Concrete Jungle

April 5, 2018 General Studies

?in today’s context of a globalized singapore, many people are concerned with building up our economy . what many people dont realise is that conserving out environment is just as important to our economy . yes our economic growth is important to sustain our economy , but only to a limited extent . we need to conserve our environment because they are vanishing fast ! is our government doing enough ? or rather , can they do more ? e believe that the government can do more to conserve our environment . We are not acusing the government of not doing anything , but we are merely saying that they can do more . It is important that we need to push for a change and start doing more to conserve our environment ! let us begin by asking ourselves a small , but important question ? Does economic growth really benefit us ? the answer is yes , because only with economic growth can we be one of the richest countries in the world .

Only with economic growth can we have famous buildings or tourist attractions like The Singapore Flyer , The Formula one Pit-Stop building , The Marina bay – Sands Integrated Resort , Resorts World Sentosa , Universal Theme Parks Singaproe and Changi Airport Terminal 3 . As our country , singapore , is one with no natural resources , economic growth is important . thus we must constantly find new ways to boost our economy . if we were to sacrifice space to conserve our environment , we wont be able to build skyscrapers . this also applies vice versa.

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If our economy does not develop , it risks being takan over by other superpowers . what would happen if we had no forests left ? without any green plants , we would not have oxygen . we need to conserve our forests for the next generation . because of such technological advances made in the last 20 years , it is becoming harder and harder to conserve our environment . Especially is land scarce areas , like Singapore . If we dont push for a change now , the effects of global warming will hit us and we will tumble like dominos . hat the government can do and has already dont to a certain extent , is to build eco friendly buildings . City Square mall is an example of such . Also , there are many buildings that rely on solar panels for part of their energy . Eco-Friendly fashion has also hit the runways of singapore . Triumph , has recently launched a new series of eco friendly bras made out of bamboo . Also , singapore has brought in Hybrid cars and has raised awareness by advertising them . re-fueling stations for Hybrids cars can be found around singapore .


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