Compare of his most prized possessions. Proctor

February 8, 2019 General Studies

Compare and Contrast Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor
The character John Proctor is the main character in the play “The Crucible “.
John Proctor is an honorable and honest man . He is well respected by the community and represented by his name. His name could be considered one of his most prized possessions. Proctor doesn’t intend to hurt anyone in the play he’s a very strong willed and caring person.

Rebecca Nurse is the wife of Francis Nurse. She is well respected and known as a good citizen of Salem. She is admired in the town because she is kind and treats people fairly. In comparison,both John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are well respected in the community. They both found themselves as a victim to witchcraft accusations. Both Rebecca and John had similaity in honesty their responses was what showed their characters differences. Rebecca Nurse was not worried about the pressure by diverting from the truth, but John faced a big obstacle in telling his truth about the witchcraft. The townspeople thought of John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse characters of similar standing.
John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse show themselves as honest and god-fearing people. John Proctor’s strengths are being manly which adds to him being strongh and truthful individual. John Proctor being manly can be contrasted with the strengths of Rebecca Nurse in the sense of her being caring,truthful,and kind. Her characteristics are shown towards the end of the play where the pressure of telling the truth didn’t phase her even if it meant losing her life.
Rebecca Nurse tried to make herself better in everyday life while John Proctor did not. John had an affair with Abigail a younger age girl. This shows the difference in each character’s goodness. At the end of the play, both John and Rebecca refused to accept the witchcraft accusations. John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are both good honest and caring people of Salem,MF11 John’s affair deteriorated his image, along with Rebecca’s witchcraft accusations . These were good people who were destroyed by a terrible community.

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