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The processor is the part of a computing machine system that carries out the instructions of a computing machine plan and is the primary component transporting out the computing machine ‘s map. The signifier, design and execution of CPU ‘s have changed but their cardinal operation remains the same. The microprocessor contains all the cardinal processing unit ( CPU ) maps and is the & A ; lsquo ; engine ‘ that goes into gesture when you turn your computing machine on. The microprocessor is designed to execute arithmetic and logic operations that make usage of little figure keeping countries called registries. The diagram of microprocessor is given as under:

8085 is the most basic and best microprocessor designed by Intel.

It is binary compatible microprocessor. So it can be used every bit microcontroller every bit good as microprocessor with a small integrating. It has much application because it was the best microprocessor in 1990 ‘s so it use to be in computing machine on that clip. It is an 8-bit microprocessor with 64kb ob memory. Its chief application is delay control. It is used in assorted applications now a yearss and its chief usage is for pupils, as to larn about microprocessor we need to larn about Intel 8085 is 8 spot microprocessor produced by was discovered in is most celebrated microprocessor introduced, because it need less hardware and it can be used in many ways. for illustration it can be used as a microcontroller by in badmouthing a small hardware. It has a long life and can be used as many ways. The ground of more stableness and more popularity is its various design and it is considered as basic microprocessor.

It can be used as an incorporate circuit as its functionality with 8228 and 8224.address latches in the Intel 8155, 8355, and 8755 memory french friess allowed a direct interface. So after integrating 8085 is complete.

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Programing in 8085:

Because a 5 V power supply was given to this i.c, it was besides compatible with binary scheduling. now a yearss it is used in labs as a scheduling has its ain direction set where 74 direction were it was a successful scheduling theoretical account.


8085 consist of six 8 spot registries and one 16 spot stack was holding 256 input and end product ports which was a large advantage.

Figure: it is a block diagram representation of 8085.

8085 has three interrupts.

RST5.5 is a mask able interrupt. When this interrupt is received the processor saves the contents of the Personal computer registry into stack and subdivisions to 2Ch ( hexadecimal ) reference.

RST6.5 is a mask able interrupt. When this interrupt is received the processor saves the contents of the Personal computer registry into stack and subdivisions to 34h ( hexadecimal ) reference.

RST7.5 is mask able interrupt. When this interrupt is received the processor saves the contents of the Personal computer registry into stack and subdivisions to 3Ch ( hexadecimal ) reference.

It has 5 one spot flags.

Sign flag- set if the most important spot of the consequence is set.

Zero flag- set if the consequence is zero.

Auxiliary carry flag- set if there was a carry out from bit 3 to seize with teeth 4 of the consequence.

Parity flag- set if the para ( the figure of set spots in the consequence ) is even.

Carry flag- set if there was a carry during add-on, or borrow during subtraction/comparison.

8085 has certain direction set which can be used to execute following operations:

Traveling of informations

  • Assorted arithmetic operations ( add subtract, divide )
  • Logic operations ( or, xor, and )
  • Control and reassign
  • Input and end product instructions

Addressing manners:

It has three type of turn toing

  • Register turn toing
  • Register direct and indirect addressing
  • Immediate

its chief application is it was used in computing machines of 1990.big organisations like National Aeronautics and Space Administrations used it in its missions 1990, it was the biggest and most usefull microprocessor on those it can deduct, add and can execute some logical operation so it can be used in many computations and as it is the basic incorporate circuit so its chief usage is in study.there are many kits designed by intel which are used to code and execute operations on intel is besides used in stepper motor control.

Stepper motor control:

8085 chiefly used in stepper motors. Chiefly used in systems which are little in size.

  1. used in Personal computer ‘s
  2. where low power is consumed.
  3. holding high torsion
  4. used in devices where speedy rotary motions ar erequired.

Stepper motor can be used wheresoever controlled gesture is required without feedback, Internet Explorer we have noway to findout if the gesture required by us really occurred


The hardware apparatus consists of a microprocessor motherboard and stepper motor interface board. The motherboard consists of 8085 MPU, 8KB EPROM, 8KB RAM, Keyboard and expose accountant 8279, 21-key Hex-keypad and six Numberss of seven section LEDs and Bus Expansion connection. The stepper motor interface consists of driver transistors for stepper motor twists and reference decrypting circuit. The microprocessor end product the binary sequence through informations coachs, which are converted to current pulsations by the driver transistors and used to drive stepper motor. The package for the system is developed in 8085 assembly linguistic communication.

The chief applications of 8085 are to give hold after a certain times. This can merely be done by 8085 because it has some interrupts in it. these are really utile some practical applications of 8085 are H2O degree control, clocks,7 section show with hold, halt tickers etc.

Here are some more practical applications of 8085.

Water degree accountant:

The most dependable circuit is H2O degree Controller circuit which takes the undertaking of bespeaking and commanding the H2O degree in the overhead H2O armored combat vehicles. The LED Bar graph is used for exposing the H2O degree. The H2O degree is sensed with the aid of Cu investigations. The investigations which have to be monitored are inserted into the H2O armored combat vehicle. This water-level Controller circuit is configured around the well-known 8 spot Microprocessor 8085. It continuously monitors the overhead H2O degree and shows it and besides exchange & amp ; lsquo ; off ” the motor when the armored combat vehicle fills and it will automatically exchange On the Motor when the H2O degree is low.

The Microprocessor will besides bespeak the H2O degree over the LED show.

So it is an low-cost microprocessor so it can be used in common undertakings which can be used in industry or at domestic degree.

TO implement a traveling 7-segment show with suited hold utilizing 8085:

This is circuit diagram of 8085 which is used for implementing a 7 section show.

Fig. shows the multiplexed eight 7-segment show connected in the 8085 system utilizing 8255. In this circuit port A and port B are used as simple latched end product ports. Port A provides the section informations inputs to the show and port B provides a agency of choosing a show place at a clip for multiplexing the shows. A0-A7 lines are used to decrypt the references for 8255. For this circuit different references are: PA = 00H PB = 01H Personal computer = 02H CR = 03H. The registry values are chosen in Fig. such that the section current is 80 ma. This current is required to bring forth an norm of 10 mas per section as the shows are multiplexed. In this type of show system, merely one of the eight show place is ‘ON ‘ at any given blink of an eye. Merely one figure is selected at a clip by giving low signal on the corresponding control line. Maximal anode current is 560 ma ( 7-segments x 80 mA = 560 ma ) , but the mean anode current is 70 ma.

Here is one more application of 8085 performed by us in lab.

TO recognize existent clip clock utilizing 8085 microprocessor:

This plan was written on 8085 kit. Recognize existent clip clock. Display seconds in informations field, proceedingss and hours in address field.


Measure 1: Initialize the information for seconds in Air Combat Command…

Measure 2: Initialize the information for proceedingss in L reg.

Measure 3: Initialize the information for hours in H reg

Measure 4: Display the information in the show field

Measure 5: Call proper hold of one second.

Measure 6: Increase the 2nd by 01 and compare it with the value 60 appropriately if it is equal increase the minute by one and compare it with the value 24 appropriately, if non for all the above increase the 2nd Value and reiterate the stairss 4-5.

STEP7: Termination

Therefore by following this algorithm and compose a plan with regard to it we will hold a certain consequence



8085 was a revolution in micro processing field in late was the most basic and powerful 8 spot microprocessor on those yearss

That ‘s why it was implemented in assorted hardware and command units. The chief belongings of 8085 was it was able to bring forth hold after a certain clip. So it was used in redstem storksbills and stepper motors. Because it is a cost efficient microprocessor, that ‘s why it is used in many domestic and scientific applications now a yearss.

There are many simulators sing 8085 are available and many kits for practical are available. This microprocessor has one more belongings which was ground of its popularity and that belongings is integrating. It can be integrated to 8080 to execute many other advanced operations.




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