Compare And Contrast Of Henry And Edwards Speeches Essay Sample

July 27, 2017 Communication

The primary purpose of Henry and Edward? s address is to show and convert their audience to follow their thoughts and beliefs. The purpose of the two addresss is different. but their intent is the same. to carry the audience to follow their ideals. By utilizing strong linguistic communication the speechmakers appeal to people? s emotions. The usage of repeat emphasizes every bit good as clarifies their point of position. Even though the aims of the addresss are different. the same methods have been applied to achieve their ends.

Even though the thought behind the address for both the speechmakers is different. both attempt to convert their audience to follow their peculiar sentiments and take certain actions. Religious resurgence is the chief intent of Jonathan Edward? s address. He wants to warn the fold that being church members will non automatically salvage them from traveling to hell. They have to see a personal minute where they feel the grace of God. He wishes to alter the behaviour of his audience toward God and demo them the right way to redemption. In contrast. Patrick Henry? s chief purpose was to convert the delegates for the demand of armed opposition. Henry and Edward make their addresss persuasive and inflammatory in order to do the audience think and do what they desire.

Both the authors? usage extremely charged linguistic communication to trip intense feelings such as fright and insecurity. Edwards? address provokes fright of snake pit to acquire people to believe in the Godhead spirit. Henry on the other manus. entreaties to the people by stating them that without armed resources they will be put under the British control. He tries to convey out the loyal feeling in all his audience. The speechmakers besides use really strong and provocative allusions to demo their audience the importance of taking their way. Henry warns the settlers non to be? betrayed with a buss. ? ( Henry. ) . He alludes to the apostle Judas who betrayed Jesus by snoging him. He tells the settlers non to be taken in by the friendly gestures of the British. as it might be a trap. He besides uses. ? . . vocals of the Siren. till she transforms us into animal. ? ( Henry. 263 ) . Here he alludes to Homer? s Odyssey. The Siren? s seductive vocal lured crewmans to her island and so as if by magic transformed them into animals. Henry compares the semblances of hope to these unsafe mythical animals. Edward uses. ? Who knows the power of God? s choler? ( Edward. 156 ) which is an allusion to Psalm 90:11. He entreaties to the fright of God? s choler.

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Edward and Henry use repeat to stress their points of position. By reiterating their thoughts and purpose they want to appeal to the feelings of love. fright and pride in their audience. They besides emphasize the rules. such as justness. frugalness and faith. With the repeats Edward wishes to frighten. torture and endanger his audience and about obligates them to take his way. He repeats? fires of wrath? ( Edward. 154 ) and? torture of snake pit? ( Edward. 153 ) . Henry explains the assorted stairss they had taken and how each had failed ( Henry. 264-266 ) in order to convert the settlers that armed opposition was imperative if they want to stay free. By repeatedly concentrating on a individual point both the orators demonstrate the urgency and demand to follow their thoughts and beliefs. Apart from lucidity. repeat by the speechmakers intensifies the consequence and impact of their addresss.

All leaders adopt the same methods to act upon the attitude and thought procedure of their followings. Similarly Edward? s discourse and Henry? s address are about wholly different things. yet they use similar devices to convey their message. Therefore. the ends could change but the means remain the same.


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