College Application

April 29, 2018 Education

Who are you, why do you deserve a scholarship, and if not given a scholarship, how will you pay for college? I take education very seriously. I go to tutoring each day and receive fifty minutes of help. By going to tutoring, this allows me to understand the concepts better so I will know how to do my homework and will be able to pass my test and quizzes. I’m trustworthy and honest. I treat people fair and with respect. I stand up for what I believe is right. I am consistent in what I do. I do what is expected of me. I am a responsible person. I get my work done and turned it on time.

If I make a mistake, I learn from it and I correct it. I work well with others. I am able to help those who need help. I deserve a scholarship because I am a hard worker. I have the power to follow through with all the hard work to reach my goals. I believe in myself and this scholarship will give me the fundaments I need to create a better me and to help me become a better person who makes a difference in the world. I have high grades in all subjects. I’ve received academic awards. I receive A’s and B’s on my tests and quizzes. I do all of my homework and make sure it is turned it on time. I am an achiever.

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I put forth a great amount of effort when doing my work. I don’t give up. If I don’t succeed the first time, I try again until I do succeed. I do my best in any and everything. If I am not awarded a scholarship, I will seek financial aid in the areas of pell grant, work study, and student loan from the U. S. Department of Education. A pell grant is available for undergraduate students and will help pay for my tuition and books. This type of grant will not have to be repaid. If I am not eligible for the pell grant, I will seek to obtain a student loan. The student loan will help pay for my tuition and is something that must be repaid.

If I am not eligible for a student loan, I will seek work study which will allow me to work on campus. If I am not eligible for work study, I will find a job. Although the economy is not in good shape, I will do my very best and put in a great amount of effort seeking for employment. I will also seek to continue my education at a community college for two years where I can earn an associate’s degree. I will then later transfer to a university where I can earn an undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree. I will continue to work hard to find ways that will help pay for my education.


I'm Amanda

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