Communication in Childcare

August 13, 2017 Childcare

Claire Sherwood- Sunday, 25th September 2011 Unit SHC 31: Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting 1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting. Introduction The purpose of my report is to identify the different reasons people communicate and to explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. Main Body People communicate for different reasons; these reasons vary and are as follows; * To maintain and promote good working relationships * To encourage the children to communicate effectively * To share knowledge and information To ensure that everybody knows where they stand * To get their point across and ensure safety in the work environment * To help people understand how you are feeling and act accordingly * To work together * To prevent errors * Express your wants and needs * To help build and maintain trust * To negotiate and liaise with others Without communication the world would be a lonely place and communication is particularly important in the work setting as it can affect the relationships you build. Team communication is important as it is important to keep everyone in the group knowledgeable about what is going on within that group.

As I would be communicating with parents, colleagues, children and other professionals (i. e. health visitors, speech and language therapists, social workers, other schools, Police and other governing bodies) it is important that everybody is provided the information they need. Communication is vital to establishing effective relationships in the work setting. It would allow you to expect support from your colleagues and to provide them with the necessary support in times of stress and difficulty. Effective communication can help promote and create a positive working environment.

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The ‘CACHE Level 3 Diploma: Children’s and Young People’s Workforce’ identifies effective communication as creating a positive working environment in which; * Both you and your colleagues experience job satisfaction * Children and young’s people holistic development is supported * Practitioners work together in a team- with the common aim of providing the best possible service for children and young people * Transitions (such as settling into a new setting) are managed sensitively * Parents and carers know that they can trust ;practitioners, as information is regularly shared and any concerns addressed within an environment that encourages open communication Conclusion

I believe that throughout my report I have identified the importance of communicating in the work setting and the different reasons why people communicate and also how communication can affect the relationships in the work setting. I intend to demonstrate my understanding through the work place assessments of learning outcomes 2, 3 and 4. I feel that my report reflects my understanding of the vital nature of communication in the workplace as without it the workplace would fall apart and it is our duty to act as responsible role models to the children through effective communication. Bibliography 1. Children and Young People’s Workforce- Hodder Education, 2011 2. www. google. co. uk ——————————————– [ 2 ]. Hodder Education 2011 ‘Children and Young People’s Workforce’ – pages 2-3


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