Comparative Analysis of Art Essay

Throughout history art has served as a saving and representation of the clip in which they were made. During the Ancient Greek period art was non merely mare realistic and humanistic but besides became straight affected by the events traveling about. Both the Marble Statue of an Old Woman and the Marble Statue of Aphrodite are sculptures that were made during the Ancient Greek epoch. they each tell a narrative of what was traveling on during that point in clip.

The Marble Statue of Aphrodite is the eldest of the two sculptures. it was sculpted between the 2nd and 3rd century B. C. During this period Greece was at its extremum. the people of Greece had power and wealth. The art made at this clip depicted the peace of the Greeks and power that they had attained. The Greeks believed that this illustriousness was due to the Gods and goddesses. as they were polytheistic ; maintaining the Gods and goddesses happy meant good things for the Greeks. Many of the edifices that were built were built as offerings to demo their beliefs and to expose what mattered most to the people of Greece.

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The marble Statue of Aphrodite is one of these graphicss dedicated to the goddesses. Aphrodite was believed to be the goddess of love. lecherousness and gender she was besides a symbol of strength ; she gave the work forces of the military hope and optimism when traveling into conflict. As Aphrodite was the goddess of love and lust her statues and sculptures were about ever nude or partly bare. As in this marble sculpture where Aphrodite is pictured to the full bare. her face expressionless which is a cardinal property to the events traveling in Greece at the clip.

About all sculptures during this clip were expressionless as a symbol that Greece had no major concerns. there was no hurting or agony amongst the people and there was a general sense of peace and stableness. She is in a contro- postal airs. her pess shifted and most of her weight distributed into one leg. Her weaponries are now losing as they have fallen off due to the fact that the sculpture is over 3000 old ages old and aging has worn out the stuff. Another ground why the weaponries have fallen off is because. unlike the major societies before them. Greeks believed in humanistic art.

Societies before the Greeks. such as the Egyptians. used to maintain the stuff between what would be infinites between weaponries and organic structure and the legs. This signifier of art was non humanistic non realistic plenty for the Greeks so most of their graphics follows the ideals of humanitarianism. Artists would interrupt off the excess stuff that would stay after the statue was to the full sculpted. To foster the realistic expression of the Aphrodite sculpture the creative person. who is unknown at this clip. detailed the curves of her organic structure. You can see the lines of her tummy and chests which are simple and unsophisticated and make an image that looks like a existent adult female.

Greeks continued with the thoughts of humanitarianism and pragmatism even as their society aged and changed. Like many great societies before them Greeks hit a climactic point in their epoch that had people uneasy and artist germinating off from the artistic norms that had been practiced for old ages ; this new epoch was known as the Hellenistic Period. The Sculpture of an Old Woman is an illustration of this extremist alteration in art ; still loyal to the thought of humanitarianism this sculpture is non of a goddess or soldier. as many humanistic disciplines were based on before. it was of a normal norm. mundane elder adult female who could hold merely been walking down the street.

Not merely did the creative person roll off from the norms of capable affair but they besides stepped off from the expressionless simplistic art that had been around for centuries. The old adult female sculpted was non in the traditional contro-postal airs alternatively she is hovered about as if she is being weighed down by something or possibly merely the sad truth of aging when your organic structure is no longer every bit strong as it one time was. Her face. which is non about wholly fallen off from the statue. may hold been in some kind of realistic look. as opposed to the Aphrodite sculpture.

I can conceive of her face being in hurting or possibly sadness ; I came to that decision based on the organic structure linguistic communication of the art. She is hovered labored from a life-time of work and deteriorating from marks of age. likewise to Greece at the clip. Like many of its clip the sculpture can be seen as a metaphor for what the Greeks were traveling through during the Hellenistic period. No thirster was the imperium in control and in power alternatively Greece was now falling due to the Roman Empire.

The people and metropoliss within Greece were now in pandemonium because the excessive life style they had grown accustomed to was being torn off more and more as each twenty-four hours passed. Both pieces of art were originally sculpted during the Grecian period but the images that now remain were really sculpted during the Roman epoch. doing both pieces remakings of original pieces. Similarly. both pieces were besides made out of marble. as it is a resource that is of great measure in that country of Europe.

They are besides lifelike statues non overbearingly tall nor highly short each does fall upon about 5 pess or so. Although both pieces are non every bit dedications to higher existences the Sculpture of the Old Woman has artefacts sculpted within it that can be attributed to the thought that the old adult female is doing offerings to a higher being in order to assist her through hard times. It is most interesting to see how the current events of 1s life-times can impact the art that is made.

Most people believe that the lone manner to state these narratives is through books and other signifiers of authorship. Personally it is more astonishing to see how originative an artistic can acquire to convey a message from a ocular facet instead than clearly composing what the art was based on. Looking at both sculptures side to side I could non assist but to experience for the people populating during these times. traveling from a peaceable and thriving power to holding everything torn off and holding to populate through the pandemonium.



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