Compare And Contrast Sociology Essay Essay

Sociology is based on two models. viz. structure-agency and conflict-consensus. These models centre around three laminitiss of sociology. Emile Durkheim. Karl Marx and Max Weber. This essay will try to show which writer explains sociology within which model. The construction used for this essay will be a point-by-point construction. This essay will get down off with construction. travel on to bureau and so to conflict and in conclusion conclude with consensus.

Structure is the societal forms. which influence and may curtail the picks and chances of the person. Durkheim is a structuralist and explains construction through societal facts. Social facts are the constructions. values and norms. which surpass the person and may take to societal restraint. Durkheim believes that construction together with hierarchy is the most of import facet of keeping a civilised society. Similarly. Marx is besides a structuralist. However. he explains construction through dialectical philistinism. Through this. he believes that history is non driven by thoughts but instead by economic and category involvements.

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Therefore. construction is based on what the involvements of the most influential category ( in an economic context ) are. In contrast. Weber is non a structuralist and focal points on bureau more than construction ( this will be explained farther subsequently on ) . However he does explicate construction through bureaucratism and a rational-legal theoretical account. He defines bureaucratism as everyday undertakings that become jurisdictional countries and are ordered by regulations and ordinances. Therefore. construction can merely optimally function if bureaucratism follows the rigorous regulations and ordinances put in topographic point without any corruptness.

On the other manus. bureau is the ability of persons to do their ain determinations and act independently through free will. Durkheim does non believe that society is based on the person but more on the societal constructions around the person. He maintains that persons will come and travel from societal establishments. but establishments have a life over and above the person and hence construction plays a more influential function than bureau. Likewise. Marx besides believes that construction is more of import than bureau but besides emphasizes the fact that construction leads to the hurt of the bulk of persons. This means that the bulk of individuals’ involvements are non taken into consideration and are over powered by the function of construction.

On the contrary. Weber starts his statement with bureau and explains bureau through “verstehen” and the theory of societal action. Weber maintains that it is of import to understand why the person does a certain action ( “verstehen” ) and that there are three different types of societal action that make up a civilised society: Traditional action ( actions carried out due to tradition and because that’s they manner things have ever been done ) . affectional action ( actions carried out due to emotion to show personal feelings ) and rational action ( actions carried out utilizing ground to accomplish a certain end ) . Weber besides believes that legitimate authorization is based on bureau and the free pick of persons.

The struggle theory maintains that societal. stuff and economic inequality are the forces of societal alteration within a society. Durkheim is of the belief that struggle will non accomplish societal alteration. but instead consensus ( will be explained farther subsequently on ) . He stresses the fact that struggle will merely do upset and pandemonium within a society and a society will non be able to travel frontward if there is excessively much struggle. However. Marx emphasizes struggle over consensus and that inequality and category struggle furthers one side of society ( the middle class ) and non the other ( the labor ) due to the economic involvement of the upper category. Weber is in the center of Durkheim and Marx on both struggle and consensus. Weber is of the sentiment that struggle is due to inequality within a society and the fact that there are certain people in power by force ( are non chosen to be in power ) . which contributes even more to conflict.

In contrast to conflict. consensus maintains that societal and economic systems are just and sustain societal order in society. Durkheim believes that for there to be a normative footing for order within a society. at that place has to be moral and normative consensus. This means that everyone within a society needs to hold the same values. and when everyone has the same values they become norms for a society to populate and move by. Marx on the other manus. does non believe in consensus but instead in struggle.

He focuses on the fact that a society can merely come on if there is struggle. non shared values and norms. If there is no economic involvement within a society or category. a society will stay dead and non travel frontward. As stated before. Weber stands in the center of Durkheim and Marx on consensus and provinces that for there to be consensus within a society. legitimate authorization demands to be achieved through the consent of the people in a society. This means that all people should make up one’s mind together on who should be given authorization to make what. However he besides believes that for a society to come on frontward. struggle and consensus need to happen at the same time.

In decision. the three different writers all have really different but every bit of import point of views on society. Durkheim emphasizes construction over bureau and consensus over struggle. Marx besides focuses on construction over bureau but instead struggle over consensus. And Weber emphasiss bureau over construction and that struggle and consensus are every bit of import. Therefore Durkheim. Marx and Weber have many differences and similarities within the structure-agency and conflict-consensus models.



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