Comparative Analysis Of Ibsen And Strinfberfg English Literature Essay

September 12, 2017 English Literature

Society is an of import facet which attributes to the public presentation of characters and how they develop through out the drama. Therefore the societal category to which the character belongs is reflected by the manner in which a character performs on phase. In the dramas Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie society plays a large function. The intent of this essay is to foreground the influence of societal life on characters. Social life brings itself out in assorted ways such as societal strata, societal upbringing, features such as ego control, other general features and the emphasis factor caused by their high societal position.

On the other manus, Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler is a really ascendant lady and unlike Miss Julie she wants to determine a adult male ‘s fate. Since Hedda was a general ‘s girl her willingness to hold authorization might be unconditioned. Bing a general ‘s girl one more trait that she had was one of non allowing anyone else regulation over her which is revealed by Hedda when she tells Brack, “ I ‘m heartily grateful you ‘ve no clasp or power over me-and I hope you ne’er will. ” Hedda makes several such mentions against the authorization with anyone else apart from her. This helps to convey out the discontent she has when person tries to exert control over her. The fact that she can non populate when person tries to command her as she commits self-destruction in the terminal when justice Brack tries to exert control over her. After Hedda marries Jorgen she lives a life of ennui. Since Hedda is no longer a portion of the upper category she tries to interrupt the humdrum in her life and indulges in unprompted activities like Miss Julie. She plays with her handguns to interrupt the ennui in her life and labels her act as “ A Game ” . This goes to demo how hard it was for Hedda to last in the category after she had married Tesman. This shows that the alteration from one societal category to another affects the mental stableness of a character.

Strindberg describes Miss Julie as mentally weak, a glowering illustration of which is that she wanted to rule her male parent ‘s gentleman. Miss Julie inherited the primitive and intense passion of her female parent and neurotic blue inclinations of her male parent. She at times appears to be a entire doormat and Strindberg puts this down to her being a adult female. She even begs Jean to suppress her and herself to be wholly dominated by him. Julie is described as weak grovelling and desires to be wholly dominated by the adult male ( “ Help me. Give me orders ; I ‘ll obey like a Canis familiaris. On last service: Salvage my name my honor. ” ) Julie and Jean both tell each other a dream they have. Julie dreams that she is on top of a high pillar, but she ca n’t acquire down even though she longs to be on the land and says that if she did make the land she would desire to drop lower still. On the other manus Jean says that he is lying under a tree, but he wants to be aloft, but the lone job is that the first subdivision is excessively high but says “ If I can merely make it, I could clamber up the remainder like a ladder. ” Their dreams correspond as he wants to rule and Julie wants to be dominated.

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On the other manus Ibsen portrays Hedda as a miss who has been brought up in an ambiance of rigorous subject and skill symbolic of a military mystique. This is what gave Hedda the foundation of her violent and romantic life. Hedda is portrayed as a cold and clannish character who wants to fulfill her rational aspirations, but when she fails to make so she turns destructive.

Hedda Gabler besides breaks the convention of her societal category and marries Jorgen Tesman who is inferior to her socially, merely as Miss Julie broke the convention of her societal category by holding an illicit relationship with Jean ( a retainer ) , Hedda Gabler maintains her position and controls her life and is superior to her hubby Jorgen, unlike Miss Julie who surrenders herself to Jean. We can see that the adult females in both the dramas are similar in responding to being dominated by person lower than them in societal category. On being dominated by a socially inferior individual they both take the determination to stop their lives.

Though Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie wholly different people, there is one thing common to both of them, suicide. In Hedda Gabler, the supporter Hedda, on gaining that Brack had gained power over her, found this idea intolerable and gave a clear indicant that “ [ she ] wo n’t hold it ” and decides to perpetrate suicide. , Since Hedda ca n’t populate under the controls of others due to her ascendant nature, plays a melody on the piano before taking one her male parent ‘s handguns and shoots herself. The chief difference in Hedda is that she ne’er allowed herself to be dominated by a adult male and maintains that till the terminal and that she an equal to adult male.

On the contrary, Miss Julie besides wants to salvage her honor but lacks the power of determination devising. She is made to recognize that she is inferior to Jean. By the terminal of the drama, Julie gets dominated sexually hence mentally to a point that she really pleads with Jean. She needs Jean to order her to kill herself and even goes so far as to thank Jean for giving her the permission to kill herself which is apparent when she says, “ Help me. Give me orders. I ‘ll obey like a Canis familiaris. One last service: salvage my name, my honor. ”

Although both Ibsen ‘s Hedda Gabler and Strindberg ‘s Miss Julie ended with the self-destruction of the taking character, the fortunes under which the self-destructions take topographic point were different from one another, and peculiarly in instance of Miss Julie. Julie ended her life after a deep longing to be dominated by Jean and in the terminal displays her lower status by imploring Jean to give her the permission to kill herself and commits suicide. In contrast to this Hedda Gabler maintains her self-respect and position to the really terminal. She can non bear the idea of being dominated by others.

Society and civilization play a major function in development of the secret plan and thereby lead characters to execute certain actions. Thus is can be said that society drives characters to their terminal and therefore we can state that society plays a major function in constructing the flood tide in both the dramas.


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