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October 18, 2017 Commerce

Leadership is the forces ability which unites power and influence. It means that leading non merely needs power that place given but besides needs interior influence that can pull the followings, change their behavior, inspirit public presentation and concluding lead to accomplish organisational ends. In the past half century, leading theory has gone through drunkards of alterations with continue development and betterment of trait theory, behavioural theory, eventuality theory and transformational theory ( Naylor.J ) . These four theories have significant different in definitions ; However, there is a progressive relationship that means the public presentation has increased though developing leading theory. This essay will compare four leading theories and take illustrations to grok clearly.

Trait theory

The trait theory in the earlier clip was tend to researched some common features or quality of outstanding leaders. The personal trait of the leader is the cardinal factor of determination effectivity of leadership.In other word, the leading efficiency depends on the leader ‘s traits. it has made a criterion of leaders ‘ traits. hence, an endeavor ‘s attempt could travel toward this criterion when cultivate

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leaders.Afterward, the employees will acquire sensible development and the endeavor would derive benefit as well.However, as the trait theory ignore the subsidiaries ‘ demands, did non stipulate the comparative importance between all sorts of features, lacking of the differentiation between cause and consequence, and disregarding the state of affairs factors, causes failure in explicating the leading behaviour.

Example of Trait theory

As a director of a endeavor, Steve Jobs leads apple squad get downing with only1300 $ of Working capital to a development of Market value with 762 million dollars by the twelvemonth of 2011.And from a household workshop with two people developed to about 50000 employees in the global.The success of Jobs is closely linked with his personal traits.In 1997, when he Became a main executive of apple company, he made a critical determination which turn the crisis state of affairs that he decrease the types of merchandises from 350types to merely 10types. Concentrate on research and development of 10 types merchandise intricately, the company net income increased with high quality of productions.The leading trait of assertiveness and decision are to the full presented though this illustration, and his intelligence, commanding with crisis can non be ignored every bit good.

2.Behavioral theory

Behavioral theory stress the behaviour of handling subsidiaries, it focus on refering of people and production every bit good as the angle of higher-ups ‘ control and subsidiaries ‘ engagement. Based penchant of concern, it concludes tree chief types of leading which are Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-faine. ( Naylor.J ) Contrast with trait theory, behavioural theory marks the leading ‘ transmutation that from individual survey for leaders ‘ characters tend to a wider scope of leading research.However, comparison with eventuality theory, behavioural theory seems less concern about the demands of state of affairs, the influence of civilization and the outlooks of subordinators which are its deficit of leading.

Example of Behavioral theory

A typical illustration of Autocratic leading is STRONG company which is presently the universe ‘s largest gross revenues endeavor of jelly, pudding, seaweed and other recreational sort of has strict production concatenation, and concern more about production than staffs.In the workshop, the staffs merely need to follow the rigorous criterion during their work, its mark is to merchandise high quality and High end product of nutrient. Contrast to Autocratic leading, the Democratic leading is more friendly, an illustration is McDonald.Today the McDonald non merely is a nutrient industry but besides a service industry, leaders need to pass on with staffs to run into their demands so they would work with enthusiasm and satisfaction, therefore, addition better net income to company, staffs get more wages as good.

3.Contingency theory

As the insufficient survey of Trait theory and Behavioral theory, they have a common defect that disregarding the situational factors leads to interrupt in theory and practicality.Therefore, Contingency theory bookmans in the survey of the leading taken situational factors into consideration. It though the interaction of personal leader ‘s traits, behaviour and work environment to explicate the phenomenon of leadership.Contingency theory has the undermentioned three researches which are typical:1 ) Fiedler ‘s eventuality theory 2A?A?aˆ°Vroom and Yetton eventuality theory,3 ) Path — end theory ( Naylor.J ) . To a great extent, it closes the distance between leading theory and the existent of leading every bit good as meet the existent executive ‘s demands to leading theory. While, there besides are drunkards of state of affairs demand to take into the concern, for illustration, the ability of leaders influence the subsidiaries and the function leaders play expected by subsidiaries.

Example of eventuality theory

Leaderships need to analysis state of affairs elements of the different conditions and follow different leading to actuate subsidiaries, so recognize effectual direction. For illustration, In the military, leaders have higher power, rigorous sense of subject and high morale.The effectual leading is layer upon bed edict to do low-level clearly of mission aims. However, in a concerted type of organisation, utilizing the manner of commanding undertakings would non work.Another illustration is Foxconn which is a high and new engineering endeavor.Based on big graduated table of endeavor and 100s of 1000s of workers, it dose non hold good interpersonal dealingss between subsidiaries and it have to set clearly undertaking construction to different degrees in the company, besides need strong place power to take such big figure of workers. Due to these factors, Foxconn have a military method and the task-orientated leader would be suited to take its workers.

4.Transformational leading

Transformational leading theory links the function of leader and subsidiaries, it tries to better both power and the moral degree among leader and subordinates every bit good. Leaderships who own transformational leading though their behavior theoretical account like personal appeal, inspiration, rational stimulation and concern approximately subordinates to optimise members interaction of organisation, so achieve their mark and outlooks. Therefore, transformational theory emphasize that leaders concern about single demand degrees and inspire work motive of members to do maximal benefit. Since this theory attaches great importance to the “ human ” factor of direction, nevertheless, human is a complex research object that means there are a batch of things worth our farther to analyze.

Example of Transformational leading

Transforming the function of leader and subordinates is a characteristic of transformational leading that means leaders to the full know their subsidiaries demands besides though inspiration to obtain high outlook. McDonald ‘s is one of the biggest and the most celebrated fast nutrient groups aa‚¬aˆsits success is closely linked with perfect human resource direction, before directors taking animating method, leading manner, they set up the humanist direction thought and to the full understand the difference between the employees ‘ demands to give full drama to the enterprise, enthusiasm and creativity.Afterwards, subsidiaries would experience single consideration and satisfaction with their works.eventually, McDonald would derive the benefit though its leading.


Based on above all analysis and comparing of leading theory, it is clearly that leading theory has been boosted a batch from the tait theory to the latest transformational theory with the development in the past half centaury. From Trait theory which merely concentrate on researching leaders ‘ features, turn to behavioral theory which tend to concern the influence of leaders ‘ behaviour to their subsidiaries, while the eventuality theory take the factor of different state of affairss into leading research that fill the spread of trait theory and behavioural theory, However, transformational theory is more comprehensive and flexible than other three theories.However, refer to changeable state of affairss, leaders should take appropriate theory to pull off their subsidiaries. Furthermore, the research of leading is non stop, to be more systematic is the research way in the hereafter.


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