Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow Essay

August 13, 2017 Religion

Anne Roiphe’s “Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow” foremost appeared in the magazine New York in 1972. In this essay Roiphe aims to convert her readers that adult females must set religion in the thought that they are equal to work forces. non superior. “Women who want equality must be prepared to give it and believe in it. . . . ” Personal anecdotes. contrast. and comparing are techniques Roiphe skilfully uses to make a strong. converting essay. Roiphe begins her essay with a personal anecdote depicting the “horrifying” realisation that she married a adult male precisely like her male parent. This technique instantly establishes the essay as informal and personal.

It is a great manner to capture the reader’s involvement. Besides. this peculiar anecdote is used as background information for the first point Roiphe makes in the undermentioned paragraph—that “ . . . people. . . have at one clip or another been fouled up by their childhood experiences. ” Another anecdote in the essay explains how Roiphe’s female parent used to give Roiphe “mad money” before traveling on day of the months. “My female parent and I knew immature work forces were disposed to imbibe excessively much. . . ” and “mad money was for acquiring place on your ain. no affair what signifier of insanity your day of the month happened to grounds.

” Anecdotes such as this are entertaining and be given to buoy up the temper of the essay. Besides. it is rather easy for readers to associate to personal experience. Another map of anecdotes in this essay is to confirm and back up chief thoughts. At the terminal of one paragraph Roiphe provinces. “The concealed anti-male feelings. a consequence of the old system. will foul us up if they are allowed to prevail. ” This is straight followed by the anecdote explicating the necessity for “mad money”—that work forces are untrusty. inconsiderate animals. The anecdote clearly provides grounds and support for the fact that adult females have anti-male feelings.

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Shortly after capturing the reader’s involvement with the introductory anecdote. Roiphe begins utilizing contrast. The legion illustrations of contrast throughout the essay portray work forces and adult females as being drastically different. particularly morally. Boys are thought to be incapable of prosecuting in “ . . . easy company. . . ” as misss are able to make. and work forces are by and large believed to be “ . . . less moral. . . ” than adult females. “Everyone assumes a female parent will non allow her child starve. yet it is necessary to pass that a male parent must non make so. ” Roiphe uses contrast to exemplify the common anti-male

attitudes adult females have. and in making so. makes it obvious that adult females feel superior to work forces. This precisely. Roiphe points out. is the barrier to equality between work forces and adult females. It is clear to the reader that equality between the sexes will ne’er be every bit long as adult females continue to experience superior to work forces. The contrasts besides function to back up points Roiphe makes subsequently refering the similarities between work forces and adult females. About halfway through the essay. Roiphe makes a passage from contrast to comparing. She begins concentrating on the thought that adult females are really rather similar to work forces.

She bluffly states. “Intellectually I know that’s pathetic. . . ” to presume “ . . . that adult females given power would non make wars. ” She admits. “Aggression is non. . . a male-sex-linked feature. . . . ” Comparisons such as these smoothly lead Roiphe into doing one of her strongest comparisons—that “ . . . us express joying at them. us experiencing superior to them. us roasting them behind their dorsums. . . ” is “ . . . ineluctably female chauvinist sowness. ” These comparings. peculiarly the last 1. are flooring and do the reader to reflect on old thoughts in the essay. Roiphe’s statement. “ .

. . what they have done to us. and of class they have. and they did and they are. . . . ” momently makes readers believe that work forces are chiefly to fault for the inequality between the sexes. However. through effectual comparing Roiphe leads her readers to logically deduce that adult females must besides be responsible for the inequality between work forces and adult females. It so becomes clear to the reader that the “ . . . secret sense of high quality. . . ” adult females experience is what makes them every bit every bit chauvinistic as work forces. More of import than the maps of the techniques she uses independently is how Roiphe uses them together.

For illustration. had she bluffly stated early in her essay that adult females are “female chauvinist sows. ” without predating it with contrast. a rather different consequence would hold been created. Her readers. peculiarly the adult females. would hold doubtless been offended. This attack would surely hold prevented the essay from being converting. It is obvious that Roiphe intentionally used the techniques in a planned manner. This allowed her to make a specifically designed essay that was good in assisting her present her thoughts.


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