Comparing classical republicanism and natural rights

December 9, 2017 Philosophy

Comparing classical republicanism and natural rights BY Sabina We the People Essay Rough Draft The government and society that we have in America today is not fully from our own creation. In fact, our founding fathers have integrated ideas from both classical republicans and natural rights philosophers to create the constitutional republic we have in our country. While our founders have found a way to combine the theories from both thinkers into one government, classical republicanism and natural rights philosophy are actually very different in thoughts and concepts.

But there are also ewe similarities such as both sides stress the need for education and preparation for citizenship. Classical republicanism and natural rights emphasize very different ideas. Natural rights philosophy focuses on individual importance. John Locke refers too natural rights as our givens we have when we are in a state of nature of no laws or rules, rights that come to us as a given as human beings.

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But people still have to have duties and moral behavior as a citizen, also known as a social contract. Classical republicanism stresses the importance of civic virtue, or helping out society or the benefit through the common good or what is best for the people as a whole. When coming to straight comparisons, they seem very opposite ideas but they both focus on what is best for a country whether that be individually or generally. Our founders believed that there were good points in government from both theorists.

They believed that by combining the idea of helping the society as a whole (classical republicanism) and protecting individual rights and working for people’s own self- interest (natural rights philosophy) , a new better idea of people who work for homeless that could benefit the common good overall is the best for America. Cicerone’s quote “For our country did not beget and educate us gratuitously, or without the expectation of receiving our support.

She does not afford us so many blessings for nothing, and supply us with a secure refuge for useless idleness and self- indulgence,” means that our government provides us with care and enough freedoms to our content, but not Just for free because in return we have to help the government and people benefit as a whole to keep our country running well. Our overspent provides us free education and shelter and health care but as citizens we must be loyal to our country and we have civic duties like paying taxes and obeying laws that is good for society overall.

Natural rights philosophy influence is exemplified in the Declaration of Independence when the document describes “unalienable rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness)” as the given rights that anyone in America has. This represents natural rights philosophy because the supporters believed that the system was based on self-interest and focusing on individuality. Classical republicans and natural rights philosophers both stressed the need for education and preparation for citizenship.

In classical republicanism, educating the citizens about morals and values is important because it will teach people to help society and get them fully involved in order to benefit the whole. For example today, we have volunteer groups now like Boy/Girl Scouts, and we see children being taught and raised well to grow up to be good citizens so they can improve society wellness. In natural rights, people believe everyone’s opportunities should be equal in order to eave a fair chance at achieving greatness so education is important and should be just, which is why we have free public education.

The schools prepare us for future employment and teach us to be good citizens so we can carry out our civic duties. Natural rights philosophy and classical republicanism ideas are almost completely different perceptions on government, but they do meet in the middle by both valuing education and preparation for citizenship. Our founding fathers were able to take ideas from both sides and create what we know today in America as a constitutional republic.


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