Compare HTML, JavaScript, Pascal, SQL, Visual Basic, and winlogo

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All of the six languages I’m going to compare are HTML, JavaScript, Pascal, SQL, Visual Basic, and winlogo. All of these languages use the same concept of using a sequence of instructions. To achieve the set of goal the programmer starts off with a problem of what the programmes intend to do. The written programmes are known as source of codes and are translated into the object code.

Overall the program languages have been created at different time periods, which causes the difference between them. There are many errors in the programmes due to the development in different time periods which have enable them to progress from when they were first created to where they are now.

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Visual Basic has the most and best facilities out of all the programmes, which I have used. Visual Basic has a program editor, which is built in, and one of the features it has is that it completes the code by giving options. By completing the code it does it for you and it also gives you hints. Visual Basic includes colour coding and comments, which are highlighted in green to inform that there is an error. Comparing Visual Basic (VB) with Pascal VB is much better as in Pascal you will have to insert the code by yourself and there is hardly any help.

Pascal is the earliest programme designed, which does not include many features but is used a teaching language as it makes the user familiar with the format of programming, i.e. defining variables and integers etc. It is not very useful compared to Visual Basic as it is very hard to find the error in Pascal and it takes a very long time to just move around on the page.

Html is a web-oriented language and is the main language that is written to create website. HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language and is an application for marking up documents for inclusion in the World Wide Web. While there are now many formatting and formatting-like tags, there are also numerous tags that apply to text structures like headings, paragraphs and tables.

SQL is used to communicate with a database. SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database. It is very easy to use as there is only a select amount of things you can query, but is very basic and can be only used within Database.

Winlogo is a window computing programming language that has mainly been intended as a basic computing program language to help learners get into the exciting world of programming. It is easy for a new programmer to get started writing basic programs and should enjoy it. It is used for learning control purposes i.e. (FD, BK,). It is very basic and does not have any complex items, which may help further a programming career.

Overall I think Visual Basic is the best programming language to use as it is has all the features which are required while creating programs. It is all screen based so you can see what you are creating while you are designing it. With the features provided in the program you can design a high class program.


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