Commodity market Study Essay

October 15, 2017 General Studies

1. Is Sol Levin running a business‘just like any other business’ . or is his company open to moral unfavorable judgment? Defend your reply by entreaty to moral rule.

In today’s society has become a commercial concatenation selling blood. it can non be stopped. if non in the involvements of concern between demand it will ever be a demand. is what we need. May be a pint of blood can advance economic growing. so. it besides belongs to egoism ( Shaw et al2013. p/63 ) . so blood trading wether to follow concern moralss. in my sentiment depending on the demands of the receiver. non the antonym. Philosopher Peter Singer elaborated this point in the blood. ‘If blood is the monetary value of a trade good. contribution merely means to salvage other people’s money’ . ( p/99 ) So if the blood successful sale dealing. both to run into the demands of those who besides grew by commercial involvements. belongs ‘a dual win pay’ .

2. Did Plasma international work stoppage a just deal with the West Africans who supplied their blood to the company? Or is Plasma guilty of working them in some manner? Explain your reply.

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I would agrue that the deal here was non just. Plasma international until a Tampa paper charged that Plasma was buying blood for every bit small as 15 cents a pint and so reselling it to hospital in the United States and South America for $ 25per pint. Blood. low sell high income as a worthless trade good. I supposed Plasma international is quility. But West African. big population. backward development. so.

3. Many believe that commercialization is increaing in all countries of modern life. If so. is it something to be applauded or condemned? Is it incorrect to handle certain things-such as human organs-as trade goods?

Human organs-applauded. we can assist hapless individual who needs variety meats. but trade goods is differen.


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