Concord Bookshop Paper

April 4, 2018 Management

Concord Bookshop Paper Concord Bookshop Paper Organizational change has many concepts from wide changes to small changes that can affect a company. Introducing a new person into the company, changing mission statement, restructuring, and even adding stock options are examples of organizational changes. According to Spector it is important to understand, analyze the dynamic of change, and requirements of effective change implementation. Successful changes requires management to explore many drivers of change.

Strategic responsiveness occurs when external factors affects the company for example, government regulation, new competition, and economic changes. In response to these events an organizational change is necessary to create and maintain customer service and performance. Strategic renewal requires a change in plan to gain an competitive edge. To be effective management needs to be part of the change process. The leaders need to change its business practices and resources. A new business model is necessary to for the company to generate profit and survive.

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They could even start a new business model, which is called” Greenfield. ” (Spector 2010) Starting a new business from scratch is easier with new employees instead of the “challenge of nurturing a new business model within an existing model. ” (Spector 2010) To accomplish the goals of the new business model the change agent need to retrain employees in new skills and competencies. Behavior changes of the employee is another strategic renewal to achieve and increase customer service. Implementation of change to employee action, interaction with customer, and responsibilities are difficult.

These behavior alteration in employees and leaders need to be long and sustainable. ” The wayan employee behaves impacts the bottom-line performance of the company. ” (Spector, 2010) Management can motivate an employee by allowing them to be part of the changes, listening to his or her concerns, ideas, and help solve problems. A committed employee increases their performance, customer service, and willingness to accept changes. According to Spector “behavior comes from both the individual and the organization context in which the individual work.

Management needs to appreciate their employee and recognize them for their performance. Employees need to know they are appreciated and when they make a mistake management needs to communicate with them using a calm voice instead of a harsh voice. Management action and interaction with employees affects the organization changes. Organizational change process consist of three stages one is unfreezing which is used to create a motivation of change through disconfirmation by causing anxiety in an individual without causing them to use a defensive mechanism related to threat being too high.

Instead individual will change behavior. To unfreeze, “We must accept the disconfirming and connect it to something we care about. “(Spector 2010) Second phase of change is moving, which allow “members of the group to change from one set of behavior to another”(Schein 2002), such as new job skills, new roles and responsibilities and relationship. According to Lewin’s the new behavior must become permanent for a desired amount of time. ” (Spector 2010) Third stage refreezing is when the person or group achieved new behavior.

In order to remain secure against change they must remain in the same group that has changed, otherwise” the behavior is only temporary if the individual or group change. “(Schein 2002) For example, of the phases in the organizational change process let’s exam the Concord Bookshop. The employees were informed about financial situation of the store and management wanted to change the direction of the store but the employee did not accept this information. Instead it was met with resistance. The employee asked for a meeting with the board to voice their concern which was accomplished.

They thanked them for their input but the board said “We’re going to do it our way and if you don’t like it, each of you will have to make up mind as to how to proceed. ” The employee were not happy with the answer they received. The management was not successful in using the unfreezing method instead it cause the employee to use defense mechanism instead which prevent the employee from learning. The second phase of the change process was not implemented at the Concord Bookshop because the first phase of the process was not completed and without it then stage 2 and 3 will not be accomplished.

Organizational change is difficult to complete when individuals or groups are not willing to accept these changes. This can affect the growth of the company and prevent survival of the company. Management must participate in these changes and try different technique in order to succeed. Reference Schein, E. H( 2002. Winter) Models and tools for stability and change in human system. Reflection 4(2) EBook Collection Spector, B. (2010). Implementing organizational changes: Theory into practice (2nd ed). upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.


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