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July 31, 2018 General Studies

Compressed Natural Gas Essay, Research Paper

Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is going and progressively attractive fuel for

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many transit utilizations. One ground for the addition in involvement in CNG is that

the emanations of a CNG vehicle are far less than that of a gas powered engine.

Other factors that make the production of CNG vehicle? s is that the gas monetary values

have risen in the past twosome old ages.


Natural gas is, good, natural gas & # 8211 ; the same material that heats your range or your

house. It is mostly produced domestically in the United States ; it can be imported

through grapevines or as a super-cold liquid on particular oiler ships, but because

this is a batch harder than pouring petroleum or refined oil into a oiler or a grapevine, we

haven & # 8217 ; T built up an import dependence for natural gas as we have for crude oil.

Natural gas is distributed nationally through an extended web of grapevines,

which feed electrical coevals workss and domestic and industrial warming utilizations.

In order to hive away a sensible sum of fuel natural gas has to be compressed to

about 200 times atmospheric force per unit area & # 8211 ; or even more for the armored combat vehicles aboard big

coachs! This is like the force per unit area a stat mi and a one-fourth under the ocean.


It is really easy on the engine, giving longer service life and lower care

costs. CNG is the least expensive alternate fuel when you compare equal

sums of fuel energy such as gasolene. Because there is a immense and predictable

demand for natural gas from domestic, industrial, and public-service corporation users, there is a big

buffering consequence against monetary value fluctuations. At the extremum of the large gasolene

monetary value runup in April, 1996, everyone was paying half as much for a gasoline-

gallon-equivalent of 130-octane natural gas as I would hold assistance for a gallon of 92-

octane unleaded gasolene! You get significantly better fuel economic system on the unfastened

route because the high octane evaluation of the fuel allows timing and mixture to be

adjusted for more efficiency without doing explosion ( & # 8221 ; strike harding & # 8221 ; ) . And

because the fuel armored combat vehicles have to defy such tremendous internal force per unit areas, they

are improbably tough, with good consequences or safety

. In add-on, because natural gas

is lighter than air and has really narrow flammability bounds, if a leak develops it is

really likely that the fuel will disperse harmlessly into the air without doing a

danger of ignition or detonation. Natural gas has, over the class of the 1990 & # 8217 ; s,

proven to be the most effectual fuel for cut downing emanations in an internal

burning engine. Other cardinal advantages is the emanations that a CNG vechile is far

less than that of a gasolene driven auto. The catalytic convertor developed for the NGV

had a 1.24 L volume and was composed of palladium/platinum. The exhaust emanations

measured under lastingness running for gasoline and CNG fuels are shown in Table below:


CNG4 K miles0.210.0160.06

50 K miles0.440.0230.11

Petrol4 K miles0.690.0280.05

50 K miles0.790.0550.07

It can be seen that the CO and NMOG degrees for the NGV are really favorable while

NOx is more for a CNG vechile.


Some of the disadvantages are that the armored combat vehicles are rather bulky and heavy.

Locations of the armored combat vehicles is another concern from seting them in the bole to seting

them underneath the vehicle. Some other jobs that affect usage of widespread CNG

is the deficiency of refueling Stationss available to refuel and CNG vechile. High capital costs

are involved in puting up a web of refuelling Stationss. This presents jobs that

must be resolved in the early phases of a national development programme. The build-

up of usage at a new public station may be slow, with correspondingly long times for a

return on capital. Another dissadvantage is that cost to change over the vechile. The first

cost of a transition will be in the scope $ 1,000 to $ 3,500 and the payback from two

to seven old ages, depending on one-year milage. Any future decreases in the cost of

lightweight cylinders will hold an of import consequence on the transition cost.

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