Compose Upon Westminster Bridge

June 20, 2018 English Literature

To write a good poem, should use good structures and use some special way to write poems, like using rhyme scheme and so on… To write a poem about a city or country is not an easy thing to do, because poets need to have great understanding of that place and to show that this is a good place to express yourself, and tell people what kind of place this it is. For example: London. London, a place that is full of historical atmosphere, this place can show us the buildings that they have had during the old days.

Through out William Wordsworth and William Blake’s poem, we can see clearly that it is two kinds of London between two person’s poems. Both of their poems make an interesting contrast between both poems, because one of them shows that London is a peaceful place, on the other hand, one of the poem shows that London is a very straight and non-freedom place. Sir William Wordsworth was a Major English Romantic poet during the English Romantic Age in English literature; one of his work — “Composed upon Westminster Bridge”, talks about the London during 3rd of September in 1802.

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This poem is like a bit Shakespeare’s sonnet, both have 14 lines, and personification is used mostly through this poem, for example: “This city now doth, like a garment, wear” and “The beauty of morning; silent, bare”. Sir William Wordsworth expresses how he thinks of London in 1082 through this poem. He said that London is a place that no any other place can be better than by looking by looking at the first and the eighth sentence of the poem, “Earth has not anything to show more fair”, and “All bright and glittering in the smokeless air” to show that London is a very antiseptic place. Sir William Wordsworth. London” is a poem was written by a multi-talented poet, dramatist, artist, engraver, mystic, prophet and publisher – Sir William Blake, his works were mostly focused on a similar theme that talks about something that related to society — his poems mostly talks about industrialization, child labor and so on…, these topic are very common in his collection of works, he was an unorthodox Christian; he was heavily affected by some mystical people, and believes that he could have conversation with his dead brother. This poem reflects how he feels and what kind of London he is living in. his poem was published in the “Song of Experience”.


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