Communication and Computers

July 3, 2018 Communication

Some people say that computers have made life effortless and more comfortable, others advocate for the idea that computers have made life more difficult and complicated. However, in my opinion, computers have brought convenience and comfort to our lives since they enable simpler access to information and tremendously increase the quality of communication. Firstly, the computer is a relatively new technology and young people have been learning to use it from early ages Therefore, they are familiar with the technology and prone to incorporate it into every aspect of life.

Now studying can be conducted at home via internet rather than traveling to school, you can look for information without visiting libraries. That way many hassles are avoided and more time is left for personal pleasure when computers are used optimally. Secondly, computers with the Internet have managed to make the access to information and search for it easier. Through computers we can collect the data we need quickly, store it in a hard drive as long as we want and use it whenever we need it.

With the use of computer we spend less time in search for information as well as it enables new sources of information. Additionally many jobs have become much easier to manage by using computers for writing, storing, processing and analyzing, and have become crucial in today’s economy. Moreover, in a globalized world that we live in, computers have revolutionized communication. Nowadays with the use of internet our messages can be delivered to any person in any part of the world instantaneously with just a click of a button from the convenience of your arm chair.

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In addition, internet facilities such as Skype have made visual communication possible. For example, Skype not only allows you to communicate with your family members and friends, but also make interviews with future employers and enroll into universities. As a result, communication has become much more convenient, manageable and accessible. Finally, computer has become an indispensable technology and its achievements have overwhelmed people across the world. More and more people learn how to use them effectively for the improvement of their lives. Naizabekova Aigerim, 301 B


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