Competitiveness Of Online Boutique In China Among Females Marketing Essay


In recent old ages there is an explosive growing of electronic commercialism and quickly increasing figure of consumers who use synergistic media for purchase information hunt and online dress shop in China. While interactions in the existent universe shopping are chiefly based on face-to-face activities between consumers and Sellerss, interactions in electronic commercialism take topographic point chiefly through the retail merchant ‘s Web site merely like Tao Bao. With the increasing cost-effectiveness of communicating engineerings, online shopping has emerged as one of the most of import countries of electronic commercialism, Particularly the online-boutique. ( Zhou et al. , 2007 ) The showroom of lady ‘s vesture occupies 11.6 per centum market portion in ( Taobao,2011 ) . This market portion is ranked foremost in Taobao. There are so many differences between the existent word dress shop and the online dress shop. They keep viing each other. Females are the chief client base of the online dress shop.

This survey will look into the relationship between assorted advantages of online dress shops and their fight to pull female consumers.

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Literature Review

Public argument about whether the online dress shop has fight when viing with existent universe dress shop has been an ongoing argument for rather some clip in China. There are plentifulness of articles and researches related to online dress shop. ( Thompson,2002 ) Said, since the detonation of the Web as a concern medium, one of its primary utilizations has been for selling. For some theoreticians and societal critics, The growing of involvement in the Internet as a shopping and buying medium is intriguing for practicians and research workers likewise. Recently old ages, there are more and more enterprisers pick to put up a store in Shoping web sites such as Taobao. Johnson ( 1999 ) said that online shopping is purchase failures, security frights and service defeats. As Internet shopping bit by bit moves from a freshness to a everyday manner of shopping, the Internet sites ‘ quality will be more and more of import in distinguishing sites. In order to pull consumers and act upon their shopping determinations, Internet shopping sites must be of high quality ( Yoo et al, 2000 ) . Recently, there are three shopping website giants in China. They are Taobao, Paipai and Dongjing.

Some research workers show most on-line Chinese believe on-line shopping is a good manner to salvage clip and truly convenient to purchase merchandises, but most of them besides express that it discomfort to direct personal or recognition card information over the cyberspace.

Online clients display low trust degrees for web-based merchandisers ( Culnan and Armstrong, 1999 ) and that is an of import ground why many clients do non shop online ( Hoffman et al. , 1999 ) . Some old research have pointed that trust is an of import factor impacting client ‘s pick engagement in web-based commercialism. ( Zhou et al. , 2007 ) Said “ adult females have a higher-level of web apprehension and are more disbelieving of e-business than work forces. ”

Research Aims

To analyze which merchandise do clients prefer to purchase in on-line dress shop.

To analysis which places do clients ever find an online dress shop.

To analyze how demographic factors affect consumer ‘s sentiment and outgo at on-line dress shops.

To analysis the whole procedure from purchasing things in online dress shops to having merchandises.


A questionnaire will be used to analyse the first, 2nd and 3rd research aims meanwhile secondary informations will be used to look into the 4th research aim. Additionally a focal point group will be used to understand the aims in-depth.


The first aim of this research is to analysis which topographic points do clients ever find an online dress shop and checked in. A questionnaire will be used to research this aim. Questions need to be involved where they frequently find an online dress shop advertisement, and checked in it. There is a certain group of people which I want to seek. In order to acquire the all-round information which is the representative of most Chinese adult females. The questionnaire will be administered to females online. Since the consequence of this research must be 95 % confident. The expression which can be used is. The confident interval will be 95 % . At the same clip, the web-based questionnaire will be used to analysis the 2nd and 3rd research aims.

Focus group

The 2nd research aim is to look into which merchandises ever attract people to purchase in on-line dress shop. A focal point group will be used to research this aim. In the research, 8-12 adult females will be chosen heterogenous purposive to discourse about what merchandises they prefer want to purchase and which merchandises they used to purchase in on-line dress shop. Meanwhile this method will be used to look into the 3rd research aim. They will be asked include the monetary value scope of each merchandise in on-line dress shop they can accept. And which website they used to happen an online dress shop and checked in it. The whole duologue will be noted down. Buy the manner, this method will be used to look into any portion of the research aims.

Secondary Datas

The 4th research aim is to analysis the whole procedure from purchasing things in online dress shops to having merchandises. Secondary information is a utile beginning to attest it. I will utilize this method to analysis the 4th research. These informations would be searched on the cyberspace.


In order to research the relationship between the research aims and the net income degree, The fiscal informations demand to be found to analyse the profitableness of each online dress shop. But some fiscal informations ca n’t be find through the Internet.

I have no adequate clip to make the research.

Ethical and Legal Issues

It is highly necessary to see ethical issues in a qualitative research. The consumer ‘s names will be non allowed to mention for the privateness ground. Meanwhile, during the secondary informations, some fiscal informations ca n’t be write down without the permission of the store proprietor.

Time graduated table



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