Communication And Thought On Priestleys Paradox English Literature Essay

October 7, 2017 English Literature

Communication is an indispensable portion of mundane life. There are many things which have consequence on communicating, engineering holding a really big consequence. Through the addition of communicating engineering, there has been a lessening in the quality of effectual communicating. While sing the theory of Priestley ‘s Paradox, the deficiency of interpersonal communicating in new signifiers of engineering have significantly affected the quality of communicating. Modern technologies decrease the quality of communications through the deficiency of verbal and non-verbal feedback, the deformation of messages and besides the unequal entree to signifiers of these engineerings. Verbal and non-verbal elements of interpersonal communicating have efficaciously declined due to engineering.

The most wedged country of communicating in society today is interpersonal communicating. Interpersonal communicating is referenced as communicating between two or more people which try to make and understand significance ( Turner & A ; West 2009: 8 ) . Throughout interpersonal communicating there can be noise. Noise is anything which can falsify or forestall communicating ( Eunson 2008: 18 ) . Interpersonal communicating has many elements which contribute to quality communicating.

Interpersonal communicating requires verbal and non-verbal feedback, which is non given efficaciously through modern engineerings. The quality of effectual communicating is quickly decreased with the addition of engineering. This type of communicating ( interpersonal communicating ) has two chief elements, verbal and non-verbal accomplishments. Verbal communicating is the usage of linguistic communications, words, sounds and letters and uses great accent on tone and pitch. Modern engineering therefore decreases the quality of communicating because verbal communicating is non ever possible. Non-verbal communicating is communicating through merely ocular signifiers. Non-verbal consists of gestures, facial looks, oculus contact and legion other signals of the human organic structure ( Eunson 2008: 260 ) . This non-verbal component of communicating nevertheless can non be seen through most engineerings so distorts the message to the receiving system. Both verbal and non-verbal communicating accomplishments assist, distort and block communicating between persons ( Eunson 2008: 286 ) . The theory of Priestley ‘s Paradox is most relevant when sing the quality of communicating through engineerings is worsening. Email is an illustration of modern engineering which has an impact of the quality of communicating. Through electronic mail, the receiving system can non pass on utilizing verbal and non-verbal communicating. This deformation is go oning with all types of engineering and is holding impact on the interactions of persons and making jobs. Without face-to-face verbal and non-verbal interactions the transmitter is unable to do premises on the receiving systems ‘ perceptual experiences of the messages. Some peculiar new engineerings have the ability for messages to be distorted overly due to the linguistic communication used.

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Technology has decreased quality of communicating because it can do misconstruing through abbreviations that distort messages. This peculiarly effects our society ‘s younger coevals. Generation Y in peculiarly are media interactionists, non cognizing a universe without media and engineering ( Kundanis 2003: 43 ) . An illustration of engineering which is most normally the beginning of abbreviation is SMS ( short messaging service ) . Obviously, abbreviations are a weak replacement for organic structure linguistic communication, unwritten and tonic look. These are replaced by utilizing uppercase inscription and far-out symbols ( emoticons ) which leads to misinterpretation while decrypting the message as there is no shared significance of the context ( Danet 2001: 17 ) . The English linguistic communication is frequently comprised to go sawed-off abbreviations and phrases. This linguistic communication has since blended into the mundane modern society doing the younger coevalss to be less likely utilizing proper English linguistic communication. While pass oning through engineering, the transmitter and receiver demand to hold a clear apprehension of one another ‘s abbreviations and context or else the message will be distorted. This may so take to a dislocation in communicating if the receiving system is unable to decrypt the message given ( Eunson 2008: 14 ) . This is besides apparent as there is a digital divide between people with the unequal entree to engineering.

The lessening in quality of communicating is due to engineering non being every bit accessible for our whole society. Priestley ‘s Paradox theory expresses the point that people coming from low -economical societies have a greater quality of communicating instead than people coming from a higher-economical society because it is filled with modern communicating engineerings ( Eunson 2008: 5 ) . There is a digital divide between people due to new signifiers of engineering. This causes deformation in communicating because of the misinterpretation of messages that are received through modern engineering. It is now expected of a individual to hold cognition of modern engineerings which may non be universally accepted due to the unequal entree of engineering ( Turner & A ; West 2009: 105 ) . Modern technology-driven communicating is invariably revolving, developing and spread outing ( Eunson 2008: 4 ) . They are expensive and hence low income earners would non be able update engineerings often. The digital divide is non merely based on this nevertheless, there are many other issues. The handiness of modern engineering is affected by geographical location, income position, civilization, instruction and besides age ( Mossberger, Tolbert & A ; Stansbury 2003: 15-23 ) . This causes the lessening in effectual communicating and interpersonal communicating as everyone does non hold the same available engineering.

New engineerings have significantly decreased the quality of effectual communicating. Ultimately interpersonal communicating elements such as verbal and non-verbal accomplishments are non able to be efficaciously used through modern engineerings. This can falsify messages in communicating merely like abbreviations can. Both people take parting in the communicating demand to hold similar apprehension of the context and linguistic communication or else the quality of communicating will be diminished. The digital divide because of the unequal entree of modern engineering besides has an impact of the quality of communicating. Priestley ‘s Paradox theory suggests that the quality of communicating is minimised because of new engineerings. This theory is most apparent in modern communicating hence modern engineering has decreased the quality of communicating.

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