Compare And Contrast Two Successful Global Companies Commerce Essay

October 18, 2017 Commerce

In this paper we shall measure, comparison and contrast two successful planetary companies: UPS and UPS is the universe ‘s largest bundle bringing company and a taking planetary supplier of specialised transit and logistics services ( UPS, n.d. ) . It continues to diversify in its merchandise offering. UPS is the 3rd largest employer in the US and has been runing for the last 103 old ages. On the other manus, is one of the successful subsisters of the cyberspace roar in the late 90s. By 2008 Amazon had become a planetary trade name with other 76 million active clients ‘ histories and had earned itself the repute of offering Earth ‘s biggest choice of books.

Bing a company that was founded in 1995, it is non surprising that is still led by its airy laminitis Jeffrey Bezos. has a little direction nucleus that co-ordinates a virtual/boundary less organizational construction that has been necessitated by the nature of its concern. UPS on the other manus is run by a extremely centralised direction commission that is largely organized into maps. At the planetary degree we find concern units. Both organisations though are structurally organized to heighten efficiency along their supply ironss. Harmonizing to Lambert and Cooper ( 2000 ) :

One of the most important paradigm displacements of modern concern direction is that single concerns no longer vie as entirely independent entities, but instead as supply ironss ( p.65 ) .

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Further, in this emerging competitory environment, the ultimate success of the individual concern will depend on direction ‘s ability to incorporate the company ‘s intricate web of concern relationships ( Lambert & A ; Cooper, 2000 ) . The two companies differ here in that whereas UPS owns most of its supply concatenation operations as epitomized by its 400,000 employees, 600 plus aeroplanes, more than 90,000 bringing trucks and 72,000 retail mercantile establishments manages its supply concatenation through a web of partnerships with companies such as Toys R ‘ Us and Borders in the US, and Waterstones in the UK etc.

Indeed, as new engineerings provide chances to radically alter concern and industry economic sciences, the demand to border scheme and its executionaˆ¦has become progressively importantaˆ¦for executives and enterprisers who are seeking for chances to make and work game-changing inventions ( Applegate, 2008, p.21 ) .

Information Technology ( IT ) has been cardinal to both organisations though manifested otherwise in their schemes. For UPS, IT has been the possible alteration factor for the last decennary. By constructing up their IT web and database capacity through such inventions as ‘eLogistics ‘ and ‘UPS OnLine Tools ‘ the company was able to redefine its nucleus concern through what Varian ( 2003 ) refers to as new combinations of productive agencies.

The instance for is different because it is an e-business where IT is a cardinal constituent. Nevertheless, has been able to develop proprietary engineerings with the functionality and characteristics that simplify and better at that place client shopping experience. It is this that made the administration to thrive while other dot coms failed. has been able to accomplish consciousness, client trueness and repetition purchases, a signifier of client lock-in Harmonizing to Varian ( 2003 ) this tact by reduces scattering of willingness to pay, which is a signifier of monetary value favoritism and increases barriers to entry.

When we look at the consequence of Porter ‘s five forces to these two companies we are enabled to understand their strategic purposes better. In the instance of UPS we see a extremely competitory industry with strong trade names to vie against such as FedEx, DHL and US Postal Service. The few strong trade name names, high fixed costs, trade duties and international ordinances make entry into this industry hard therefore cut downing menace of new entrants. Buyer power is moderate in malice of the low shift costs for clients because separately they are excessively little to hold an impact. Menace of replacements is low sing that few rivals can fit UPS ‘s airfreight. The biggest menace for UPS comes in the signifier of strong provider power. This is manifested through labour jobs, fuel costs and capacity restraints for illustration UPS reported a fourth-quarter 2007 net loss of $ 2.58 billion chiefly due to a $ 6.1 billion pension-related charge.

For industry competition is besides high particularly with such rivals like eBay, Barnes & A ; Baronial and Wal-Mart, high menace of replacements from specialist e-commerce sites e.g. Apple iTunes shop for music downloads and low power of providers such as publishing houses who find competition with online companies so expensive and disputing that they prefer come ining into partnerships. Though the capital outgo required to come in into e-commerce is low has been able to cut down menace of new entrants through demand side benefits of graduated table, development of proprietary engineerings, trade name individuality and effectual and efficient distribution channels. Harmonizing to Porter ( 2008 ) :

Demand side benefits of scale arise in industries where a purchaser ‘s willingness to pay a company ‘s merchandise increases with the figure of other purchasers who besides patronize the company ( p.4 )

The future public presentation projections for UPS for at least the following five old ages should be high sing that the company has been able to successfully transform itself from one oriented towards going the prima bundle bringing company into an enablers of planetary e-commerce. In malice of this the company has besides successfully maintained its strong civilization that has made it hold a low rate of employee turnover throughout its history. The house ‘s committedness to continual development of game altering concern theoretical accounts e.g. renting its call centre capacity to a clients, back uping and pull offing full back-end systems for corporations like Nike etc, and its speedy embrace of new engineerings are bound to maintain UPS really competitory for the close hereafter. though is in a less predictable industry where riotous engineerings have the ability to alter the full industry overnight. Furthermore, e-commerce aspiring entrants armed with new capacity and hungry for market portion could easy rachet up up the investing required for to remain in concern ( Porter, 2008 ) which is non the instance for UPS ‘s industry. Customers in this industry are besides more fickle as their on-line experience evolves and could easy be drawn to replace offerings. However, we can non take away ‘s unrelentingly concentrate on client experience and client trueness which enabled them survive the dot-com bubble explosion. With the airy laminitis boulder clay at the helm we should anticipate to keep its competitory border.


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