Concert Critique

December 28, 2016 Music

On Aug 29th, 2003, I went to a bar named Balu in Santa Ana. I saw a jazz concert performed by The Bleus band. It was very impressive.

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The performance presented inside on a stage in the corner of the bar. The musicians and the artist were not in uniform. They went out to stage with simple jean clothes which was their personal style. All the sounds were acoustic. It even was in a bar, but the sound was very clean and real because of the good sound system. Everybody there was attentive to enjoy the music. The jazz band I observed played a series of five different songs. Although all the songs were categorized as jazz, each song had its own special style and sound to it. The band consisted of four different players: a pianist, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. I can’t remember all the titles of the songs they performed there, but I couldn’t forget the way it flowed. The first song had a constant tempo. The piano’s sound was very smooth. It also had a slow, funky, and earthy sound to it, which would make it fall under the blues categories. The guitarist seemed to be improvising during his solo. The drummer was mostly using the crash cymbal and the high hat. He was also acting as the timekeeper in this piece. The other song was a standard tune from Brazil; the bassist was using the pizzicato technique instead of the arco technique. The next song had a sad and down to earth feeling. At the beginning it had a slow and soft beat, which gradually got faster at the end. The last one was a ballad; this song had a relaxing and romantic sound. It had a steady and constant tempo. The bassist also used the pizzicato technique during his solo in this piece. .

Here are the elements in the technical rating list that has to be observed:.

– In each song, their harmonies were very distinctive. The scale transforms vividly. 10 points.

– The balance was perfect. 10 points.

– They played in tune; every instrument was relative to each other.


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