Comparative Commentary On Two Speeches Of Jfk English Language Essay

September 6, 2017 English Language

Throughout this comparative commentary I will compare and analyse two good known addresss of President John F. Kennedy in footings of content and intent, audience, tone, stylistic devices, point of position, sentence structure and imagination. The two addresss I am traveling to compare with each other are the ‘Inaugural Address ‘ [ text A ] , which was delivered 20 January 1961 and the ‘Ich bin ein Berliner ‘ address [ text B ] , which was delivered 26 June 1963 in West Berlin. While both addresss concern themselves with autonomy and peace, one is aimed at the autonomy and peace of citizens of the United States and besides at citizens of the universe, whereas the other is aimed at the autonomy and peace of citizens of Germany in peculiar.

The subject in both addresss is expressed ; both addresss evidently deal with peace and autonomy. The chief intent of the ‘Inaugural Address ‘ was to animate the American citizens by arousing idealism and a sense of security. Particularly the sentence ‘Ask non what your state can make for you ; inquire what you can make for your state. ‘ was inspirational to many. The intent of the ‘Ich bin ein Berliner ‘ address on the other manus was to guarantee the universe that the United States was keeping its committedness to ( West ) Berlin and to explicate that Communism was non the moving ridge of the hereafter. Despite Kennedy sometimes gives some facts, both pieces are claiming to be subjective and inventive.

Both and text A and text B are both and written and narrated by President Kennedy himself. Actually Kennedy has had some aid of his German translator with interpreting the now most ill-famed sentence of his address ‘Ich bin ein Berliner ‘ [ I am a citizen of Berlin ] , but he admits this in his address by stating ‘I appreciate my translator interpreting my German. ‘ The relationship to reader in text Angstrom is more of a confidant relationship that Kennedy wants to make. The ground for this is that he wants to stir the readers emotion by making a bond between all citizen of the United States. By utilizing a batch of ‘we ‘ and ‘us ‘ in his address he creates this consequence. This besides made the audience, his fellow citizens of America, experience loyal and positive. For illustration when he uses ‘our forbears ‘ and ‘our ancient heritage ‘ in text A. On the other manus, the relationship to the reader in text B is a more distant relationship. Text A has, merely like text A, a first individual point-of-view. But the difference is that in this instance it creates some distance, alternatively of coherence. Although Kennedy obliviously gives his sentiment on certain affairs, Kennedy is by and large a trusty storyteller in both pieces.

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The tones of both addresss are non similar to each other. The tone of text A is exhortatory and or inspirational every bit good as pious. He uses for illustration ‘Almighty God ‘ and ‘aˆ¦the bid of Isaiahaˆ¦ ‘ In text B the tone is more hopeful and fervent, particularly when he repeats the sentence ‘Let them come to Berlin. ‘

The enunciation of both piece do non differ a batch. In both of his addresss he uses semiformal vocabulary and give voicing. Although both texts are instead easy to understand, text B is a small easier to grok. This may be done on intent because the audience consisted of Germans, unlike his audience of his inaugural address which consisted of Americans. Furthermore he does non utilize a batch of adjectives, inactive verbs and superlatives in both pieces. Something that is singular in text A is that he did non set up himself as the president of America ; but as an citizen of the United States who was ‘born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a difficult bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage. ‘ Kennedy ‘s repeat in utilizing certain enunciation further strengthens his purpose.A For illustration, the repeating word ‘pledge ‘ [ text A ] is used in topographic points in every promising context And ‘Let them come to Berlin ‘ [ text B ] is used to weaken an statement about West Germany and capitalist economy.

Kennedy has merely used metaphors in his inaugural address. He uses for illustration ‘those who unwisely sought power by siting the dorsum of the tiger ended up indoors. ‘ to do clear that the Communist states are really unsafe. It is striking that Kennedy has non used any metaphors and similes in his ‘Ich bin ein Berliner ‘ address. Imagination can be utile in pieces that are persuasive to appeal to the audience, by explicating images in their heads. Therefore a ground why Kennedy has non used any metaphors or similes is because it otherwise would go manner excessively difficult to grok for the audience.

Text a consist of long complicated compound sentences, while text B consists of instead shorter and easier sentences. An illustration of a sentence used in text A, which is long and complicated is the sentence ‘Now the cornet biddings us again-not as a call to beararms, though weaponries we need ; non as a call to conflict, though embattled we are-but a call to bear the load of a long dusk battle, twelvemonth in and twelvemonth out, “ rejoicing in hope, patient in trial ” -a battle against the common enemies of adult male: dictatorship, poorness, disease, and war itself. ‘ Kennedy did non utilize such sentences in his ‘Ich bin ein Berliner ‘ address because he took the audience into history. Otherwise it would be excessively difficult for them to understand.

Thankss to Kennedy ‘s heightened tone, really diverse sentence structure, happy enunciation, diverse vocabulary and imagine, both addresss today belong to one of the best addresss in history. This is besides due to the fact that Kennedy was good in composing addresss and in presenting addresss. I prefer text A more than text B because this address is absolutely balanced. With this I mean that one statement is absolutely balanced by another. A good illustration of this is ‘ … this State has ever been committed, and to which we are committed today at place and around the universe. ‘ The consequence of the address is strong, positive and besides emotional. I believe that the manner Kennedy uses fond words is merely astonishing.

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