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January 22, 2017 General Studies

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The theme of prejudice/racism is a powerful one.

studied tackled the theme (through language, plot and characterisation) of prejudice/.

racism and show which you thought was most effective. .



The theme of prejudice and racism are powerful ones, which bring out mixed emotions .

from people. Two writers that deal with theme of prejudice and racism effectively are .

Shirley Jackson in the short story “After you my dear Alphonse” .

and Billie Holiday in the song “Strange Fruit.” Throughout this essay, I will be comparing .

these two writers. .

The short story “After you my Dear Alphonse” is about a young boy called Johnny, .

who brings his friend Boyd home for lunch. Boyd is of African origin and because of this .

Johnny’s mother, Mrs. Wilson, uses her preconceived ideas .

to judge Boyd’s lifestyle and family is like. She alters her behaviour and treats Boyd .

differently, in an almost patronising .

manner. Throughout the story all her assumptions about Boyd are disproved and at the .

end she starts too get upset. At the end of the story both boys leave the house thinking .

Mrs. Wilson is a bit mad. .

Mrs. Wilson doesn’t realise that she is being prejudiced to Boyd but her behaviour .

suggests that she has stereotypical notions of what Boyd’s family is like. Her .

preconceived ideas about people of African origin continually .

surface in the story through her questions and statements. For example, when she asks, .

“What does your mother do, Boyd?” and he answers, “She takes care of us kids.” This .

surprises Mrs. Wilson because she has the idea that Boyd’s .

mother will be out working to support the large family. In actual fact, Boyd comes from a .

two child family and themother stays at home. This shows that Mrs. Wilson is prejudice .

towards Boyd’s background. .

Another example of this is when Mrs. Wilson prejudges Boyd’s father because he .

works in a factory. She says,” He certainly has to be strong to do all that lifting and .

carrying at a factory.


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