Competition Is Ultimately More Beneficial Than Detrimental to Society:

June 28, 2017 Health

As it is well said by Shakespeare that ‘life is a comedy of errors’ which has its ups and downs, pros and cons and is not a bed of roses for any individual. In this modern age of industrialization and revolution each one of us has to support our living with our contemporaries by indulging in a tough competition and to survive we ought to supercede in every walk of life to make a world of beautiful tomorrows for ourselves. The will to succeed and overpowering others has to within the nerves of the common man to achieve his goal in life.

Man is a social animal and is never satisfied in the exhort to achieve more and sometimes he may follow the wrong path which might lead to its decline. It is therefore mandatory in the present day scenario to have a healthy competition in every aspect of life for us to surpass others and fulfill our desires by proper methods. Competition can be in any form and from any level rising from a will to succeed in a schoolboy to an individual becoming a prime minister of a country.

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It is very necessary that we must take competition to be healthy in any form and should also try to accept our defeats at times and should always remember that failure are the stepping stones to success. We must never use detrimental means to win our point or view and should learn from our mistakes and remember that if there’s a will there’s a way. Due to increased corruption in our society the competition has also lead to insalubrious means.

The lower class people in order to thrive for more has started stealing and indulging in unhealthy modes to win their point. A common man is also deprived of its right at times because politicians and other powerful people tend to win the race by their sources, which he cannot afford to have. A real life example can be quoted here. The famous personality like DHIRUBHAI AMBANI etc today are remembered for their services rendered to us and it was only due to his will to achieve his goal through a competitive atmosphere made this possible for him.

It is therefore the moral responsibility especially of parents to teach their children a right pathway towards his desires and condemning them wherever their means are destructive rather than constructive. One should also take into account the society he chooses to live with, if we are living in a circle that is energetic and enthusiastic, we can always thrive to win. It is always a satisfactory feeling whenever we win something by undergoing a tough race and it always boost our morals to search for better opportunities and growth prospects.

On the other hand if we gain something by ill means we have have that feeling of discontent and will never be self-satisfactory. We must not forget that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost everything is lost. Remember competition will always tend to rise in every field and we must run in the face in a safe manner to make our society a better place to live in by learning from our examples as life of great men all remind us, we can make or life sublime


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