Communism And The Red Scare History Essay

September 24, 2017 History

Communism is one of the worst things that may perchance go on to a state. It can be defined as a political theory prefering Bolshevism in a classless society. Nothing is worse than populating without any freedom. A battle for power between the United States and the Soviet Union had begun. Although the Soviet Union had helped the United States during World War II, they both had different thoughts when it came to economic sciences and political relations. With each holding a different type of authorities, the Soviets tried to spread out communism throughout Europe while the United States used its containment policy in hopes of maintaining democracy being in Europe. If the United States did non seek to forestall the spread, the universe as we know it would be really different. The United States non merely tried to protect them self, but tried to protect the remainder of the universe every bit good. The United States prevented the spread of communism during the Cold War through the containment policy were successful partly due to the Truman Doctrine, Berlin Airlift, and the Marshall Plan. The intent of the Truman Doctrine was to back up Greece and Turkey against the Soviet Communists and their end of spread outing communism. The Berlin Airlift occurred in order to salvage the metropolis of Berlin, which was controlled by the English, Americans, and Gallic, but was surrounded by Communists. The Marshall Plan prevented the Soviet Union from by suppressing and reshaping Europe. The common program of action by the United States had been giving assistance to states in demand of it, and none of them should be criticized.

On March 12, 1947, United States President Harry S. Truman declared he would assist aide the states of Greece and Turkey in order to assist forestall the spread of the feared communist authorities. Greece had been locked in a civil war with the Grecian National Army and Democratic Army of Greece, which was the military subdivision of the Communist party ( Absolute uranology ) . Each side had its Alliess, but the Grecian authorities was able to defy a coup d’etat with the aid from the United States. Turkey had been taking uninterrupted force per unit area from the Soviet Union as they continued their conquering to spread out communism. There was non much else the United States could make besides to seek and make everything in their power to back up those states.

With Greece and Turkey under heavy force per unit area by different beginnings for a authorities alteration to communism, the United States tried to incorporate communism by imparting money to both of the two states. The sum of money Lent out totaled a solid four hundred million dollars. The Civil War that was traveling on in Greece was by far excessively much for the Grecian authorities manage entirely. This lead for Truman to take action and direct economic and military assistance to the state in order to forestall Communist from taking over the authorities ( School ) . As for Turkey, the state was confronting heavy force per unit area from the Soviet Union as they looked to spread out into the Mediterranean country ( School ) . Actions like this should non be judged by how much money the United States lost, but by how much it helped to halt the unwanted growing of communism.

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On June 24, 1948, the Soviets decided to obstruct Berlin from transit in signifiers such as route or rail. This occurred after the United States, France, and Britain had decided to unify their portion of Germany. As Berlin was blocked off from the remainder of Germany, the metropolis had become without any resources ( School ) . The Allies came to back up the metropolis with assorted supplies as the Berlin Airlift began on June 26 of the same twelvemonth ( Littell 607 ) . On May 12, 1949, after neglecting to set the metropolis of Berlin through a unsmooth battle, the Soviets lifted the encirclement to let land transit one time once more. Although the encirclement had been lifted, the airlift continued months after until September 30 ( School ) .

With the Soviets seeking to spread out communism throughout Europe, the Allies prevented the metropolis of Berlin to be taken over by the Soviets. Almost three million dozenss of supplies were sent by air to Berlin over the class of 11 months before the encirclement was of all time lifted. It was clear that the Soviets were non traveling to acquire what they had wanted. They had failed to coerce the Western Allied powers to abandon their post-World War II legal powers in West Berlin. Berlin became a symbol of the Allies ‘ willingness to oppose farther Soviet enlargement in Europe ( School ) . Without the airlift, who knows how much of Europe would hold a communist authorities installed.

Much of Europe had been devastated by World War II and the United States feared that the poorness, unemployment, and disruption would lure electors towards the Communist party. On June 5, 1947, Secretary of State, George C. Marshall, revealed his thought of a European self-help plan for 17 different states that would be funded by the United States ( School ) . This would so go the European Recovery Program better known as the Marshall Plan. President Truman signed the plan into jurisprudence on April 3, 1948. Over four old ages, more than 13 billion dollars was given as economic assistance ( Littell 606 ) . The Marshall Plan successfully kept communist leaders out of European authorities which was a premier illustration of containment.

With the people of Europe left with small hope, it was difficult for them to believe anything would acquire better without alteration to their authorities, as feared by the United States. To help with the reconstructing procedure of many devastated states, money was given to reconstruct industrial and agricultural production, set up fiscal stableness, and expand trade. Some of the counties given assistance included the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Belgium, and Italy among others ( School ) . The program was the chief subscriber to the rapid reclamation of the western European chemical, technology, and steel industries.

As the war ended, so did the spread of communism. The United States successfully carried out their purposes of maintaining communism off from other states with the AIDSs of the Truman Doctrine, Berlin Airlift, and the Marshall Plan. The Truman Doctrine provided assistance to states that were being threatened by Communist. The Berlin Airlift showed universe broad support to all free states. Last, the Marshall Plan successfully kept communist leaders from change overing the other states to Communists.


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