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Colgate –Palmolive is a well-known trade name that served more than a billion of people all around the universe in different state. This company is founded in 1806 and the laminitis is known as William Colgate. For now, Colgate is running in a transnational consumer merchandises company that focused on the production, distribution and proviso of family, wellness and personal attention merchandises. Meanwhile, the mission and ends of Colgate is by cut downing entire delivered cost, widening engineering resources and developing excellence in buying, logistics and sourcing procedures to supply Colgate with a important competitory advantage ( Colgate World of Care, 2014 ) .

Product Overview

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Presents, Colgate provides unwritten attention, personal attention, place attention and favored nutrition merchandise under different trusted trade names like Colgate, Palmolive, Speed Stick, Protex, Ajax, Axion, GLO, Softlan and Lady Speed Stick. In our sentiment, Colgate should come out with a new production line extension for kid’s toothpaste by adding more different spirit. As what we know, nowadays most of the parent will allow their kid’s to pick their ain toothpaste, so that they will more likely to brush their dentitions daily with utilizing their favourite toothpaste. Besides, this new merchandise line extension will besides supply Colgate to hold a more competitory advantage in the market.

Rival Analysis

The major rival for this new merchandise line extension is Kodomo Lion. This company is the taking company in Malaysia for kid’s toothpaste as they are the specializer in this part ( Kodomo Lion, 2014 ) . Following, the strength of this strong rival is they are specialist in bring forthing kid’s toothpaste for many old ages, their trade name is well-known by a batch of client that have kids and the consumer have bigger assurance for Kodomo kid’s toothpaste against other rivals as the toothpaste that green goods by Kodomo contain ‘Xylitol’ , which is something that could change by reversal early formation of tooth decay in dentition ( Shen Li, 2014 ) . But, there is besides a failing of this strong rival. Kodomo Lion is non frequently to hold an advertizement for their merchandise, hence, Colgate have a really large opportunity to increase their market in this part by pulling more new client like new female parent and male parent that merely have their kid’s.

Target Market and Positioning Strategy

By utilizing the bases for sectioning consumer markets, demographic section is the most suited section for this new merchandise line extension by spliting the market into groups based on variables such as household size, household life rhythm and age. On the other manus, the consumer in this mark market must hold the characteristic as the consumer family must hold at least a kid`s and have the cognition to keep the wellness of dentition for kid`s. Example, parent and defender ; that both of them have the highest ingestion of the merchandise as there are the 1 that decide to buy which trade name of kid`s toothpaste even though they are the non-user in the merchandise class. Then, when come to the placement scheme, this new merchandise could utilize the benefits, demands or solution placement scheme. With adding more new spirit to this merchandise that the rival do non hold, it will give the merchandise a typical border and this will besides assist the merchandise to distinguish from the rival as there is merely a individual company is bring forthing this sort of spirit for kid`s toothpaste.

Core Merchandise

The nucleus merchandise is the intangible merchandise that can non be touched ( Cuccureddu, 2011 ) . It is the benefits of the merchandise that makes it valuable to the clients, which determine customer’s determination ( Friesner, 2014 ) . Therefore, when Colgate comes out with the kid’s toothpaste, it will stress on the benefits that it enables clean, strong, and healthy dentition every bit good as the bar of tooth decay for childs. It will besides indicate out in all Colgate kid’s toothpaste advertizement that the Ca contain in its kid’s toothpaste is able to take to a stronger and healthier dentitions since Ca has been widely believed to hold strengthen the dentition.

Actual Merchandise

The existent merchandise is the touchable and existent physical of merchandise ( Cuccureddu, 2011 ) . It includes the degree of quality, particular merchandise and service characteristics, stigmatization, titling and packaging ( Friesner, 2014 ) . In the instance for this Colgate kid’s toothpaste, its existent merchandise would be the toothpaste itself that contain high degree of fluoride and Ca and besides include different colour of packaging for different type of spirit in order to carry client to purchase the toothpaste. For illustration, pink boxing for strawberry, orange packaging for orange, violet packaging for grape, and ruddy packaging for apple. The most significantly is the logo, Colgate, which colour can merely be white to advance clean and healthy dentitions.

Augmented Merchandise

The augmented merchandise can be referred as the non-physical portion of merchandise ( Cuccureddu, 2011 ) . It normally consists of extra characteristics or benefits and added value to the existent merchandise ( Friesner, 2014 ) . For the Colgate kid’s toothpaste, the of import augmented characteristics that it will hold include is the flip-cap bundle so it will be more easier to utilize and besides more convenient to hive away for the childs. Another augmented characteristic Colgate kid’s toothpaste has is that it offers a really lovely and sympathetic gustatory sensation every bit good as fresher breath.


Colgate can develop a stronger stigmatization for the kid’s toothpaste through advertisement. For illustration, Colgate can publicize their merchandise through magazine ads, commercial ads and printed ads that can be placed in hoardings on waysides, sides of coachs and tooth doctor offices. This can be done to advance the new kid’s toothpaste and create parents consciousness at the same clip every bit good as remind them of bing merchandises.


As for the packaging, Colgate kid’s toothpaste has to come in attention-getting and attractive colourful battalion in order to acquire attending from clients. As mentioned earlier, the kid’s toothpaste should come with different packaging colour harmonizing to the types of spirit so that parents or childs can easy turn up it from the retail merchant shelf.


When comes to the labeling, it is of import for Colgate to hold include label in the kid’s toothpaste as mention for the clients like parents. For illustration, it should include the list of active and inactive ingredients, intent, way to utilize, warning and many more to supply necessary information for the parents.


It is a wise thought for Colgate to market the kid’s toothpaste with user-friendly packaging such as flip-cap bundle to replace the old turn cap. It provides a more convenient and easiness of usage of the toothpaste non merely for parents but besides for the childs so they won’t left the cap unfastened.

Promotion in the selling is like a tool, which helps a company to allow the people know about the merchandise. The chief intent of the publicity is to Create Awareness, Persuasion, Education, Information, Emotion, Brand Loyalty, and Understanding. Adopting a good promotional scheme Colgate has succeeded to retain its clients and image. By this Colgate strongly focuses on different promotional schemes i.e. mass merchandising, advertisement, promotion and sale publicity etc. Colgate has done in the yesteryear and still making at the minute.


Ad is the paid and non- personal communicating of a selling message by an identified patron through mass media such as telecasting, newspapers, magazines, Internet or wirelesss ( Levens, 2012, p. 228 ) .Advertising is typically done to advance and inform consumers about the new merchandises every bit good as build consciousness among them. The ground we choose publicizing as one of our promotional schemes is because it is a cost effectual and originative manner to pass on with group of clients, can efficaciously inform consumers about the characteristics and benefits of the new merchandise, it can assist get down and keep a duologue with a mark market. Our advertisement aim is to inform and supply consumers with characteristics and benefits of the new merchandise every bit good as build consciousness in the market to pull consumers.

Our mark market for this new merchandise is childs, so we have decided to publicize our merchandise through aggregate media such as commercials on Television, magazines and reading stuffs. Almost all groups of people will pass their clip on watching Television so commercials on Television are indispensable and necessary to construct consciousness and pull our mark market, childs. For illustration, when childs saw something they are interested in, decidedly they will bespeak their parents to purchase it for them like every childs do. Of class, pulling childs merely will non be plenty to pull consumers. We have besides decided advertise through magazines and reading stuffs to cognizant parents of the new merchandise. Every parents are decidedly willing to purchase a merchandise that will be best and benefits their childs. These will decidedly exciting the demand and hence boost the gross revenues of this new merchandise.

Gross saless Promotion

Gross saless publicity is defined as short-run activities that encourage the gross revenues of a merchandise or service. Gross saless publicity normally involved a broad mixture of tools such as vouchers and premiums to pull clients. For illustrations: organisations use gross revenues publicity to make response in the market by adding urgency, and altering what the clients perceive value for money. In this assignment we put our chief focal point on client publicities. We would put up few booths in healthcare subdivision of different shopping promenades, and offer consumers our new spirit Colgate toothpaste in little wadding for free when they be givening to buy Colgate toothpaste. Besides that, we will promote those clients who tried the new spirit Colgate toothpaste to do a repetition purchase. To accomplish that end, we will offer them a value battalion of our toothpaste in order to acquire their attending and do immediate purchase. With all these attempts, the purchase clip will be shorten and accomplishing high gross revenues ( Hose, 2014 ) .

The cost will be high at initial phase, but finally this would hike up the gross revenues with low net incomes. Most of import is we may accomplish repeated gross revenues of our new merchandise, and besides increase the market portions. In long term, if we seting more attempts on gross revenues publicity, this will draw consumers off from our rivals such as Darlie, Sensodyne, Fresh & A ; White and others. Last, the gross revenues publicity can be used as a helpful selling tool in order to accomplish company promotional end, as it may profit Colgate to pull more new possible consumer further heighten the market portion with their new spirit toothpaste ( Boundless, 2014 )

Public dealingss

Public dealingss is a communicating that is designed to better and heighten common apprehension and positively affect relationships between seller and its internal and external populaces ( Levens, 2012, p.233 ) . The internal and external populaces are people inside or outside the company such as clients, employees, providers, distributers, community members and others. The aims of public dealingss are constructing merchandise consciousness, supplying information and edifice good will among an organization’s mark market through events, conferences, public visual aspect and sponsorship. We have decided to include public dealingss in our promotional tools because public dealingss aims can be attained at a really low cost compared to other promotional tools, well-structured public relation conferences, events, runs and sponsorship can uncover and expose more elaborate information to aim market.

For illustration, we can form particular events on vacations to interact with consumers face to confront in a more crowded country such as shopping promenade, supply a talk for consumers about the characteristics and benefits of the new merchandise on how can it benefits the mark market. We can besides offer giveaway awards of the new toothpaste in a smaller bundle to the consumers who have participated in the event to pull more consumers to go to the event. By this, consumers will hold a opportunity to seek our merchandises therefore we can acquire feedbacks from them. Besides, we can besides form ‘Health and Care’ runs in primary schools to inform the childs about the importance of brushing dentitions and taking good attention of our tooth. Hence, demonstrate on how to brush our tooth right and supply them with the new toothpaste in a mini bundle so that everyone can hold a attempt. With the new spirits in the toothpaste, it is believed that childs will decidedly attracted to the spirits and inquire their parents to purchase for them.

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