Communication main goal is to reach out

April 17, 2019 Communication

Communication is important because no matter how we are communicating, whether its taking, signing (sign language), or writing our main goal is to reach out to people and talk. We all start as strangers and as we communicate more, we find ourselves not being strangers anymore. It is important that we are able to communicate with other people and be able to express what we want being said and what we feel. One way that many people are familiar with this is by writing, many people write so they can get what they want being said to be known everywhere so they write in books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other places to spread what they want the readers to convey. Being able to read and write these writings is something most take advantage because there was once a time where not everyone knew how to read or write and you were very fortunate to be able to have these qualities because not had the opportunity to go to school to learn Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X are examples of not having all the opportunities that everyone else had because of how they were born and using it to spread what they needed to be helped in demolishing slavery. When both Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X learn about the abolishment of slavery and how they were supposed to be free, they both take interest in reading more about it.
When Frederick and Malcolm learn about there being books on the abolishment of slavery they take interest very quickly because it involves them. Frederick and Malcolm have in common the motivation of learning to read and write once they find out that there are people who talk about these kind of topics. They get more sense of hope that they could also be in on the subject. Malcolm was so interested and wanted to learn more on black history, he would “hunt in the library for books that would inform him on details about black history.” His motivation for learning about the topic was so intense that when he was in prison and the lights went out, he would go on the ground to read where it glowed so that he could keep reading. Just showing that after 10 o’clock he would stay up to read someone’s perspective on their history showed his dedication to wanting to pick up on the history and how he would also be able to write or address and speak of the topic. Which later actually came to be because he was an activist of human rights. Frederick was much like Malcolm in the sense that he was like motivated as well by the word abolitionist whenever read or spoken about, it made him interested in the conversation. But his interest was to stay quiet at first because he still “feared the whites might be treacherous.”


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