A small and medium enterprise (SME)

June 16, 2019 Marketing

Company, a small and medium enterprise (SME) operating in marketing and event management in Viet Nam. The case company was the place where my first job placement took place. Before the implementation of the thesis the company has never had an active plan in marketing plan and branding. In addition, the website has not been working well and need an update or renewal.

The purpose of the thesis was to build up a concrete marketing and branding plan, which included a new website and social media advertising for Glow Limited Company. The upgrade marketing channels were intended to be integrated with the branding strategy to get the company a ready-made content marketing plan, which objective is to strengthen the company presence in the market.

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The theoretical framework discusses marketing, content marketing social media marketing channels and branding strategy. The material for the theoretical framework was collected from literature, public books and Internet articles. Moreover, data achieved from interviews of the company were analyzed as research material.

This thesis is a study into marketing and more specifically into marketing planning. Two separate marketing analysis models, SWOT and PEST are presented in order to increase the company’s visibility and modernize its marketing activities.

Data were shared by the company and the thesis will be evaluated by the company management in order to address current marketing problems. This material is attached


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