Computers – A Boon or Curse Essay

August 28, 2017 Medical

In my sentiment computing machine is a blessing to the world.

Beloved friends can you conceive of the universe without computing machines. It would be like the life a 100 old ages back. Would you accept that life? Today we enjoy such a comfy life. don’t we owe this to computing machines.

Expression at the manner the computing machines have a function to play in our life. Today when we get up in the forenoon and want to read the newspaper. cyberspace permits us to read the latest intelligence of any newspaper in the universe. Before traveling to office we can look into the mails and besides answer them immediately. There is no demand for physical mail. paperwork and holds. In the office computing machines help us to link with the assorted locations and discuss with them any job at a clip through videoconferencing.

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Earlier to lodge or retreat money one had to travel to bank and base in a waiting line. but today we can make this online through wire transportation or ATM. Not merely that but we can buy anything from the stores through Credit or Debit Cards. No demand to transport physical hard currency.

Expression at the railroad or flight reserves. No more agonising hurting of standing in waiting lines for hours. Today you can book any ticket of any flight in the universe at the chink of a button. Even hotels booking can be done online.

In the field of instruction computing machines have simplified the acquisition procedure. we have CD’s of reputed module. to boot. cyberspace allows shoping any book or tutoring from the experts in the field. You can even work out any question you have.

In the field of medical specialty. computing machines help physicians in operations. truth and clear diagnosing of a disease. Computers besides help in informations logging. informations backup and easy informations transportation. Complicated mathematical and statistical jobs can be solved in few seconds.

Therefore there is no field untouched by computing machines today. Computers therefore have saved our cherished clip. energy. infinite and improved the life criterions and life of world.

So Computer is a blessing to mankind


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