Comparing The Marketing Strategies Marketing Essay

Fast nutrient is one of the universes largest fast turning industry types. Indias fast nutrient industry is turning by 40. The 6000crore fast nutrient retail industry is chiefly dominated by the transnational participants and the key participants which are active in the research of the nutrient retailing. Because of the handiness of natural stuff for fast nutrient, planetary ironss are deluging into the state. The per centum portion held by foodservice of entire consumer outgo on nutrient has increased from a really low base to stand at 2.6 % in 2001. Eating at place remains really much ingrained in Indian civilization and alterations in eating wonts are really slow traveling with barriers to eating out entrenched in certain sectors of Indian society. The growing in atomic households, peculiarly in urban India, exposure to planetary media and western culinary art and an increasing figure of adult females fall ining the work force have had an impact on eating out tendencies.

Major participants in fast nutrient industry are:


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Pizza hut

Domino ‘s pizza

Cafe java twenty-four hours



Papa John ‘s

Comparing The Marketing Strategies of Pizza Hut and Domino ‘s


Good clip start with great Pizza It entered India ( Delhi ) in June 1996

By Jan 2001 pizza hut had 19 mercantile establishment across India

Soon it has 142 mercantile establishments in 32 metropoliss in India

Pizza Hut is the universe ‘s largest pizza concatenation with over 12,500 eating houses across 91 states.

Using more than 300,000 people. Pizza Hut is one of the flagship trade names of Yum! Brands, Inc. , which besides has KFC, Taco Bell, A & A ; W and Long John Silver ‘s under its umbrella.


Hungry Kya?

It entered India ( Delhi ) in 1996 through a franchise understanding with Vam Bhartia Corp.

Speedy growing ( 1 mercantile establishment in 1996 & amp ; 101 mercantile establishments in Feb 2001 )

Emphasis on place bringing

Today Domino ‘s Pizza India has grown into a nationwide web of more than 300 shops with a squad of over 9,000 people. Harmonizing to the India Retail Report 2009, Domino ‘s were the largest Pizza concatenation in India & A ; the fastest turning transnational fast nutrient concatenation between 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 in footings of figure of shops.

Dominos believes strongly in the scheme of Think local and act regional.




Pizza hut has enjoyment as a basic merchandise but it provides nutrient for it. Thus a individual holding a basic demand of enjoyment can travel to pizza hut and have pizza which is the company ‘s nucleus merchandise. Hot pizza and good gustatory sensation are his outlook. Thus the company should guarantee this by supplying good pizza. The value adds services refer to the overall dining experience, the service Quality, atmosphere etc.


Dominos has a nutrient as a basic merchandise but overall it provides an experience. Thus a individual holding a basic demand of nutrient can travel to dominos and hold pizza which is the company ‘s nucleus merchandise. Hot pizza and good gustatory sensation are his outlook. Thus the company should guarantee this by supplying good pizza. The value adds services refer to the overall dining experience, the service quality, atmosphere etc.

Monetary value

Tricon International said, “ Indians are value-sensitive, non price-sensitive. We need to offer rejoinder value to our client. ” The high monetary value was attributed to the high quality of ingredients used.

For case, Dominos sourced its Pepperoni and Jalapeno needs from Australia and Spain severally. However, with competition increasing from Pizza Hut, Dominos introduced monetary value cuts, price reductions and freebees to pull the clients.



Monetary value Range ( Rs )



Pizza Hut


Dominos was passing 50 % of its entire selling budget on particular offers and price reductions along with delivered direct Mailers and pizza preparation categories.

Dominos besides had a tie-up with Discovery Channel under which the channel advertised its pizzas while Dominos put the channels name on its Mailers.

Dominos conducted Pizza doing categories for school pupils.

In1998, it offered a clock to all its clients who had bought Rs.15,000 worth of pizzas.

Topographic point

Once the merchandise has been decided upon and the market segmented, targeted and the merchandise positioned, it is clip to make up one’s mind how and where the seller can present the value ( merchandise ) to the client. This is done through selling channels that make the merchandise available for ingestion to the client.

Push and pull schemes in channel selling:

In a push scheme, the maker uses his gross revenues force, trade publicity, money or other agencies to bring on mediators to transport promote and sell its merchandises to stop users.

In a pull scheme, the maker uses advertisement, publicity and other signifiers of communicating to carry the client to demand the merchandise from mediators, therefore bring oning the mediators to order it.

Pizza hut: Masterss at pull scheme

Pizza hut follows more or less the opposite scheme. Pizza hut has mastered the art of pull scheme.

It pioneered the pattern of advertisement and publicity in the fast nutrient industry.

Pizza hut achieved this singular effort by following a different selling scheme that involved increasing atmospheres and amusement for the clients.

Domino ‘s: prosecuting a push scheme

Domino ‘s pursues a medium push scheme in its channel selling.

The advertisement layout for Domino ‘s is minimum in India.

Domino ‘s dressed ores on incentivizing clients alternatively off advertisement and publicity.

As a consequence, Domino ‘s regularly introduces sell-in strategies ( promotional strategies for traders ) , promotional voucher, festival offers etc.


Promotional and advertisement runs

The pizza bringing concern had traditionally been publicity driven. Coupons and price reductions were offered by all pizza bringing ironss to court clients. Since its origin, Domino ‘s had been known for its alone publicities that included fast bringing and inventions to provide to a varied pallet.

Use of engineering

Online gross revenues accounted for over 70 per centum of its entire gross revenues in 2008. Dominos planned to further work the increasing potency of the on-line medium as one of the promotional and distributional channels in the downswing.

Creative scheme

Latest in Domino ‘s

Kwality wall ‘s ice-creams in dominos- For the first clip dominos started offering ice picks. Selling ice pick in Domino ‘s is besides a new gross revenues publicity scheme to pull more client in a new perceptive/innovative manner.

Domino ‘s has besides come up with pasta passion.

Latest in pizza hut

Pizza Huts foremost run on telecasting in July 2001, which said, “ Good times start with great pizzas ” . The ad was aired during all the of import plans on Star Plus, Sony, Sony Max, Star Movies, HBO, AXN, and MTV.

The first ad run on Television defines Pizza Hut as a trade name, and what it offers to its bing and possible clients.

Gross saless publicity

Pizza Hut laid more accent on its “ restaurant dining experience ” .

Pizza Hut localizes it menu to capture local Indian Market.

In 2000 Pizza Hut launched its advanced Pizza Pooch bill of fare and Pizza Pooch Birthday Party bundle entirely for childs in the 6-10 age groups.

It positioned itself as household eating house and besides concentrated on courting childs.


Pizza Hut

Offering value nutrient

Aggressive selling and affiliations with local and popular trade names

Traveling beyond tubes

Developing the local supply concatenation

International trade name with an Indian bosom

Offering more than the international bill of fare

Good atmosphere

Domino ‘s

Door measure services

Low pricing


Dominoess and Pizza Hut are both ferocious rivals in the modern-day cultured pizza market.A Both have been viing on the same niche market that has same market demographic features and hence comparing between the two is based on a leveled land. Today, many people take their pizzas more earnestly to an extent that they would instead decease line uping for their favourite fast nutrient. For lovers of Pizza, it is either Dominos or Pizza Hut, and if non, none.A This is an look on the manner in which both companies have been able to craft a market niche for their merchandises. Comparing between the two, Pizza Hut remains favourite in due to its merchandise quality and pricing.



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