ineffectual effort of increasing market portion. Common sense indicates that the ideal state of affairs here would hold been the companies lodging to their original market portion without disbursement extortionate money on advertisement. However, as the captives indicate both companies succumb to fear and take the less ideal state of affairs.

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