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April 26, 2018 Teaching

The two characters were both aspired authors and were very passionate about their writing and even writing of others. Though they both wrote articles/ books and tried to get them published, only one author was successful in doing so, which was William Forrester. He became a famous writer all from one great novel he wrote in the 20th century. They novel just so happens to be one of the novels that Professor Crawford references in his class, just as Kamala begin attending the school.

From day one Professor Crawford saw Kamala, a black male from the Bronx, as an unfit student for the orgasm offered at the school. Professor Crawford automatically had a prejudice towards Kamala based on his background and the fact that he came from his old school with just a C average, which is just enough to get by and pass. He chose not to believe that Kamala could ever score so high on the academic test in which got the schools attention in the first place and Of course the fact that he’s such a great basketball player.

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Professor Crawford was just waiting for Kamala to mess up so that he would be right for dismissing Kamala intelligence, he found the chance when Kamala turned in a paper that actually started out from one of Williams old article that William allowed to practice writing from. Unfortunately, Professor Crawford knew nothing about William helping Kamala with his writing. Kamala had two English teachers it sounds like. William Forrester might has well have been considered another one of Jamb’s teachers because he ended up teaching him more than Crawford did.

William taught Kamala a thing or two that no other teacher would take the time to, that’s why he ended up being successful in his teaching. When Kamala went up to Williams apartment he had him writing on he typewriter, freely and showed him how he could express himself through his writing, especially when you have no other place to do so. William cared nothing about the facts of his background and didn’t choose to judge him because of it. He saw his strictly through his writing and even found himself a friend in Kamala.

Though we know that both of these characters are very smart when it comes to books and writing, they are both teachers to Kamala one thing that may not be so obvious to us is that each teacher should’ve been able to take something and learn something from Kamala. There are those rare occasions when the teacher becomes the student. For Crawford that moment was when William came to the writers competition and presented that letter in front of the whole room and Crawford was so impressed by what was said and that William was there until he found out that it actually written by Kamala.

It wasn’t until that day that he was proven wrong about Kamala, from that day forward he could no longer judge Kamala based off of where he came from and what his background was because that day it was proven that Kamala is smarter than that. When it comes to William, Kamala gave him his life back. He made him come outside for the ball game, which didn’t go so well so he tried again after hours just so he could come to the field.

Kamala showed William that he had nothing to be scared of and gave him the courage to go back home to visit all that he’s been missing all them year. He allowed him to enjoy his last days on earth so he didn’t leave with any regrets. The movie Finding Forrester showed a great example with Professor Crawford and William Forrester of how many people shared the same passions but don’t end up in the same place trying to work with their passion. Both of them wanted to be authors, Forrester made it as an author and Crawford didn’t so he ended up as a teacher.


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