Commodity chain about car chassis

November 23, 2017 Construction

Centuries by centuries, life is becoming more and more convenient. For example, people don’t have to walk, they can take cars. In this way, vehicle is an important transportation in our lives. To make a car, chassis is the most necessary part because it consists of an internal framework that supports a man-made object in its construction and use. So, as a commodity, I think chassis is worth to discover. In addition, chassis is becoming more special and even has multiple categories.

For instance, regular cars’ chassis is very different from racing cars’ chassis. In my opinion, there is a lot of knowledge I don’t know about how chassis play this kind of crucial roles in vehicle, meanwhile, it is very interesting and people can get lessons from the commodity, chassis. In the paper, I will first describe the history of chassis. As far as I know, there are multiple histories for different kind of vehicles. Sedan’s chassis faced a huge revolution and trucks chassis are late to be globalize. There is also another new kind of chassis for a kind of racing car named go-kart.

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After that, I’m going to map the commodity chain to show the globalization of chassis and sites of here it is produced and people who purchase it. Thirdly, relations of production and consumption will be analyzed. It contains the component of chassis, the environmental issues and different human labors in the production line. Finally, the paper will come to focus on labors. I will demonstrate the inequality happened . Between workers, who was helped or hurt by this commodity and people’s approaches to lessen the negative impacts.

Historical Background As we know, car chassis is complicated through the development. To simplify, we can divide it into three parts. As we know, there are three main different cars at present. They are sedan, truck and racing car. For each of them, chassis are totally different because they have to overcome multiple highroads. The most shocked history is sedan’s history. The first time it participated in globalization is after the First World War, when the most revolutionary event took place. In fact, the chassis was changed with the sedan’s body because at first they were sold together.

When chassis was made by particular country, the chassis was made by wood. There were a lot of disadvantages, the most apparent one is that wood can only be steamed and bent into simple curves. However, sooner after the First World War, Europeans worked together to get a new category sedan which is less expensive and more attractive (Automobile History, 2014). New metalworking techniques were perfected drop- hammering and power-hammering in the 1900 to 1910 era, hydraulic stretching around 1920, and drawing and stamping around 1935.

The milestone was in 1919 when Dodge brought out the first closed car with steel frame members and body panels. That was the first time that a sedan made by steel instead of wood and the entrance of sedan to get into globalization (Automobile History, 2014). Meanwhile, the development of truck chassis is much slower than sedan. However, the situation is different from sedan because trucks are made by different companies at first while sedan was invented by one particular person. To illustrate this point, take the example of Ford’s truck which was first created by Henry Ford in 1900.

At first, Ford didn’t invent the particular chassis for truck until 1917 when the first chassis built specifically for trucks. In 1928, Ford introduced one of its most famous chassis called AAA Chassis to the world. But Ford was not satisfied, so he created B Chassis 4 years later, this time, it is not only a new kind of chassis, but also the first year for the flathead V-8. For Ford company, they might describe the process of trying flathead V-8 on B Chassis turgidly (Wickedly D. Ford Trucks History, 2008). But from my personal knowledge, this is definitely a huge challenge.

Because for a truck, the chassis has to take much more weight than a sedan. To keep enough power to push the truck, the chassis has to be light but firm. Many trucks’ company are contesting with each other by creating better chassis which is the most significant element to asses whether this brand is successful or not. Nevertheless, although Ford is one of the biggest truck companies in the world, it didn’t globalize very early. Until 2012, they tried to get into globalization, but “Ford Focus was not only considered one of their first global vehicles, but also became part of a global advertisement campaign.

Due to the increasing similarities in markets, the Focus was advertised to a broad range of global markets under the same advertisement campaign that reflected the commonalities among interests in developing markets across the globe” (Kaolin, Ford: the American Car Company gone global, 2013). There is a special chassis for go-karts. Go-kart is a four-wheel vehicle for racing. Because of its special use, the chassis is sturdy and lower than sedan because it needs more stability.

About history, since it is a new kind of car, there are not many changes and the firs go-kart was made thanks to the globalization, so we can say it is a work by scientists in different countries. Mapping the commodity chain In fact, various companies have their own strategies so that it is impossible to talk about this part generally. Take Audio as the example of sedan’s commodity chain. From about 15-20 years ago, German decided to sale their technology on how to produce the chassis to Asian countries in order to have more opportunities to discover instead of production. As a result, Audio’s chassis are main from Asia now.

For instance, the chassis’ frames are made in Malaysia and countries nearby. China also participate in the production but work is more complex, because the part of work that have to make with robots is for China (Introducing the all-new Audio AH sedan, 2014). However, although the main production is in Asia, but people who live in Asia don’t have the priority to try those commodities. Instead, European will first try the chassis which is produced in Asia. Many people think it is unfair, but in my opinion, it makes sense. Because we know Audio is a German company, so German should be the first one to try the new cars from Audio.

There is a famous truck chassis company called SF Company. This companies a Europeans. They have a total different strategy with Ford. Like I mentioned before, Ford went into globalization in 2012 in 21st century. That was the first time they made a plan to be globalize. As far as I know, everything as a part of chassis in Ford is produced only in America, which means all work is done in one country. But we have to say that Ford Company is really amazing because they can be successful without being globalize. Back to talk about SF Company, they decided to become worldwide early.

They became globalize in asses, they explored their industry markets in every continent. Nowadays, it has become the most popular chassis company in the world. Here is the list of where SF Industries located: Locations in Europe Germany: Airliner, Bonn, Dammed, Dipole, Diligent, Editor, Sauerkraut, Centrifuge, Simmers, Wigwagged France: Flange, SST. Tontine, Fontanne Great Britain: Darlington, Soulful Italy: Candidly Austria: Libeling Slovakia: Levine, Tirana Spain: Lexeme Turkey: Gizmo, Zebu Locations in South Africa South Africa: Rosily Locations in America Brazil: Carobs Mexico: Quadrangular, Tailcoat Argentina: S.

Francisco USA: Chicago, Duncan, Hebrew, Lapper, Newton, Northfield, Tuscaloosa Locations in Asia/Pacific & Australia China: Shanghai, Changing, Shenanigan, Belling Indies: Surgeon, New Delhi, Delegate/Hallo, Achaean, Pantry Korea: Gun-City, Changing Thailand: Rayon Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne Malaysia: Kulak The graph above shows that SF is definitely a worldwide company. We can see that they have a lot of industries in Germany because this is the origin. In addition, they have multiple industries in every continent except Arctic and Antarctic. They have more than three industries in some big countries like U.

S. A. And China. Nevertheless, there is a lack in Africa. So we can see that Africa is facing poverty, that’s why they don’t want to invest too much in Africa. But personally I think this is not a fair globalization. Globalization should help everyone on earth, maybe company said this is a smart strategy, but I think this is a kind of discrimination. In fact, some areas in Africa is wealthier now. So I think they should spend more money in Africa. In conclusion, for Audio, chassis are made in Asia and then transport to Germany by airplanes or spread to other industries in different locations.

If the commodity is a new product, it will only be transported to Germany. However, for SF, they don’t have particular locations to produce chassis. Instead, they have many industries in every continent which leads them to be perfectly globalize. However, although production of chassis is quite different, the stages of producing are similar. The typical car or truck is constructed from the ground up (and out). The frame forms the base on which the body rests and from which all subsequent assembly components follow. The frame is placed on the assembly line and clamped to the conveyer to prevent shifting as it moves down the line. From here the automobile frame moves to component assembly areas where complete front and ear suspensions, gas tanks, rear axles and drive shafts, gear boxes, steering box components, wheel drums, and braking systems are sequentially installed” (The Manufacturing Process of Chassis, 2014). There is an interesting thing in the first stages of automobile manufacture, robots weld the floor pan pieces together and assist workers in placing components such as the suspension onto the chassis (The Manufacturing Process of Chassis, 2014).

Relations of Production and Consumption People might think car chassis is very simple because they don’t know how many uses the chassis has. A car chassis is underneath and keeps the body, suspension and wheels all attached together. If the chassis wasn’t there the car would flop about and eventually either crash or fall apart. From those words, we can see that chassis is very important. But it is also very complicated, here is a picture of the components of sedan chassis: There are two kinds of chassis for cars. One is divided by suspension technology, rubber & plastics, chassis components and chassis systems.

This is quite difficult to fugue out the use of each part. Suspension technology is for damping, which means hen you are driving, if the car is steady, you should thank chassis! Rubber & plastic is another important part. It can help chassis connect with other parts softly. This is completely related to safety because when the connection is rigid, there will be a lot of potential dangers. The most obvious one is when you are facing an emergency, you want to twist the steering wheel, it might get stuck, and then we all know what will happen.

Chassis components can control arms. It is the basics of changing direction, so chassis is a useful part of cars. At last, chassis systems connect axles so that cars ill not fall apart. This is a complex structure of chassis, but thanks to its invention, BMW, Audio and other large car companies are using this kind of chassis because of its high quality and special structure. The other one is frames, to clarify my point, look at the picture below at first. In this frame, there are three main parts: side members, gusset plates and cross members.

Side members are the heaviest part of the frame. “The side members are shaped to accommodate the body and support the weight. They are narrow toward the front of the vehicle to permit a shorter turning radius for the wheels and then Eden under the main part of the body where the body is secured to the frame. Trucks and trailers commonly have frames with straight side members to accommodate several designs of bodies and to give the vehicle added strength to withstand heavier loads” (Nick, Vehicle Chassis Design, 2009). Gusset plates are angular pieces of metal used for additional reinforcement on heavy-duty truck frames. With this type of frame construction, the body structure only needs to be strong and rigid enough to contain the weight of the cargo and resist any dynamic loads associated with cargo handling and cargo movement during vehicle operation ND to absorb shocks and vibrations transferred from the frame. This basically applies to heavy trucks and not passenger vehicles” (Nick, Vehicle Chassis Design, 2009). The last one is cross members. They are fixed to the side members to prevent weaving and twisting of the frame. The number, size and arrangement of the cross members depend on the type of vehicle for which the frame was designed. Usually, a front cross member supports the radiator and the front of the engine” (Nick, Vehicle Chassis Design, 2009). People who want to buy the sedan chassis are mostly car companies like Audio, Benz and so on. However, the truck chassis might be sold to individual because some people prefer to assemble trucks on their own.

For instance, the famous NAB player Tim Duncan is interested in modifying trucks. He also has his own modified company named Black Jack. He never buy a whole truck, instead, he bought different pars separately and then assembled them. Political Struggle and Conflict Although chassis is more and more popular right now, there are also many serious issues take place behind it. Like I mentioned before in production, there are rubbers in chassis, so they are the main cause of environmental issues. As we know, rubber is a crucial element to impact the environment. Despite the numerous benefits that are rendered to the modernization of this world by natural rubber, the consequence of natural rubber processing has yet provide a serious problem due to its highly polluted effluents. The rapid growth of this industry generates large quantities of effluents coming from its processing operations which is really a big problem because of its wastewater contains high biological oxygen demand and ammonia. Without proper treatment, discharge of wastewater from rubber processing industry o the environment may cause serious and long lasting consequences” (Hilbert H.

Environmental issues caused by rubber, 2011). Fortunately, even though rubber is a serious problem, people have found good approaches to reduce the pollution. One of the optimal methods is connation, the organic contents of effluent are above those of the standard limits. It is generally approved that connation transforms refractory or poorly degradable organic materials into by-product with smaller molecular size. Moreover, it has been found that ammonia can be converted to nitrate by connation which usually makes biodegradability (Hilbert H.

Environmental issues caused by rubber, 2011). Conclusion From the paper, I gave analysis and opinions on background, commodity chain, relations of production and consumption and Political struggle with conflict. After my paper, I think in the future, chassis will be sold more and more individually, which means there won’t be a lot of whole cars. Because with the development of human life, people are wealthier and wealthier, so they might be interested in modifying. In addition, companies should invest more money in Africa and try to reclaim new racket in Africa.


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