Communications Journal Entry 1- Organizational Communication Information Flow

August 30, 2018 Communication

Information flows in numerous ways through many different paths in a hospital. One unique thing compared to the other organizations is that there is a requirement that restricts the flow of information; there are other ways that allows one to maximize the information in other ways. When working in a hospital there are challenges that appear when it comes to legal, medical and Organization requirements. When it comes to the participants of communication there are many different challenges that happen.

When it comes to a big organization the information that gets sent has to go through many channels. It depends on the priority of the message and how it can be moved through emails by the supervisors or if it is an emergency it then has to follow through the hospitals Public address system. Both systems work perfectly well and are effective for passing along the message through formal communication but it limited, it is needed to protect the sensitive information. When working in a medical organization like a hospital we need to make sure that a patient’s information is not released.

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The information is only to be released to those who are working and caring for that patient. According to Hynes, 2011, the requirements of HIPPA cause barriers to smooth conversations that must be worked on constantly. Communications between two different parties can be handled in a wide range of ways. When one individual is trying to contact another individual the best two ways to contact them is one by a phone call; This eliminating the other individual searching around to find the other person.

Another way is by email; email is easier for both parties because it can be said without all the noise and saves time for looking to speak with the other individual. Both these ways you are able to eliminate the confusion amongst the information because noise can be a factor. Another way is to set up a meeting with the person. If there is some way setting up a training class or private meeting will help teach new techniques or procedures that are needed to be enforced it is easier to break down into small groups to do so. The internal behavior is to observe, listen, and keep up the organizations essentials.

The managers are consistently giving out the updated information to the different teams to help them do their work faster and be more efficient. There are many different groups or different departments within my organization, in the hospital there are different areas, radiology, labor and delivery, ER excreta. When something has important information as long as it does not have patient information we are able to email and send it out company wide, If it only deals with one area then the Managers will hand out the information or call to pass the message along if it is urgent.

When it deals with the organization it usually goes to the CEO, then to the administration team, then directors, then the Managers, then the supervisors, then to the clerical and technical staff. When it goes back up it starts from the bottom and travels back up the chain of command. It usually goes faster than it sounds but It gets sent our urgently and it goes pretty quickly across the organization. The communication when it comes to the Y Hierarchy or managerial communications does reflect on the organizations communication hierarchy.

The organization I work for realizes that acknowledgement for the individual will enhance motivation, making the eye contact, being able to smile, wave and nod influences the individual. Many people wish to be acknowledge, they do not want to feel as if they are not noticed or that their work goes unnoticed. Recognition is one more step up from acknowledgement, this step is basically to make a small talk conversation. Recognition is stereotyped stocked phrases.

Noticing the individuals work such as the reports they prepped for the patient, or in my organization it would be the RIE reports we do to make a quick improvement and collecting the information, having someone recognized the work is what one would like. Having conversations helps build a relationship from one person to another, when it comes from management it helps open the door way for the team to come talk out a stressful situation and learn to help come up with a solution, being able to share fears or imperfections help the interaction between management and the team plus the team to team experiences.

In my organization this is motivated so that we can interact well together. The organization does realize that the information is important but the other half of that would be the empathy, that is super important for working in an organization that works with patients let alone their employees who are human beings as well. Being able to reason, understand, emphasize and relay information is very important. When it comes to the management communication in the organization they use E-mail, staff meetings, and company reports.

When the organization management team tries to communicate with the team regarding something that affects employees jobs they will send an email with an update, they usually don’t read through the information and break it down more for the employees but they are on top of emailing out the information to the employees. The management team does use staff meetings once a month for communicating updates and information amongst the organization.

These meetings tell you the organizations goals, status, updates in the department and communicates the skills that are needs to be enhanced. The company reports are also given out by the managers in a weekly status. Giving the break down in the company reports and how we can improve in the areas we are not exceeding in and they are given out to the employees. The there can be barriers that are in the departments communication system. One would be the knowledge of the information that is passed down.

When management is giving out the information I do believe that they should know what they are talking about and understand it before they talk to the employees. Another barrier is that the management does not know how to send the emails out to just those that it affects. They don’t understand how to use the telecommunication assistance, the Skype, telephone conferences, are also something that they struggle with when it comes to communication barriers.


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