Conflict the year. It is one of

Conflict Resolution in Mehendi Island Resort & Spa
This is report is an assessment for the students of Diploma in project management, which is being conducted by the Avid collage for the Employee relation module. This report is based on the conflicts and what are the effects caused to the working environment by those conflicts.

Mehendi Island resort and Spa (not a real name) is 4.5 Star Resort, which has 284 rooms, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and long stretches of white, sandy beach in North Male’ Atoll. It is the only Resort on this island, 1200 meters long by 350 meters wide. Your speedboat transfer from Velana International Airport is a scenic, 55-minute ride. There are around 1500 employees serving more than 50,000 customers throughout the year. It is one of the favorite resorts in the Maldives for many honeymooners, Scuba Divers and families too ( CITATION MyM18 l 1033 (Maldives, 2018).

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Conflicts of Employee relation
An organization cannot be run with only the chairs, tables or any other equipment’s used in the organization. It needs human beings who works together and perform to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Infect human beings are the most important assets of the organization. The success and the failure of the organization depend on the performance of the human beings in the organization. Employee relation means the relationship between the employer and the employees (Scott, 2018).

Since employees spend most of their working hours in the office with their colleagues it’s very important for them to build a good relation with the management and their colleagues for a good performance and a productive work. To get the best performance from the employee it is very important to create a happy working environment. Therefore management must enforce the employees to keep a good professional relation in between the employees as well as with employees and the management too.
Conflicts often arise with the employees and the employers, which causes lots of damage to the both company or the employer. So when a conflict arise both parties must work hard together to solve the problem. A conflict can be any problem which may arise in between the employer and the employees. A Conflict can be defined as disagreement or opposite of interest of ideas, which occurs in between the employer and employees.

Wages and benefits
People work for money to have a better life. The most common conflict that arises in between the employees of Mehendi Island Resorts and Spa and the management is the Wages and the benefits which they receive. According to the employees they have not being paid enough and the benefits which they have to be received are no given fairly among the employees. According to Mohamed shaan (former waiter at the hulangu Bar of the resort) said that, “75% of the resort vacancy is full throughout the year, but the management is not giving the employees the amount of service charges they have being promised, saying that the vacancy of the resort is low”. Because of this the employees are not performing well and the resort management has being receiving lots of complains from the customers.

To solve the problem the resort management offered the employees to give a list of people to talk with the management on behalf of the employees. The management of the resort and the employees agreed to come over a table and discuss about the issues they were having. The management of the resort took the initiation to solve the problem. The management was using the Girri approach to solve the problem.

According to Shiri V.V. Giri, the late president of India the both parties (employer and employee) must have a collective bargaining and mutual negotiation to resolve the conflicts which arise in between the employee and the employer peacefully. Shiri Giri hates compulsory arbitration and he declared himself as enemy number one of the courts, tribunals and adjudicators, which can be used as the last resorts. He dislikes the employees to seek help form the government in every problem they face. Instead the representatives from the employees and the employer sit in a table and should resolve their problems by themselves CITATION Alm52 l 1033 (Almaz, 1952).

Unhealthy Working Conditions
In Mehendi Island resort and spa there are more than 1500 employees working in different sectors of the resort. From these employees, around 150 employees are working as gardeners. Most of them are from Bangladesh. Mostly these employees are figured as the lowest paid employees; they clean all the areas of the resorts and keep the resort clean, but these people have not given the proper accommodation and a proper working environment by the management. 10 employees are sharing a room with only one toilet in it. Also they have not been provided the proper equipment to do their job. Like face mask, gloves etc. Because of this the employees were facing some health problem.
In 2009 the employees stopped working and went for a strike asking the management to provide them the proper accommodation and provide the equipment which they need to do their job. Because of this strike the management was facing lots of problem and the management decided to fire the employees who were leading the strike.
In this situation the employees were using the Gandhi approach. In this approach is based on the fundamental of truth and non- violence. According to Gandhi the employees must strike for their rights but should exercise this right for a right cause and in non-violence manner and this resort will be taken only when all the resort have failed ( CITATION Gau17 l 1033 (Tripathi, 17).

Unduly Heavy work loads
According to the employment act 2/2008, No employee shall be required to work more than forty?eight hours a week and the employer should provide 1 day as off in a week. However the employee of the Mehendi Island Resort and spa has to work for 12 hours per day. Also according to some staffs some time they have to work for 12 hours without an off day which have being promised by the company. Even though they work for 12 hours without an off day they didn’t receive the amount of service charges that they have being promised by the company. This issue was brought to management by the employees several times but there was no response from the management so the employees decided to go for a strike in 2014 to send their massage to the management. This caused a lot of damage to the company and the management of the company took a decision to fire some employees from the company and this makes the matter worse. Due to this decision of the management all the staffs stop working and the whole resort came to almost a shutdown and caused the resort lots of damage to their reputation and the sales.

After all the Management realized that they have done a mistake so they took the help of the Tourism Employee Association of Maldives (TEAM) to negotiate with the employees. To resolve the issue the tourism employee association members met with the employees and noted out the issues that they want to express.

Thus to keep the employee motivated it’s very important to understand the needs of the human being. Human being needs freedom of speech, thought of expression, movement and relation with the other people. In order to keep them motivated it’s the management’s responsibility to full fill the basic needs of the employee. However at Mehendi island resort and spa the things were going totally different. The employees were not allowed to express their ideas regarding the working hours and the salary, as well as they had to work for 12 hours and didn’t get an off day they didn’t have a chance to spend time with the families and friends.

A business will run smoothly when the employees have less conflict in them. Indeed it’s the management responsibility to make the environment friendly for the employee. Previously the resort had experience lots of conflicts in between the employees and the management and the most of the time the decision that the management had taken had mad the thing worsen. Referencing
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