Comparing Conquas Versus Qms In Bridge Construction Construction Essay

September 30, 2017 Construction

The transit development of Malaysia is tending due to the heavy traffic job and congestion at the peak hr, particularly at chief metropoliss like Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Penang. The building of Bridgess and overpasss is expected to ease the traffic job. In the modern building industry, the precast segmental box girder span is favored among other engineerings for span building. The clip to build and quality of the span building is indispensable for precast concrete span, as a somewhat hold of the undertaking might impact the day-to-day lives of 1000000s people and 1000000s ringgit losingss. For this intent, I will wish to compare 2 choice appraisal systems in span building in this paper, which are CONQUAS and QMS.

Construction Quality Assessment system is besides known as CONQUAS which is developed by Building and Construction Authority ( BCA ) , major public sector bureaus and the assorted taking industry professional organic structures to mensurate the quality degree achieved in a completed project.. The intent of this system adopt is to give the contractors as a guidelines to command their end merchandise quality in building industry when transporting out choice appraisal of plants by relevant governments. The aim of implementing Construction Quality Assessment system in building industry is to mensurate and measure the quality of the craft of building plant has fulfill the demand of the CONQUAS which is implemented by governments to every building to upgrade the quality of building work ( BCA,2011 ) .

In another manus, the quality direction system ( QMS ) can be categorized to company-based and project-based. A QMS can impact the prosperity and the net income border of a building undertaking. The proper building procedure and quality of a individual undertaking can better the image of the building company and it is straight affect the building contract that the company can have in future. There are a batch of building companies in Malaysia have started to implement QMS to better the overall public presentation of the companies and besides efficiency of the employees ( Mat Naim, 2005 ) .

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Problem Statement

Most of the Bridgess in Malaysia are designed for vehicles to go through through, they are supposed to back up high traffic flow and keep their quality and intent. However, the hapless quality of span building in Malaysia causes the defects, impairment, and hurt of these Bridgess and lost its map. It caused the authorities to pass a batch of excess money to make the care for these Bridgess, which is non necessary in the first topographic point. The failure and prostration of these Bridgess might jeopardize the user and even affect in human lives lost every bit good. In the yesteryear, there are rather a Numberss of instances of Bridgess collapse in Malaysia. These incidents indicate that the quality of the Bridgess building is hapless. In this instance, the quality appraisal system can assist to bring forth a span that achieves the demand and maps with the guideline and standardisation. Therefore, it is needed and of import to look for a proper manner and quality appraisal system for span building.

Aim and Aims


To compare the advantages and disadvantages of implementing Construction quality appraisal system and quality direction system in span building.


To find the quality issue in building undertaking.

To find the grounds why contractors need to implement quality appraisal system in building.

To find the CONQUAS system used in Singapore.

To find the QMS system used in Malaysia.

To compare the differences of implementing CONQUAS and QMS in building.

To find the jobs encounter by QMS system.



QMS is a better system than CONQUAS in span building.

Scope of Study

This research paper is to analyze the quality appraisal system for span building ; the chief intent is to compare the efficiency and differences between the quality direction system ( QMS ) and Construction Quality Assessment System ( CONQUAS ) . The structural work for the span building is the chief focal point, as the precast concrete work is the major portion of the building work ; hence, a good system to accomplish the ideal quality of the concrete within the clip frame is important. To analyse the system, a instance survey of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah span building undertaking will be survey, so that a consequence with convincing and concrete grounds will be produce. In another manus, an interview with the supervisor of the building undertaking will be behavior and will be used as secondary information for this paper.

Apart from instance survey of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah span building undertaking, this paper will besides analyze on the execution of CONQUAS in Singapore, and besides the execution of QMS in Malaysia. The Malaysia building industry is more prefer to QMS for building undertaking, yet, the Singapore building industry is more favorite to CONQUAS. As the CONQUAS is extremely used and recommended in Singapore building industry and the environment and civilization of Singapore and Malaysia is similar, it is wise for us to compare the CONQUAS and QMS and find which the is better quality appraisal system for span building.

Research Methodology:

Research methodological analysis is defined as manner to obtain informations and information such as from book, article, diary, magazine and cyberspace. This method used to roll up informations to accomplish purpose and aim of research. Research survey should be transporting out to look into causes, consequence, method and effectivity of CONQUAS and QMS in span building.

Case Study

-A instance survey will be transporting out on Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah span building undertaking. The intent is to acquire the relevant information and information of related undertaking. As the information and information is prepared by the building company itself, who is the individual most familiar with the undertaking, the beginnings is consider really accurate and trusty. The chief aim of the survey is to find how effectual the quality appraisal system being applied in the span building undertaking. The information included the period of building, process, quality appraisal method and period for quality buttocks, is at that place any hold, quality of the precast concrete, the quality appraisal system which the undertaking squad implemented, conventional quality direction system will be compare with the building quality appraisal system ( CONQUAS ) . The information and information will be use as primary informations in this paper.

– Interview with building section director and staff after information and information of instance obtained. Through the interview session, the jobs and troubles that occurred during the building period can be identified. Besides that, the company staff can besides supply their past experience and cognition that relevant to quality appraisal system in span building and contribute to this paper excess information. Furthermore, through the interview session with the company, the company director can help to analyse the relevant information. It will be a really good experience to interview the expert who is experienced in the industry. These information and information that obtained from the interview will be use as secondary informations and contribute to this paper.

Literature reappraisal

In this thesis, the survey and hunt of related information is required and necessary to enable deeper apprehension of the subject on research, which is the literature reexamine portion in this thesis. The information and information will be used as secondary informations and direct contribute to this thesis. As the past thesis of related subject, mention books, diaries, articles consist of experiences and cognition of peoples that studied of related subject, it is really helpful and of import for the research of this thesis. The literature reappraisal will be focus on I. ) The quality issue in building undertaking, ii. ) The grounds for assorted parties to implement quality appraisal system in building undertaking, iii. ) The CONQUAS system used in Singapore and iv. ) The QMS system used in Malaysia.

Chapters Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research

Problem Statement stated supra, to cognize what the question of the research is.

Aim & A ; Objectives is stated clearly, to hold a clear way for the survey.

A instance survey shall be used as primary informations, and an interview shall be used as secondary informations.

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal

Quality issue on building undertaking

To find the grounds why contractors need to implement quality appraisal system in building.

To find the CONQUAS system used in Singapore.

To find the QMS system used in Malaysia.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Further survey of Research Methodology

Chapter 4: Datas Collection

Case survey of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah span building undertaking

Interview with undertaking director and supervisor

Comparison between QMS and CONQUAS

Chapter 5: Datas Analysis

Chapter 6: Decision


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