Comparing “Dolor” and “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” Essay

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Comparing “Dolor” and “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” Happiness in life is seen through the small things we do and the little materials we normally took for granted like the small flower flowering at the border of a busy route. the battercake that our female parent have fondly cooked. and the meagerly bluish sky in the forenoon. It is like a fire that keeps on firing with passion. Sadness. on the other manus. is the exact antonym. It is the feeling of devastation. of calamity. and hostility of life. rather like the cutting esthesis we feel when keeping a pure crystalline ice.

This is how we could depict the stiff contrast of the verse forms “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” and “Dolor. ” They are two distinguishable poetical pieces. outstanding in their ain agreement. which shows a blunt difference. Nancy Willard’s “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God. ” took congratulations upon the idea that while many people doubt the being of a God. a little hardware shop could be the simple reply to such a hard question. It has a light and gay temper that sets that audience’s atmosphere into 1 that reflects simple pleasances.

Even at the start of the verse form. with its line “I praise the brightness of cocks indicating east…” it emphasizes on how small things could intend felicity and contentment. Theodore Roethke’s “Dolor. ” on the other manus. signifies a province of loss and wretchedness. Reading the verse form. we will hold this feeling of anxiousness and solitariness that is seeking to hide us. The verse form. in general. tackles the humdrum of life and how as one copes with a everyday agenda. he begins to be trapped. or instead. caged in a topographic point where every spot of life is banished.

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“Dolor” made usage of the free poetry signifier. It is evident by its free forming lines. non confined by rhythmical forms or carefully numbered syllabification. Playing around the Numberss between 10 and 16. the syllables of every line varied. so demoing its construct thought with much autonomy. This is rather in contrast to “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” which. though non that perceptible. follows a slightly more defined signifier. Detecting the first stanza. we would visibly detect the smooth form of 11-10-11-10-10.

This is disturbed. nevertheless. by the undermentioned stanza. traveling out of the manner with its 13-12-11-9-10 syllable count. The 2nd stanza may hold seemed to govern out of the verse form. but the wining stanza retained a signifier near to its first. holding syllable counts of 11-8-11-9-12-11. including the last line. These difference in poetic manner used hold given a wider spread between the two verse forms. Both are seeking to convey a deep feeling within them yet they strike in really opposing manners.

The angst that “Dolor” communicates immensely differs from the hilarity that “A Hardware Store as Proof of Existence of God” portion. Reading between the lines. we would be able to grok better the more intimate thought that the two verse forms try to portion. “Dolor. ” written by Theodore Roethke. is glooming and describes a scene depicted to be a workplace or an establishment that demands a usage agenda ; therefore hammering an empty and boring life. However. if we would analyse deeper. we would understand that Roethke is seeking to leave the life he had spent in Halcyon Sanitarium after he had a mental dislocation.

On the other. Nancy Willard. a author whose fancy for kids have affected her authorship. wrote with a simplistic attack ; with field words that aims directly for the bosom. By making so. she have shared straight that God. through a hardware shop. hold given us the delectation of cognizing that every spot of unhappiness and losing things in our life could be repaired and patched. and that there would ever be a good hereafter in front of us. By and big. Willard’s “Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” and Roethke’s “Dolor” are two verse forms of huge contrast.

Every small item each verse form shows further back up how much they differ. But even though the two are stiffly contrasting. both have shown great passion and emotion from their several authors. Works Cited Willard. N. ( 1989 ) . Water Walker. NewYork: Knopf Windle. R. ( 1994 ) . The Poetry of Business Life: An Anthology. United States: Berrett Koehler Robson. W. W. ( 1984 ) . The Definition of Literature and Other Essaies: And Other Essays. New York: Cambridge University Press


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