Compare and contrast Marvel’s “to his coy mistress” and Dunne’s “the sun rising”

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In both to his coy mistress and the rising sun the male poets use Hyperboles to describe and compliment there lovers ” an age at least on every part” to study his lovers body in his coy mistress. Both poets are annoyed at tie passing in to his coy mistress without his lover and in the sun rising with his lover.

His coy mistress is a poem about persuasion. The poet is trying to tell his reluctant lover that they do not have all the time in the world so they must act on there love now. The title tells us that she is very shy and dose not want to sleep with him. So the poem is kind of a logical argument set out in 3 stages.

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The first of these parts explains what they would do if they if they had all the time in the world. He flatters her he talks of spending “a hundred years” to praise her eyes. He uses extremeness to explain his poison to her; he talks of her standing by the “Ganges” and him by the “Humber”. Marvel also uses hyperboles for flattery and to show how much he loves her ” my vegetable love will grow vaster than empires”.

In the second section the tonne changes there is a sense of urgency, He is trying to say that time is not of the essence ” times a winged chariot hurrying near” he explains that death is near and that they must live life to the full before they die. He uses black humour to strike it home ” the graves a fine and private place” but as he says, ” thy beauty shall no longer be found”

The third section brings the poem to the point after explaining, what they would do if they had all the time in the world what they would do if they had all the time in the world, to saying that they don’t, the poem moves on to say that they must make the most of there love now “now let us sport us” as he elegantly puts it. The time witch he personifies as an old annoying old man is totally in control of its self but marvel urges to seize control of time by making use of what they have.

The sun rising is about lovers and time like to his coy mistress but it has a different tonne more light slightly comic as it personifies the sun as “a busy old fool” who goes out of his way to annoy lovers. Witch the poet argues are not governed by the normal rules of normal time “love, all seasons alike, nor clime, nor hours, nor days, nor months, witch are the rags of time.” The poem is set In 3 stanzas witch each have a different tonne like “to his coy mistress” but that was about using time to persuade his lover to sleep with him and his annoyance at time passing with out her.

The first stanza is mocking the sun it is harsh but also humorous as he accuses the sun of been a dirty “saucy pedantic wretch” he tells the sun to annoy some one else and that lovers are not governed by normal rules of time.

The second stanza is calmer. The poet continues to mock the sun “I could eclipse them with a wink” but with more confidence, he seems less angry. In this second paragraph Donne includes compliments to his lover “if her eyes have not blinded me” he tells the sun that it is unimportant but the most important things “all in this bed lie” This paragraph is a transmission between the 1st and last paragraph.

The third stanza is much more about his lover and contains hyperboles about her “she is all states” and tells the sun that the sun is a lonely old man who is “art as happy as we” and tells it is old and should slow down “thine age asks ease”

This poem although not as obvious as “to his coy mistress” there seems to be an discreet air of perceptions, perhaps to make her lover stay in bed with him. He fills it with complements to his paramour including many hyperboles. The way that he mocks the sun is unimportant compared to his lover.

The poems are fairly similar in many ways they both are written by lovers to lovers. The poets use hyperboles to compliment there kept woman. They say that there lovers are the most important things in the world to them they use compliments to persuade there lovers to stay or get in bed with them.


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