Comparing and Contrasting Two Suburbs Essay

October 5, 2017 General Studies

Maroubra and Kogarah are suburbs of Sydney. Maroubra is a beach suburb of Sydney which is located 10 kilometers south E of the cardinal concern territory ( CBD ) . However. Kogarah is somewhat farther than Maroubra. The distance between Kogarah and the CBD is about 14km. On the other manus. Kogarah is a residential suburb. This study will compare and contrast the facets of people. lodging and services. The populations of these suburbs differ greatly. Harmonizing to official statistics. Maroubra has a larger population than Kogarah. Maroubra has about 26. 500 people. whereas Kogarah has approximately 10. 900 people. The bulk of the population in these suburbs is from 20 old ages old to 39 old ages old. 53 % of people in Maroubra were born in Australia while in Kogarah the population is merely 47 % .

Furthermore. Maroubra has about 4 % of people from UK and 3 % of people from Indonesia. However. there are 7 % of people from China and 4 % of people from Greece populating in Kogarah. There are many differences and similarities in the lodging of the two suburbs. Both of these suburbs have over 42 % of flats. The average flat monetary value in Maroubra is more expensive than in Kogarah. In add-on. the cost of holding a house in Maroubra is about $ 1. 050. 000. On the other manus. the average house monetary value in Kogarah is a batch cheaper than in Maroubra. Just passing approximately $ 650. 000 will have a house in Kogarah. Services in these suburbs have many disagreements.

First. there are the train station and coach paths in Kogarah while Maroubra has no train station. That’s the ground why over 55 % of people populating in Maroubra thrust to work by private conveyance whereas it is merely 45 % in Kogarah. Second. it is easy to happen shopping centres. little shops and java houses in Kogarah and Maroubra. Due to puting up the train station in Kogarah. most of shopping centres. little stores and coffeehouse were built near the train station alternatively of being on major roads like Maroubra. Besides. it takes about 3km from Maroubra to the major infirmary while the major infirmary was built in Kogarah.

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