Concept Of Good Breeding In Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

Jane Austen is known as one of Britain ‘s iconic authors from the 19th century, and is known for such plants as Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and of class Pride and Prejudice, which will be the topic of this essay. Nineteenth century England was dominated by the Industrial Revolution which boosted the British economic system and lead to epic growing. Society became dominated by wealth and the divide between those who were rich and those that were hapless grew well taking to a new strain of category and intern foregrounding a construct of good genteelness within society. For adult females, it became more of import than of all time to socialise in order to go unafraid financially as they were expected to get married good so they could intern back up their households. Marriage was no longer about love and committedness it was now to a great extent influenced by wealth, belongings and societal position. Besides the manner people carried themselves in respects to behaviour and their idiosyncrasy was judged by everyone around them in society. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet ‘s household ‘s behavior finally influences her matrimony chances throughout the bulk of the fresh despite her character being determined and ruthless, which is surely non how adult females were expected to act during industrial Britain at that clip.

The two idiosyncrasies that are prejudice and pride evidently depict the characters of both Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy, who ‘s fortunes are much favorable than Miss Bennet ‘s. Darcy ‘s character personifies pride and haughtiness where as his friend Mr Bingley who is besides financially good off, is the complete antonym of Darcy in respects to his idiosyncrasy. This therefore demonstrates that person in a comfortable place is n’t ever proud and disagreeable. Prejudice within the text could be displayed towards the Bennett ‘s through Darcy due to their societal category, nevertheless it could be conceived that Elizabeth is prejudiced towards Darcy, particularly when he refuses to dance with her. What does their relationship genuinely consist of though? Is it merely ideal in footings of economic sciences and that their suitableness is strictly fiscal? To a certain extent yesA? nevertheless the two portion a ruthless quality in their ventures ; Elizabeth portrays this through her determined personality which is dominated by her ethical motives and thoughts of how love should be perceived. Darcy ‘s nevertheless is through his wealth, although it is known he was born into fortunate fortunes, the novel reflects his ability in keeping his wealth and adding to it. Besides when he begins to demo his esteem for Elizabeth he is n’t put off by her deficiency of fondness for him and continues to turn out himself by even helping a personal enemy in Wickham in order to finally aid Elizabeth ‘s sister Lydia and intern the Bennet household.

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This sense of pitilessness can besides be seen in how Jane Austen writes. Often she uses the phrase “ violently in love ”[ 1 ]which non merely can it be considered as an oxymoron, it besides can be perceived to be a description of how deep and how passionate the love is between Elizabeth and William Darcy. On the other manus it can be said, to be used as an component of irony between the two characters particularly if it is shown in relation to Darcy ‘s amour propre and haughtiness portrayed in the beginning of the novel.

However the fact Austen uses this possibly to foreground the significance love has on a individual and to demo its importance in life. Jane Austen may see love and fondness as life ‘s ultimate signifier of felicity, and this could be to a great extent influenced by her ain fortunes in life non affecting love and that of her sister Cassandra who lost her love.

Although Darcy possibly considered being unashamed of his pride, for many of the characters they are shown to be possibly nescient or even unmindful and unaware of their pride, for illustration one of Elizabeth ‘s siblings Mary. Mary embarrasses herself and the household when playing the piano and vocalizing in public. Her male parent makes it known he does non wish her to no longer play by proposing to her that she should let person else drama. It is so, that Sir William Lucas intervenes by besides proposing that Mary should halt nevertheless he still praises her ability and gustatory sensation, which in bend encouragements Mary Bennet ‘s self-importance massively and intern she is incognizant of the ground why others wish her to halt, doing her naif in respects to her ability.

An obvious illustration of ignorance and pride is of class when Elizabeth Bennet declines Mr Collin ‘s matrimony proposal and so goes on to add ;

“ I do assure you, sir, that I have no pretenses whatever to that sort of elegance which consists in torturing a respectable adult male. I would instead be paid the compliment of being believed sincere. I thank you once more and once more for the honor you have done me in your proposals, but to accept them is perfectly impossible. My feelings in every regard forbid it. Can I talk plainer? Do non see me now as an elegant female, meaning to blight you, but as a rational animal, talking the truth from her bosom. ”[ 2 ]

By declining Mr. Collin ‘s offer it could be interpreted that Elizabeth is selfish in worsening after all Austen highlights the importance of the misss get marrieding good, and Mr. Collins is set to inherit the Bennet ‘s estate. Showing that Elizabeth is finally seting herself foremost instead than helping her household, nevertheless it can be said if Elizabeth was to except, we would more than probably sympathise with her character as Austen portrays Mr. Collins to be slightly subdued and weak compared to the other work forces in the novel.

Although Elizabeth ‘s response is clear in rejecting Mr. Collins ‘ proposal, he nevertheless, chooses himself to reject and disregard her refusal and believes it to be portion of her feminine behavior. He besides wholly refuses to believe that she could n’t perchance love him. However is it truly love that Mr. Collins is seeking for? It can be considered that love is something Mr Collins does n’t needfully experience in respects to Elizabeth, as his character emphasis ‘ throughout the novel, that it is the want of his frequenter Lady Catherine de Bourgh, that he finds a married woman. This suggests that it is non his determination that he does so. Besides after Elizabeth ‘s rejection the velocity in which he so asks Charlotte Lucas after Elizabeth ‘s refusal re-enforces this statement that it ‘s simply a mission of his to happen himself a married woman to delight Lady Catherine de Bourgh who in the novel, is the ultimate power in society in respects to category and finance.

The construct of “ good genteelness ” is a major facet of Elizabeth ‘s traffics with Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Knowing through Austen ‘s descriptions of Elizabeth being fine-looking, it can be presumed that her Ladyship would happen Elizabeth as a menace. Her uninterrupted inquiries to Elizabeth asking on her household show disdain towards the Bennet ‘s place. For illustration Lady Catherine de Bourgh asks about Elizabeth ‘s siblings. She asks ;



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