Comparison between piaget and bruner

Bruner suggest that acquisition occurs through find. Ausubel says it can happen through meaningful response acquisition. If we look at Ausubel ‘s point of position, find larning involves rote larning. Harmonizing to Ausubel, rote larning refers memorisation which means no existent connexion between what was already known and what was memorized ( Driscoll, 2005 ) . However, his meaningful response larning refers to the procedure of associating new information ( meaningful information ) and anterior cognition. So learner concepts his significances cognitively. While in Bruner ‘s find acquisition procedure, scholar rearrange given information, nexus with bing cognition and discover terminal merchandise, in Ausubel ‘s receptional acquisition, content of what will be learned is present as a whole and scholar has to internalise the information with an appropriate signifier for later usage ( Driscoll, 2005 ) . On the other manus, Bruner gives information about how direction should be organized. Ausubel besides suggest minor premise which is similar with Piaget ‘s Assimilation construct. Minor premise means seting any cognition into a larger, more comprehensive bing cognition class. In minor premise theory, Ausubel suggests that larning occurs when new information is linked to what hold already known. For Bruner, every cognition should be thought at every age, but it is of import that how the cognition is presented. There is a sequence of showing cognition from enactive representation, iconic representation to symbolic representation. Both of them give importance preparedness for larning. While Ausubel gives importance scholars ‘ developmental degree of cognitive construction in footings of bing cognition, Bruner focuses on non merely anterior cognition for find but besides manner of thought or representations ( enactive, iconic, symbolic ) . Besides both of them emphasis larning through associating to bing cognition and significance is anchored by associating to known constructs ( ITD, 2004 ) .

Instructional attacks

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As Ausubel ‘s instructional attack can be thought as expositive instruction, Bruner ‘s method is discovery acquisition.

Harmonizing to Ausubel the basic rule for appropriate instruction schemes is irrespective of who the scholar is. Like Bruner, Ausubel claims that instructional stuffs should be appropriate for the kid. However, while Ausubel takes into history prior cognition for rightness, Bruner gives importance kid ‘s dominant manner of thought ( enactive, iconic, symbolic ) as the footing for rightness. Harmonizing to Bruner, to make up one’s mind which representation is appropriate for scholar when forming direction, cognizing something about scholar ‘s anterior cognition is indispensable. ( Driscoll, 2005 ) . So, triping scholar ‘s anterior cognition is besides of import both of them to do connexion new incoming information.

While Bruner emphasized inductive larning whish refers doing general regulation from specific illustrations to general acquisition from experience ( experiential acquisition ) , Ausubel focuses on deductive acquisition which means holding a general regulation and using it to specific. Ausubel suggests utilizing analogies, inquiries or illustrations about day-to-day life as progress organisers at the beginning of lesson. His progress organiser concepts refers to information that is presented before larning procedure for forming and construing new information by the scholar. Harmonizing to Ausubel ‘s point of position, in add-on to analogies, construct maps or Vee diagrams can be appropriate instructional tools to do larning meaningful by associating constructs each other.

Harmonizing to Bruner ‘s point of instructions should be organized by giving chances to learner for detecting. For case, in schools function playing, group undertakings or computing machine simulations can be aid for find ( Schunk, 2008 ) . For Bruner, sequence is of import while showing stuff. Besides for effectual direction, Bruner states that direction should associated with scholars ‘ sensitivity. In both of the theories, direction should promote the kid for find acquisition.

Role of instructor

For both Ausubel and Bruner, instructor is a usher. Harmonizing to Bruner ‘s theory teacher plays a important function in footings of steering pupils ‘ acquisition For Bruner, feedbacks are of import for direction and instructor should give feedbacks as a usher. The teacher should supply equal stuffs and support to excite the pupil into detecting the cognition on his ain. For Ausubel instructor ‘s function is doing information meaningful for scholars. Teacher can utilize different stuffs to do pupils larn on by ain. As Ausubel ‘s instructor have a function of supplying a brief debut about the manner that information is traveling to be presented and assist scholars to do meaningful connexions to bing cognition, Bruner ‘s instructor leads learner to discovery and larning on by ain. In both of the theories teacher have a function as a usher when scholars constructs their significances in cognitive scheme.

Social facet

Ausubel claims that two of import factors affect preparedness. First one is age of the scholars and the 2nd 1 is civilization that kid lives in. Students have prior cognition in their civilization as experiences. For Ausubel as anterior cognition of import for acquisition, civilization besides becomes of import. He says that some pupils should be less successful than others because of the civilization they come from ( Driscoll, 2005 ) . Besides for Ausubel, instructor and pupil interaction is of import as a societal factor. Bruner emphasizes the importance of cultural differences are of import in larning. Harmonizing to Bruner societal factors, peculiarly linguistic communication, were of import for cognitive growing.

Prior cognition

For both of the two theories, anterior cognition is of import to do connexions with new incoming cognition and bing cognition.

For Ausubel ‘s theory that bing cognitive is the chief factor act uponing the acquisition and keeping of meaningful stuff. Ausubel suggests that larning occurs when new information is linked to what hold already known. Therefore, anterior cognition is the most important factor to find what new larning will happen.

For Bruner pupils require background readying for find acquisition. Discovery procedure besides can suppress larning when pupils have no anterior cognition ( Schunk. 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Bruner, to make up one’s mind which representation is appropriate for scholar when forming direction, cognizing something about scholar ‘s anterior cognition is indispensable. ( Driscoll, 2005 ) .

Role of the scholar

For Ausubel and Bruner scholar are cognitively active in larning procedures. Harmonizing to Bruner, scholar rearranges given information, links with bing cognition and discovers end merchandise. The cognition is grasped by the scholar itself.

For Ausubel scholar have a function as doing connexions between anterior cognition and bing cognition. In response acquisition scholar receives information but it does non intend scholar is inactive ; on the contrary scholar is cognitively active. The scholar constructs cognition doing connexions with bing cognition to internalise the information with an appropriate signifier for later usage.



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