Compare and Contrast of Sonnet 116 and Othello Essay

July 28, 2017 General Studies

What is love? Mr. Shakespeare tries his best to undertake this subject in Sonnet 116. Stating that true love is non simply a physical attraction. because how one looks is something that goes off in clip. Love is everlasting. that it “bears it out even to the border of day of reckoning. ” ( Sonnet 116 Lit Book ) One can see that Shakespeare has sturdy roots in what he defines as “love” . but make his confident beliefs in what love is correspond to the love shown in his drama Othello? The love in Othello seems so superficial. but possibly there is more to it than what one sees while reading it.

In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. he portions with the reader what his beliefs in love are. Shakespeare starts by stating “Let me non to the matrimony of true minds/ Admit hindrances. ” What he means by this is that there should be nil that stops two true minded people from being together. No affair the obstruction. challenges. or failings. true love can suppress all complaints. He continues to state the true love can non be altered with the atrophy of expressions or build. by stating “Love is non love/ Which alters when it change finds. ”

Love does non alter. of all time! Even when a loved one is unpatriotic. one can non roll off from the bounds of that matrimony. it is everlasting. “It is a lighthouse/ That looks on storms and is ne’er shaken. ” He goes on to state that loves worth can non be calculated. but the tallness of 1s love can be felt.

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“Love’s non Time’s sap. though rose-colored lips and cheeks/ Within his flexing sickle’s compass come” . Shakspere goes deeper than usual with this line. he says that love is ageless. and can non be influenced by clip and infinite. but physical beauty is at the clemency of clip. and decease. Mentioning the reaping hook to the scythe of Death. and when decease comes. one’s beauty will be forgotten. but the love you shared. will be remembered everlastingly.

Shakespeare defines love something that lasts until the terminal of one’s yearss. non something that will alter over clip. Shakespeare is so confident in his definition of love he ends the verse form stating that if I am incorrect I take back everything I have of all time written. and no adult male has of all time been in love.

So does the love portrayed in Sonnet 116 comparison to the love shown in Othello? In Othello Othello is in “love” with and married to Desdemona. but the green-eyed monster placed in him by Iago overtakes him and kills her because he thought she was holding an matter with Cassio. So evidently killing the he “loves” over a rumored matter. does non reflect excessively kindly on the true fondnesss of Othello towards Desdemona.

Shakespeare said in Sonnet 116 that true love will stand through the midst and thin. it will excel uncertainties and give you the power to forgive and bury all wrongs your loved 1 has done. Possibly it was Othellos speedy pique that caused him to move so rashly killing his married woman. or possibly it was the changeless reminder of Iago of how he could free these jobs by merely acquiring rid of them.

Iago played a immense function in the decease of Desdemona. he is the whole ground that all of this came to go on. Iago plays the function green-eyed monster in Othello one can see this from the really get downing. Very early into the narrative Iago’s green-eyed monster of non acquiring selected for a publicity enrages him and causes him to detest Othello.


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