Comparison essay Han and Rome

November 28, 2017 Law

World History Period 1 Comparison Essay Ancient Rome and the Han Dynasty rose and became the strongest and largest empires in their epoch. However their process of achieving dominance and control over their empire varied immensely. Han China and Ancient Rome shared the problem of nomads on their frontiers and treated women harshly; however they acquired different belief systems and social structure. Defending border that stretched on for thousands of miles was a problem for both he Han dynasty and Rome.

China had many encounters with the Mongols and Emperor Www went on the offensive to begin expanding his empire towards the northeast. The Great wall had also been built in order to prevent the barbarians from entering China. Ancient Rome was often threatened by German tribes. The majority of the Roman Empire border had mountains, rivers and desserts. However in desolate areas the border was guarded with a string of forts for dealing with raiders and in extreme vulnerable areas long walls were built.

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Both empires had expanded to such a large size that they were unable to control their borders any longer. When the two empires were expanding they took the land from other civilization causing nomads to try and attain the land. This leads to the development of a strong military for both Rome and China. However eventually the empires become too large and maintaining the borders becomes strenuous. The attitude towards women is also shared between the Han Dynasty and Ancient Rome.

They both embraced male dominance and it was a significant aspect in both societies. In Rome women’s status in society was defined by their fathers and husbands. They were denied any freedom and were forced to become housewives leaving them with no voice in society. During the Han Dynasty in China marriage was arranged by the bride’s parents. A women’s duty was to cook heat the wine, look after the parents-in-law and make clothes. They had no freedom outside the household and was forced to submit to a male figure at all times.


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